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Bernie Sanders reforms marijuana

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has always been top supporters when it comes to cannabis reforms. This time he hits the campaign trail with a big focus on ending The War On Drugs and Legalizing marijuana.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, the runner-up in Democratic Primary 2016, announced last month that he is seeking the Democratic Presidential Nomination again in 2020. 

Sen. Sanders was the first significant presidential candidate to endorse legalization and lodged the Senate’s first-ever bill to end the federal marijuana ban and bring particular attention to improving racial disparities within the growing legal cannabis industry.

The Election Season

For the next 15 months we’ll be witnessing several political ads, statements, debates, and reading news columns encircling the subjects of thriving our town, county, state, or nation. But things would be spicing up for the first time, there’s liable to be a real focus and debates on cannabis reforms. Why not, if it holds the economic impact of more than $16 billion by 2025.

Marijuana is still categorized in the United States as a Schedule I drug. That implies that it’s still completely illegal, susceptible to abuse, and not deemed to have any medical benefits. Public surveys, however, have a different point of view, the American government favors legalizing recreational cannabis and promotes access to medical marijuana for patients.

These differences in cannabis reform are likely to be the major debate discussion coming up in the 2020 election. And the discussions have already started with the presidential hopeful coming up with his plan.

This distinction on cannabis reform is likely to be the major debate discussion coming up in the 2020 election. And with presidential hopeful, it has already begun.

Sanders Announcement For Legalizing Cannabis:

“What I call for now is the legalization of marijuana in America,” Sanders said to Rogan, “I believe we can do that through executive order, and I will do that,” he stated.

During a Tuesday appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Sanders announced that if elected as president, he would use an executive order to end the federal weed prohibition, recalling his long-standing opposition to the ban.    

His Long-Standing Cannabis Campion:

“When I ran for president for the Democratic nomination in 2016, I talked about a broken criminal justice system, which ends up having in the United States more people in jail than any other country,” Sanders said during the interview, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “And what I call for then, and I call, for now, is the legalization of marijuana in America.”

Sander described the distinction as “Insane,” and identified the Controlled Substances Act, as a “broken criminal justice system.”

With 33 States that have legalized Medical Marijuana and 15 States that have decriminalized marijuana, it remains illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. It is placed in DEA Schedule I, the same category as far more powerful drugs like cocaine and heroin.

“Heroin is a killer drug,” said the senator of Vermont. “You can argue the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but marijuana ain’t heroin. So we have to end that, and that’s what I will do as President of the United States. I believe we can do that through executive order and I will do that.”

His Future Proposals:

bernie sanders Future Proposals

Sanders was ahead of his fellow applicants on cannabis problems. He was the first individual to sponsor the Senate bill in 2015 to settle the federal cannabis ban. But, except for Joe Biden, every primary presidential challenger in 2020 promotes legalization.   

“So if you were arrested, have a criminal record for selling marijuana, that is being expunged,” he said. “And that is the right thing to do.”

Sanders said his further plan is to look for people who have been arrested for marijuana and expunged them from their records, something that is already being practiced in some American cities. He acknowledged that Illinois and New York are expunging criminal records of low-level cannabis offenses.

Asked generally about drug policy, Sanders said he was not interested in legalizing other drugs, at least “not at this point.”

He made his final point as if Americans’ quality of life were to improve, drug mortality rates would probably drop. And the real question he raised is “How can we restore hope and optimism in the American people.


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