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cannabis grow book in 2021

There’s a one-off thing I like about marijuana: people have started to open up on it recently.

And another off-thing I dislike about marijuana: many people have started to talk about it.

With too much information floating around, it’s getting tougher to subscribe to the right ideas.

And it’s even more worrying when good ideas are buried under the bad ones.

Concerned by the same problems, some trusted writers traveled new routes to tell the stories of cannabis that unfolded over the years.

Whether you’re trying to catch up with some cannabis philosophy or satisfy your fetish for it, these seven cannabis books will cover the nuts and bolts of cannabis growing.

Marijuana grow books have grown popular over the years because we’re witnessing liberal laws… so you want to be knowing the A to Z of growing with these worthy books.

7 Best Cannabis Grow Books.

Take a look at these game-changing cannabis growing books:

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana Grower's Handbook - ED Rosenthal Book

Author: Ed Rosenthal

This cannabis grow book has so much to enlighten about cannabis growth hacks. Both beginners and advanced growers have something to pick up from it.

If you’re a beginner and need some severe catching with the expert grower next door, the book gives you eyes for detail and knowledge to compete. But that’s half the story. You may not want to waste your time reading if you’re an expert. Right? Wrong!

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook is as good a read for advanced growers. It changes the way you cultivate resinous, potent buds.

What the book contains: It collects the best of all the information about the marijuana world. Indoor or outdoor— you’ll have hands-on detail on tools and methods to grow the best quality weed in your backyard. It also shares expertise on blending technology to cultivate and harvest time, energy, and labor.

The goods

        • What’s better than knowledge transfer from the man who spent 30 years growing marijuana?
        • Give your imagination a bit of rest. The book has 500 full-color pages with graphics and illustrations.
        • A fabulous combination of anecdotal study plus scientific research.
        • Covers each stage of the plant’s growth in detail.

    The little book of cannabis: how marijuana can improve your life

The little book of cannabis: how marijuana can improve your life

Author: Amanda Siebert

Another fun read on cannabis and its means-end benefits. The book tries to separate worlds of fiction from reality and encapsulates ten great ways the lovely herb improves your lifestyle.

More of an information station, this marijuana grow book looks to bust myths that have seeped in society for the past hundred years (ever since it got prohibited). If you’ve read contrary sciences on how weed plants behave on human minds and haven’t been really able to pick sides— give it a try; it dispels all the doubt.

Along with fellow research scientists, the writer put forward the science-backed proofs to rub off slime littered on marijuana’s character.

What the book contains: It answers some of the most crucial questions relating to marijuana. Does it help with sleep? Should you have it for weight loss? How does it interact with cancer cells? The book sheds massive light on fundamental questions stopping people from consuming marijuana. She also focuses on means-end benefits and guides readers to max out its medicinal potential with her detailed advice.

The goods

        • Covers real people and their stories to add more credibility to the plant.
        • Reveals handy information on coping with daily problems as stress and impaired sleep.
        • Not just information, but guides effective ways to incorporate marijuana in real life.

    The Cannabis Grow Bible: Growing Marijuana For Beginners How to Grow Marijuana Indoors & Outdoor, The Definitive Guide Step by Step, Cannabis Strains

The Cannabis Grow Bible: Growing Marijuana For Beginners

Author: Anderia Zetta Andrew Paull

Going by its name, it’s genuinely the Bible among other marijuana grow books. And you know how the Bible works. Don’t you? As with the sacred book, The Cannabis Grow Bible motivates people to cultivate marijuana with the right techniques.

But it also ensures the knowledge remains accessible to beginners without hyping its complication. The author believes there’s hardly any difference between growing cannabis and other plants and refuses to call weed a tough plant to nourish.

The book is a compilation of the best techniques for home-grows, and should you long to see yourself growing into an expert grower— the weed bible is the key!

What the book contains: Owning a marijuana garden is nothing short of a dream. The book throws quality ideas on making your weed garden with the best breeding practices. You’ll also learn more about germinating and protecting your produce from threats. Basically, the full life cycle— from seedling to times when the strain sits in your roll.

The goods

        • Pursuing a hobby or looking to have a commercial-scale farm? You know it’s right there in the book.
        • Too many strains can confuse you. This book sits right up there, on the top shelf, for clearing your doubts.
        • If cloning was an “art,” this book teaches you to be its “Picasso.”

    The LaGuardia Report (1944)

The marijuana problem in the city of new york - 1944 book

Author: New York Academy of Medicine

It’s easily the most authoritative report (later turned into the best marijuana grow book) on a systematic review of cannabis and its medical, psychological, and social impact. The NY Academy of Medicine’s ground-breaking reports acted as a bit of a healer because it was the time of the century when marijuana was facing a lot of wounds.

The report led by experts tried to revive weed’s image and did its best to shoot down claims maligning the medicinal plant. Though the reports demanded further investigation into the merit, the prestigious scientists didn’t refrain from calling it potentially a valuable therapeutic application.

What the book contains: The report threatens the U.S. Treasury Department’s position on marijuana. If you want to read on contradicting points raised by the New York committee against the authorities seeking a marijuana ban, give it a slow read.

For your knowledge, the government calls out for a weed ban because it induces “insanity and physical distress in kids.” It also claims the drug advocates “criminal behavior and juvenile delinquency” and glorifies more routes to “other dangerous drugs.”

The goods

      • You don’t have to be a scientist to challenge the authority’s claim; the book already does it for us.
      • There are scientific counter-arguments against every argument. So it’s no fluff but too much science.
      • If you’re looking to get into marijuana research, it’s a must-read.
  1. The Handbook of Cannabis: Handbooks in Psychopharmacology

The Handbook of Cannabis Handbooks in Psychopharmacology Book

Author: Roger Pertwee

The Handbook of Cannabis makes a list of the best cannabis grow books for its two strong suits: first, it’s scientifically backed at high levels, and second, each resultant chapter is an outcome of condensed efforts by the experts in the field.

Of course, it’s not a general-read for “fairy-tale” skimmers. Still, it’s one heck of a reference if you’re a budding clinician, psychologists, pharmacologists, and psychiatrists looking to get into the details of magical herbs. You’ll also find the book covering racks of public health workers too.

What the book contains: The chapters firmly focus on the pharmacology of the drug (herb, I meant). Supported by scientific materials on pharmacological actions, the book neatly demystifies the impact of marijuana on mental disorders. It’s challenging but the best-read by far for people looking to understand the interaction of marijuana with our brains.

The goods

        • Most theoretical books fail to give clinical applications. This book doesn’t fold at theories but moves one step up to explain clinical execution.
        • You never know the legal and illegal sources of cannabis strain in your pocket, but the book helps identify the acceptable quality.
        • Usually, it’s hard to control the plant’s chemical composition. Not anymore with this guide.

    What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant?: A Cannabis Grower’s Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis and Organic Remedies

What's Wrong with My Marijuana Plant - David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth

Author: David Deardorff (Author), Kathryn Wadsworth (Author)

Problems! Problems! Problems! Once you’ve decided to grow your canna-buds, chances are high you’ll deal with new problems every day. But the worst part is that you won’t know it, which may ultimately affect your product’s quality.

Fret not! You won’t have to think, “What’s wrong with my marijuana plant?” because this visual guide and best marijuana grow book will help identify significant challenges of weed cultivation. It will also equip you with enough ground knowledge to fend off these problems.

The two scientific geniuses have devised an easy-to-use visual diagnostic system for you to identify disease, pest, and symptoms for healthy produce.

What the book contains: The rusty leaves… the crawling bugs… the fuzzy strain. No! The book doesn’t contain them. Instead, it gives you practical information on identifying these spine-chilling problems for your love-bud! Learn them in real quick time and fix the damn-Sativa from going waste.

The goods

      • There are many inorganic ways to protect your plant! But seldom do books talk of all-organic solutions to preserve your and plant’s health. Fortunately, this book is one of them.
      • Precise photography for diagnosing real-world weed problems. You want to be identifying when weed catches weed. 😉
      • The book doesn’t use confusing and challenging marijuana jargon. Its easy-to-understand language should be a great learning material for experienced and beginners alike.

Hydroponic Marijuana: 3 Foolproof Ways to Grow Cannabis with Hydroponics

Hydroponic Marijuana - Richard Bray Book

Author: Richard Bray

Most people “love” nature and don’t mind planting trees. But the dreadful thoughts of the soils… the specks of dirt… the infections… in the garden areas, kind-off, slate clean the enthusiasm. That said, nothing should stop you from growing your favorite crop, not even your cynicism.

It is why you need to read more on hydroponic gardening of marijuana— the art of cultivating cannabis without soil. If you’re wondering what makes it unique, well, you don’t have to meet particular soil criteria to increase your yield. You’ll know everything about the most sought-after cultivation technique with easily the best marijuana grow book for hydroponics.

The book confirms a better growth rate by 25% and a higher yield by 30%. What else do we need as growers?

What the book contains: It gives clarity on the crops you should be growing in your environment. Out of gazillions of techniques, the book focuses on three hydroponic systems for weed cultivation and explains the tidbits of creating an efficient system at your backdoor. Further, you’ll get breakthrough information on plant-curing skills.

The goods

  • You’ll save money two ways— first, the book is exceptionally affordable and second, it falls a lot more inexpensive than other methods.
  • Not just marijuana plants, but the book also helps you identify nutrient deficiency, algae growth, and clogged system problems.
  • It has three different designs to fit everyone’s requirements, even yours. 😉

So what are you buying?

The covid-time sucks— I think we all can agree on it.

So why not learn something as good as growing marijuana in our backyards and fulfill our needs?

You know the books need to be read if you’ve finally made the mind. So what marijuana grow books do you buy from here?

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