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Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Takeaway: It is important to start well to end well. Such is the case with Cannabis too. You must start with a good trip to be able to use this organic gem for a long time. Important things to keep in mind are the CBD proportion in your strain, the delivery method you aim and the kind of relief you want. Some starter Cannabis strains are: Hybrid Blue Dream, Sativa Jack Herer, or Hybrid Permafrost. You should avoid using high THC strains, they could give you a bad trip any instant. For starters CBD dominant strains are the best.

The last thing everyone wants is a bad experience in using something that one would have to banish from his or her life forever. Everybody, mainly beginners make mistakes with using new CBD products, and this includes the use of cannabis.

Since medicinal cannabis strains where saw the light of legalization, the once-upon-a-time forbidden herb has become a healthy delicacy for all and sundry. Everyone is now entering the world of marijuana for different reasons. But, for beginners, the task of knowing which of the strains are best for growth and consumption can somehow be daunting. Yes, you may not know right away what strain to grow, but that doesn’t mean you cannot become a successful cannabis grower if you put the right work and time into it.

So in this article, we are going to show you how to select and grow a starter strain, which is not in any way less potent in their genetics. So here we go.

Search for a High CBD Cannabis Strain with Low-THC

The first step into growing a successful beginner cannabis strain is to avoid any strain with a high level of THC. Unlike CBD, THC is the substance contained in marijuana that intoxicates users and makes them be “high.” On the other hand, CBD doesn’t intoxicate its users. Instead, its natural compound provides users with healthy relaxing and medicinal outcome. It works for the benefit of the human body by reducing health challenges like anxiety, which is a feature of THC. Therefore, an excellent starting point for starters is CBD.

Remember that as you go on the search, you will find some strains that have an equal level of CBD and THC. Some have very little or no THC level at all. Avoid the ones that have similar or higher THC and go for the strain that has little or no THC. That way, you won’t look back with regret and start cursing yourself later on.

Some of the best cannabis strains varieties you can consider are:

  •    AK-47 marijuana seeds
  •    Sativa Harlequin
  •    Hybrid sour tsunami
  •    Indica pennywise
  •    Hybrid harle-Tsu
  •    Hybrid ACDC
  •    Hybrid Canatonic
  •    Hybrid Dancehall
  •    Indica Aliens On Moonshine

All of these cannabis hybrid strains are available in dispensaries across the country.

Go Easy with THC-Dominated Cannabis Strains

If you must get “high,” then do it cautiously. Go slow into using strains that have a high level of THC, as they are most likely to cause paranoia and anxiety. Take it easy and start with a minimal dose, if possible, just a bit if you are using it for the first time.

Cannabis Strains That Provide Benefits without the Buzz

Best Cannabis Strain for Starters

Recently, many strains strive to stretch towards a THC mark of 20 to 25 percent. However, strains that have less than 15 percent THC usually supply an overwhelming experience. Do not forget that you need to go for cannabis tested in a lab to know the exact amount of THC a particular strain contains. It is essential because the amount of THC can vary between different strains and among individual harvest. Besides, every individual has its unique brain chemistry variability and subjection to experience.

Of course, what constitutes the best cannabis strains that work for one starter may not be the best for another beginner? However, here are some recommendations that serve as a starting point for beginners in search of a more mellow and balanced experience.

  •    Hybrid BD Blued Dream
  •    Sativa Jack Herer
  •    Hybrid Chernobyl
  •    Indica Plushberry
  •    Sativa Maui Wowie
  •    Hybrid (Oer) Permafrost

The strains mentioned above are capable of delivering a more gentle and relaxing experience. However, do not forget to check the specific testing data for that particular strain you want to buy. If the THC content in the strain exceeds 20%, then it is likely to be too potent for you as a starter.

Consider the Medicinal Cannabis Strains Delivery Method

How Medicinal Cannabis Testing Works

Another vital aspect you must consider as a beginner is the delivery method. The cannabis strain itself is just one part of the equation in choosing the best cannabis strain for starters. Smoking, ingesting or vaporizing are the various delivery methods that can make or mar your experience. While one of these methods is not better or worse for a starter, it is good that you understand what each of them represents for your choice.

Smoking Cannabis For Starters

Smoking is usually the most common starting point for many beginners, and it has its advantages and disadvantages.


  •    Allows for effective dose control
  •    Easy to take a precise and manageable amount
  •    Effects usually subside within 20 to 30 minutes


  •    The burning sensation felt on the throat when smoking cannabis could turn some first timers off from using the product altogether.

Vaporizing Cannabis For Starters

Vaporizing is another delivery method that may turn out to be the best option for you if you are a beginner.


  •    Easy and cool down the throat and lungs
  •    Flower flavors enjoy better preservation than any other method
  •    You can take a comfortable hit with portable oil-laden vaporizers

Ingesting Cannabis For Starters

The greatest advantage of ingestion is that it offers a nice escape from the hitches involved with smoking cannabis. As a beginner, you will need to start slow here—watch your dose, take little. The effect is not always immediate and may take from one to two hours to show. However, the outcome is most likely to increase and become more intense, taking more time to wear down, compare to inhaling cannabis. Therefore, make sure you start with a small dose of medicinal cannabis strains—say 5kg. From there, you can conveniently work it up to the acceptable 10 or 20kg doses.

What about Cannabis Topical For Starters?

Well, Topicals refers to balms and lotions infused with cannabis and contain transdermally that helps in inflammation and pain relief, and other forms of local symptoms. The advantage of topicals is that the majority of them will not give you a high sensation. As a result, they are mostly recommended for patients in need of medical marijuana devoid of any cerebral hassles.

Final Thought

Cannabis is a highly natural medicinal herb that has seen widespread legalization across the globe due to its positive results. While many are enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana, starters can have a lot of problems choosing the right strains to use. The ability for one to enjoy the benefits associated with cannabis is dependent on choosing the right cannabis strain. So, whatever strain you choose, whether comparing Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid strains, go for the one that will be most convenient for you. Choose your strain wisely and enjoy the medical benefit in them.


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