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Newest Cannabis THC Strips

I love how marijuana snorters lay the foundation of large-scale improvement in the cannabis industry without their knowing about it.

Just look at them!

When they were up and done with dry smoking they motivated the production of vape pens.

When vape pens got boring, marijuana-infused products became their dear favorites.

Every time their necessity tilted a bit, the marijuana administering technique took a new shape.

Indeed, if “necessity is the mother of invention” ever had a face, it should have been the visages of these marijuana-pullers who compel the industry to come up with something new.

Just when you think that industry has reached the saturation of invention— they bubble up with unusual things like THC strips.

Yes, THC strips.

You must have heard about it in recent times because it has undoubtedly made to the upper fold of the news.

You must be intrigued about what exactly do these strips do? How do they carry cannabinoids in the system? What’s the point of having cannabis through strips when you can eat or smoke it? 

Well, this blog post will clear the ABC of THC strips, and give you the detailed insight of this unique but modern hullabaloo in the controversial marijuana arena.

What are THC strips?

What strikes your mind when I say, “Listerine paper mint?” 


It’s the paper strip brand which, when placed into the mouth, starts dissolving.

Similarly, THC strips are paper strips infused with the most active cannabinoid in cannabis— Tetrahydrocannabinol, that starts dissolving as soon as they come in contact with saliva.

While there are multiple reasons for having this strip exist around us, the most important one being the precise dose of THC or CBD.

Yes, every THC strip comes with the specific manufacturing dose, and that makes it more desirable among patients who want reliable and accurate means to target their problems.

The strip-invention makes even more sense to those marijuana-loving experts who don’t want to smoke, have no time to waste in vaping/smoking, or want to try more sophisticated ways of getting in THC in their bodies.

Its super-easy administration justifies all the more reason to choose this as an ideal marijuana dosing type.

How to administer the strip?

We’ve had all sorts of marijuana products that fit into oral, lingual, & intravenous route of categories.

However, these strips infused with THC make space into the sublingual route of administration categories.

Akin to breathe strips, you have to take the strip directly into the mouth— the only difference being— place it in the frenulum of tongue/or in simpler words— put it right below the tongue.

You’ll observe its effect within 20 minutes— thanks to its fantastic bioavailability.

Since these strips are taken through the sublingual routes, they avoid first-pass metabolism, contrary to the oral route of administration where most of the drug filters out before reaching the systemic circulation.

How does THC enter into the body?

Place a THC tablet on a net skimmer, and keep pouring water until it melts and goes past beyond the net.

The same principle applies in the sublingual route of intake.

When you put THC strip in the tongue web (the area below the tongue), it slowly melts down and gets absorbed in the system.

The back bottom of the tongue is nothing but mucous membrane— the thick lining which has similar pores like the net.

As membranes have capillaries, THC diffuses into them to enter the systemic circulation without having to face the wrath of the first-pass metabolism.

You can also push THC in your system through buccal administration— an alternative method which involves placing strips between cheek and tongue.

Both the methods, i.e., sublingual and buccal, have better onset time and lasting-impact on the body when compared to the oral means.

Why choose sublingual strips over infused-edibles and tablets?

The pharmacokinetics of an oral/edible drug is too complicated.

Let’s say you want to have a THC-infused Jelly Bear.

The drug has to go through an intricate labyrinth inside our body before it lands in the digestive system.

You can call it a maze where the ultimate goal of CBD/THC is to reach the brain for the kick— the only problem is— there are a lot of roadblocks in its way.

When you admit THC through the oral route, it gets attached to the fatty molecules.

Stomach acid is the first roadblock as it tends to break THC-bounded with fats into a smaller and lesser-complex molecule.

While many molecules of cannabinoid are sent to the waste bin, some finally make it to the stomach/intestinal linings.

When the cannabinoid gets absorbed in these linings, the liver or gut springs up as the second roadblock for them.

They are responsible for the first-pass metabolism, where cannabinoids are destroyed and permanently filtered.

The remaining cannabinoid finally reaches the systemic circulation, thereby having a very less effect as anticipated.

It is precisely where the sublingual/buccal route of admission become effective.

Instead of pushing cannabinoid to have hard times in the system, the above two routes ensure that the drug hops into the vein and jumps directly to the brain.

It’s like setting up a shortcut for these drugs because enough is enough with testing these innocent drugs.

As these routes of administration don’t give a hoot about stomach and liver attack, they basically prune down the queue time for cannabis molecules by laying shortcuts.

And it’s the reason why the onset time of the drug in the sublingual/buccal method is way quicker than the oral.

Also, it is why the THC strip gives a better insight into the dose you have taken, and the effect it will have on your body.

THC strips healthier and responsible than other infused forms.

Despite being a marijuana proponent myself, there’s no denying that dragging it beyond a specific limit can be dangerous for our health.

Ask yourself— why has marijuana taken so long to legalize? Or why is it a subject of controversy all over the world?

The moment you ponder, the answer will fall on our shoulders that we have refrained from becoming a responsible user.

We either overdose to affect our health or people around, or we choose the wrong means to have it.

As a marijuana user— if we ever want to see it go fully-operative across the globe— we have to take oath towards its responsible usage.

How THC Strips Beneficial For Your Body

While you smoke/pull a pipe, all you do is combust marijuana and inhale smoke, which is the most dangerous form of administration.

Similarly, while you take edible marijuana through oral routes, you have absolutely no clue where would this dose end you up in.

And if it doesn’t have an expected impact, you are driven to have it more to find the desired kick finally.

In either case, you sound irresponsible towards your health.

THC strips at least make you responsible for what you do to your own body.

With precise onset timing and the lasting-impact, you have preconceived notions about the dose which are most likely to be met.

And that would prevent you from a drug overdose, and the harmful smoke.

We want to call THC strip as a game-changer in the marijuana industry because it indirectly preaches responsibility towards your body and the society as a whole.

If this couldn’t change the way we perceive marijuana, we guess nothing would.

Should you go for THC strips?

As mentioned, the THC strip will enhance the responsible use of marijuana, and if that is clearly the case then why not have it?

However, keep a few things in mind while you give it a nod. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I unsatisfied with the current means of admission?

Do I have a medical prescription for THC strips?

Do I know everything about the THC strip, including the goods and the bads of it?

Why do I need it in the first place?

Try to get these answers in no time, and resort to using these super-amiable strips which have a far better potency than oral means.

While you choose this method, keep a note that the onset of THC strip, like any other THC form, may get delayed due to plenty of reasons like drug contraindication or body type.

We expect you to behave in an accountable manner, instead of taking unbridled dose only to have adverse effects.

Furthermore, there are a wide variety of best cannabis strain in the form of THC-only, CBD-only, or hybrid versions— and not all may suit the pharmacokinetic of your body.

So, be cautious while you choose any of these strips.

Finally, the new year is around the corner— did you order your strip to have the best trip?

[Fetured Image: http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/style/body/kin-slips-cannabis-infused-dissolving-tongue-strips.asp]

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