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Announcement of our New Fitness Website

We love talking about marijuana.

That’s what we have done for the past two years.

We eat cannabis.
We sleep cannabis.
And we walk cannabis.
And when we’re left with the final little scope— we talk, write, and share our stoning experiences with you.

You have been a part of our remarkable journey so far,

through tide and waves;
thick and thin;
come heavy water or thunder.

And that’s what makes this place a lot happening.

The idea of having MarijuanaSpan was to introduce the lovely readers such as you, the tidbits of herby-green plants.

Here’s how we have tried to cover your back for these many years:

  • When you wanted to cook some really quick-desserts for the uninvited and annoying guests, our content makers turned into your recipe books. They added some of the most palatable dishes to your cooking arsenal.
  • When you wanted to carry the strain to the mountains… and the beaches… and every land of uncertainty, our content makers became your personalized news sources and made sure you knew the laws of the land.
  • When you couldn’t sleep the other day, rolling on the bed restlessly, our content makers cum wellness experts ensured you had the best of the nights to seal the day off.
  • When you wanted to explore more on cannabis culture, but got tired of irrelevant content on the world wide web, our content makers broke down the culture for you, inch by inch.
  • And when you finally wanted credible information on marijuana products and how they interacted with the world, our content makers looked deeper into every cannabis product with their super-eyes for details, only to break science for you.

Truth be told— it was all for you!

And truth be told again— it will stay for you.

But despite all the efforts, we believe we have a lot more values to add to your life.

Yes, we really do.

We mulled over how we can do this for you.

So our team laid some fantastic ideas in front of us as if we were the Tony Stark of the moment, looking into our virtual screens, filtering the best options for the best readers like you.

*you can have a dry laugh for our poor sense of humour; we won’t feel bad*

Then we looked into niches such as tech, science, marketing, finance, business, etc., to name a few.

But nothing seemed as good as carrying forward the legacy of MarijuanaSpan as a health niche platform, specially built to serve fitness enthusiasts like you.

You know how the world works now.. Don’t you?

The “not-so-noble” CoronaVirus waits to knock on our doors.

The pollution is at an all-time high.

The food we eat in a week has a full plastic credit-card (nano size).

It motivates us to enlighten you through authentic health tips.

Yawnnn!! Yet another health expert?

We get you.

We get your concern entirely.

Why should you trust our health advice? Probably, we would have been stretching our mouths too.

But this is not “just the common-faced girl living next door.”

Mind you! We’re going to cover the Mariana trench of health— as deep and coherent to find you in the best shape.

Ladies and gentlemen… and the non-binary people.

Allow us to introduce our new health portal— TheFitSpan — a one-stop reference for your health and safety.

Wondering how the page benefits you?


  • When you’re down and knocked, the fitness tips will get you fighting hard in the ring of life.
  • When the world bullies you for health, you bully them back by your wellness actions.
  • When your friends turn into stiff-zombies, you show-up as flexible as rubber.
  • When your families and acquaintances suffer health setbacks, you take up the charge, like a real-bold person looking to prove their meat of will and power.
  • And finally, when you think you can’t get any healthier, you push your limits, challenge your arguments, and be the best version of yourself— EVERY DAY.


We’re not doing it only for you, but for us too.

We have a little vested interest in it.

Ask us why?

Because we want to be having readers like you… putting your trust in us, forever.

And it comes with placing your health first…

So we hope to see you in both the world— the world marijuana and the world of fitness.

And on that note, we wish you all the luck reading our blog posts

(no, they’re not going to be that bad. But we will bomb you with real-good information)

Thank you.

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