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Cannabis-Infused Chocolates For Valentine's Day

Chocolates are the strongest pillars of Valentine’s day.

Nothing radiate as much happiness and excitement as chocolate does for your loved ones.

And if luck favours you, who knows— these solid blocks of confectionery can brighten up your love life and entangle you in a romantic engagement.

But imagine few chocolates sending your sweetie sky high to a fairyland full of euphoric bliss, ecstatic aura, and rhapsodic nirvana.

What if you get access to such chocolates?

Wow! The idea seems so intriguing and wanting.

The adventurous ride on Valentine’s day— Flying high with the imaginative hot air balloons— Giving you a sneak peek of utopia doped with happiness and love. 

The thought is mesmerizing and breathtaking in itself.

And the tribute to Mister Valentine can’t get any better.

And no prizes for guessing— who else could achieve these rare feet than our beloved empathizing companion— the friend in need— the healer in emergencies— the partner in crime (literally), i.e., the Cannabis-infused chocolate.

It does what it’s capable of— transforming the lives of people on a day full of tenderness, expression, and benevolence.

But not all that glitters is gold. Not all who eat chocolate is taken.

Some are single. Many are alone. And few are indifferent.

Whether single or taken. 

Cannabis-infused chocolates don’t discriminate.

Regardless of your dating status, cannabis chocolate screams that you don’t deserve to be sad on this day. 

//You deserve love. You deserve attention. And Cannabis chocolate will be your partner. 

You think of cannabis gourmet bars or fancy truffles, bonbons or caramels— there’s someone who’s waiting to make it just for you.

So, in order to celebrate Valentine’s day— let’s go through this wonderful compilation of cannabis chocolates with different shares of THC and CBD.

Add these chocolates in your arsenal, gift it to your honey, and wait for the bite.

5 CBD Chocolates

Raspberry Cinnamon Chocolate— 60 MG CBD

Raspberry Cinnamon Chocolate

Raspberry cinnamon chocolate— the cannabis bar with luscious & mouth-watery flavour stands out as one of the best full-spectrum dark chocolates.

It’s a full-spectrum CBD bar with low-level THC content.

The gourmet dark chocolate formed out of organic Raspberries, and a pinch of cinnamon steal the savoury show among its competitors.

Based on organic ingredients and gluten-free recipe— it is a good fit for everyone.

The terpenes stuffing such as B-caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Alpha & Beta-pinene, Linalool, etc. store compelling flavour experience in the memory bank.

Get it for your partner, and try to flair up the dark, murky excitement in your romantic life.

White Chocolate CBD bar— 120 MG CBD

White Chocolate CBD bar

If your partner’s taste bud gets overwhelmed with cocoa mass and needs something that tastes suave— white chocolate CBD bar should be your go-to choice.

The white chocolate CBD bar— as the unit suggests— is a custom-tailored cannabis bar that holds large molecules of CBD to cover the high-potency cannabis category.

Made up of cocoa butter— the subtle taste brings the bright ivory colour that brightens up the mood and enhances your urge to melt it on the bud as quickly as possible. 

With the low level of THC and CBN and the high volume of CBD— dot 120 mg— the chocolate feels like a decorous hamper for your CBD-philia partner.

The coagulated cocoa butter with high-quality CBD masters a great job in inducing entourage effect.

Gift it as a romantic-bait and get all the love-bounties in return.

Extra strength dark chocolate CBD bar— 120 MG CBD

Extra strength dark chocolate CBD bar

The chalky-bitter taste of dark chocolate CBD bar has the potential to blend wild romance in the air.

The extra strength dark chocolate bar is a powerhouse of CBD.

Some of these bars have more CBD molecules than they claim— making these chunks the champion among medicinal alternatives.

In all sense, it truly stands as the fully-spectrum CBD edible.

The low level of THC, CBC, and CBN furnish this dark chocolate as one of the suitable medical marijuana fits.

The couples who are worn out with sweet chocolate slabs can give a bitter yet joyous munching journey with these extravagantly pronounced cocoa mass.

White chocolate Pomegranate CBD bar— 60 MG CBD

White chocolate Pomegranate CBD bar

The white chocolate pomegranate CBD bar is a dainty little confectionery which seems to be an epitome of freshness, sweetness, and uniqueness.

With full-spectrum CBD content, the idea of the bar is to give you a pomegranate bursting experience as soon as you place it on your tongue.

The sweet white cocoa butter compliments well with the sharp and sour pomegranate seeds.

The blend between the two is super lively and leaves a fantastic taste-memory on your taste buds.

The antioxidant properties of CBD and pomegranate make you desire it more, the taste lingers for a longer duration, and induces happy high for a long stretch.

The gourmet white chocolate with low THC content and excellent aromatic characteristics can’t let you get over this must-needed therapeutic bar this romantic season.

Sea-Salted Dark Chocolate-Strawberry CBD Bar— 50 MG CBD

Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Strawberry CBD Bar

Sea-salted dark chocolate loaded with strawberry can give your romantic sessions a real boost.

An elegant mixture of cocoa, strawberry, and CBD yields a rare surprise ladened with bliss and desire.

The mild acidic sourness of strawberry goes well with the bitter cocoa mass lending a great nose-catchy scent and toothsome flavour.

High-level CBD and low-level THC brand this cannabis chocolate desirable.

Not just on Valentine’s but every day of the year.

Let the irresistible combination of strawberry granules dipped in dark chocolate imbibe sensuality in the aura.

Known as the combination made in heaven— treat yourself with this semi-healthy aromatic genius of the sea-salted dark chocolate strawberry bar, and make your Valentine’s worth remembering.

5 THC Chocolates

Defonce Chocolate— 90 mg THC

Defonce Chocolate

Defonce chocolate bars have some of the best flavors in the cannabis-edible industry.

And hands down, they are my favourites too.

The delectable aromatic brilliance in all the bars shoots wanting temptation beyond the imaginative limit.

Each bar is bodied with 90 grams of THC, and the best part about it is— you can break it down into 18 small pieces— each bearing 5 grams of THC.

It beats the conventionality of traditional chocolates as you can redeem your romance with vanilla and matcha.

If the overdose of dark and white chocolate has punctured your taste buds— handpick any flavour and add a variety of taste in your Valentine’s outing.

Ardent Raw Chocolate Truffles— 15 mg THC

Ardent Raw Chocolate Truffles

The mouth-watering raw chocolate truffles present the idea of organic and veganism for your dairy-free partner.

Satisfying your sweet tooth spot with recreational and therapeutic substances was never this easy. 

Each truffle balls depict richness in THC content as they possess 15 mg of the psychoactive component.

The variety of versions like Turkish coffee, almond rocher, cocoa nibs, and maples give birth to never-ending passion.

So, with a high gourmet reputation of raw chocolate truffle balls, enjoy a luxurious dinner date with your partner and never miss the ecstatic charm for such a momentous occasion.

Baceae Turtles— 10 mg THC

Baceae Turtles

If fancy confection edible had a face, baceae turtle would easily sweep the tag.

The chocolate turtle hits the psychotropic spot in the brain.

Made with decadent exquisiteness, the Baceae turtle brings about sweet and savoury texture for your taste buds.

If you are not a great fan of plain or traditional chocolate bars, this raw pecan and date-filled gourmet will honour your Valentine’s with toothsome texture.

Stuffed with 10 grams of THC filling, this dark chocolate turtle will conclude your day by helping you earn recreational and anti-appetizing brownie points.

Probiotic chocolate thins— 5 to 8 mg THC

Probiotic chocolate thins

As the name suggests, the probiotic chocolate thins are specially designed to enhance your gut health.

Crammed with 5 to 18 grams of THC, the probiotic bars are made up of wordly-rated cocoa masses.

The fusion of lavender, cacao nibs, and organic almonds add undertone minty, herbaceous taste in the dark chocolate, thereby making it a definite requisite for the health-conscious dark chocolate lovers.

It’s also known to amplify the digestive function— credits to its antioxidant properties.

Your Valentine deserves this healthy punch of vitamins and minerals rich treat so that you continue to celebrate the day for the years to come.

You can go for CBD variant if the legal laws of the land don’t allow THC-backed chocolates for your stress-free V-day outing.

Garden Society Bliss Blossoms— 10 mg THC

Garden Society Bliss Blossoms

Presentation is the key to the heart of your partner.

Garden society bliss blossoms come up with visually satisfying chocolate chunks, which can make your partner drool towards it (and, of course, you) in a very few seconds.

Based on milk chocolate, the snack contains 10 mg of THC.

The palatable cube of bliss blossoms can send you and your partner in a deep relaxation mode. 

Hence, it brings a fantastic goodbye to your tiring day.

The organic-richness in its cubes ensures that your night proceeds with calming attributes, and you wake up fresh and energetic the next day.

Take a massive delight in having this hybrid-strain chocolate, and make the day memorable.

Taking the last bite…

CBD or THC— the scrumptious cannabis chocolates can shape up your V-day in a manner you’d never expect.

As these chocolates are natural romance-enhancer, you can relish every second of sensational and satisfactory lovemaking.

This Valentine— buy these chocolates for your friends, families, and partners— and tell them that you care about their sense of taste and health.

So, what’re you trying this V-day?

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