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the house judiciary committee pass marijuana decriminalization bill
Last week a House committee approved a bill that legalizes marijuana at a federal level. If the bill passes the senate, many people will be benefited. For details read this article.
Thailand legalise marijuana
Thailand citizens might be getting the benefit of growing cannabis at home and selling it to the government. This article briefs you about medical marijuana in Thailand.
400 cannabis business license suspended by california Govt.
BCC suspends licenses of 394 marijuana businesses. The reason - Tardiness. BCC gave enough time to complete all the procedures in order to get a permanent permit.
Check Your Kids Halloween Candy
Just before Halloween, Johnston Police Department in Pennsylvania issued a warning for parents to check Halloween candies of their kids which looks similar to THC edibles.
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Texas officials suddenly shut down the process of Issuing license for new medical marijuana dispensaries just one week after launching it - Marijuana Span.

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