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The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced Florida municipalities to shut down non-essential businesses in order to curb the spread of the virus. ‘Essential’ services include pharmacies, healthcare providers, banks, news agencies, gas stations, etc. While a few years back, people growing or selling marijuana faced the risk of being arrested,...
The Marijuana Initiative for Digital Signature due to Coronavirus
A request of digital signature to the California government for taking weed initiative due to coronavirus by Kevin Smith
Tennessee Senate Committee Passed a Marijuana Legalization Bill
Tennessee Senate committee passed a medical marijuana legalization bill and after getting passed the bill will now proceed to a Senate Government for further debate.
Global CBD Market to Touch USD 17 Million by 2026
According to the latest research Fior markets predict that global CBD market is expected to touch 17 million by the year 2026 which is best for investment in CBD.
Warren Pledges Promises to Legalize Marijuana and Fight Big Tobacco
Marijuana continues to be a catalyst this election season as well, especially for the democrats. After Bernie Sanders, it’s Senator Elizabeth Warren who has mentioned marijuana legalization in her presidential promise along with the promise of fighting the ‘Big Tobacco’. Sen. Warren announced on Sunday that she would reduce the...

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