About Marijuana Span

We have come a long way from witnessing cannabis consumption a flat crime to today when the majority of the US states have medical marijuana programs running for the benefit of the citizens.

A lot has happened in between. A lot had happened before we were able to enjoy the first testimony of the legal cannabis. And a lot is yet to come.

We, at Marijuana Span, are determined to set our foot with the vision of delivering the past, present, and the future of the cannabis industry in the most relatable form.

Marijuana Span is a community of cannabis enthusiasts who believe that each one of us has the right to know the truth about this fabulous, natural alternative which has the tendency to reform lives mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We have created Marijuana Span to give cannabis the evident credit that is long due for all its help to humankind. The potency of marijuana was underappreciated until recently, but after numerous studies that yielded positive response for health ailments such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc., the people of the States are overcoming the stigma attached to it.

Marijuana Span is determined to further the reach of the specifics of cannabis via our exceptionally curated articles. We intend to cover the current events in the world of cannabis along with the freshest opinions about the legal facet of marijuana.

Our team understands the responsibility of being in the broadcasting industry. Marijuana Span never compromises on the reliability factor of a piece of information. Our focus is to make the masses aware of how cannabis, as a whole Genus, is working in our favor, medically, economically, and environmentally. In-depth articles on various marijuana strains will highlight the diversity of the cannabis Genus

Marijuana Span On A Mission

Our mission is to make the authentic information on marijuana span across the globe. We want people to understand the species without judging it on the basis of prejudices. With the help of scientifically backed facts, Marijuana Span is committed to working on strengthening the cannabis community. We are on a mission of making cannabis a lifestyle that not only covers the medical aspect of our lives but also focuses on its role as an enhancer in our cultural, emotional, mental, and physical worlds.

The Amalgamation Of Art, Culture, And Marijuana Spanning Across The World

There are countries where cannabis has a divine status, there are places where it is entirely legal to grow and consume marijuana, there are artists who have publicly spoken about their stand on cannabis, and there is so much more about cannabis which suggests its deep-rooted existence complimenting our art and culture.

Marijuana Span is exceptionally detail oriented when it comes to delivering the stories of the involvement of cannabis in the world’s art and culture.

News, Positive Vibes, And All CannaGood Things!

Our passion for marijuana drives us to deliver the cannabis News to our readers before they see the first light. We remain on our toes to keep you informed thoroughly on the latest happenings in the cannabis industry.

Along with that, we plan on maintaining the positive vibes amongst the community members so that we expand organically.