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Cannabis Legalization in 2021
With the spread of the pandemic, the economy has hit a new low. That and the widespread atmosphere of social turmoil has yet again brought cannabis legalization to the forefront. Industry experts and policy members say that the marijuana industry can serve as an ‘economic engine’ to help manage the...
Ethereal Agency for Cannabis Brand
The legalization of cannabis has opened up a lot of avenues for businesses in the US. Seeing the future demand of the flower and predicting its success, many business tycoons and celebrities have migrated to the marijuana industry. Following the trend, four leading creative professionals launched Ethereal, a creative agency...
Aurora Cannabis Acquire Reliva
Late Wednesday evening, Aurora announced its entrance in the U.S CBD market with a $40 million all-stock deal to acquire Reliva. Reliva is a producer of nutritional supplements and lotions that contain CBD. The company has agreed to pay an additional $45 million in cash and stock if specific...
California Cannabis Banking
Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General of California, joins a bipartisan group of 34 attorneys general to show his support for allowing the marijuana businesses to use traditional banking services. He urged the Congress to approve the coronavirus relief package that would authorize the same. Banking services are not accessible to...
2019 was an important year pertaining to the federal legalization of marijuana. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), who has been a pioneer supporting it, aspired to end 2019 with full legalization for the current Congress. Seeing how the Senate was so strongly against the move, broad legalization might’ve been a dream,...

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