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Halloween pumpkin jack lamp and cannabis leaves

Takeaway: Halloween will soon be upon us! Stoners love any holiday if they have their smoking apparatus and accessories. But there is something special about Halloween that stoners love more than any other holiday! Is it the classic horror flicks? Is it the fun Halloween parties or the endless pranks? This article will definitely ‘lift your spirits’ (get it?) about the coming Halloween holiday.

Fall is one of the best seasons to be a pothead. You don’t sweat anymore, the weather changes colors and the candy-filled festival of Halloween that marks the end of Spooktober! Halloween and Stoners can be compared to Willie Nelson and his tour bus, as they are perfect for each other. Ideally, smoking pot does not have a perfect time but, here are the top reasons why Halloween is the best time for marijuana smokers.

Binge-Watching Halloween Movies

Halloween Movies

Do you really need anything else if you have a cool collection of Halloween movies queued up, a few friends and some pot? Halloween flicks have a huge fan base. The scary classics include movies like:

  1. Halloween (1978) Duh!
  2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984),
  3. Pet Sematary (1989),
  4. Scream (1996).

Now our younger potheads might not feel nostalgic about the prior listed movies. The newer generation has equally hair raising and goosebumps causing horror movies:

  1. The Conjuring Series (2013 and 2016), 
  2. I.T. Series (2017 and 2019),
  3. Get Out (2017), 
  4. A Quiet Place (2018),
  5. Us (2019).

Not every marijuana smoker needs to be a fan of the horror genre, they might love movies like:

  1. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982),
  2. Ghostbusters(1984), 
  3. The Goonies (1985), 
  4. Hocus Pocus (1993), 
  5. and the Hotel Transylvania series (2012, 2015 and 2018). 

Binge-watching these movies with friends while enjoying an entertaining pot-smoking session is a perfect way to end Halloween. 

Dressing Up!

Halloween Dressing Up

Smoking a little bud brings out a creative artist in even the most boring, mundane person! Marijuana smokers do not need an escape from reality, but dressing up is like taking on a new persona (it is very freeing). Adults get a break from their rather busy work life and actually get to have fun. If you are a marijuana connoisseur, you get to show your love for the herb by getting a weed theme costume. Here are a few ideas for costumes that you can use to express your love for pot:

  1. Bob Marley
  2. Snoop Dogg
  3. Cheech and Chong
  4. Willie Nelson
  5. Cannabis Leaf
  6. A joint

If you are at a party and dressed up as anyone of these, it is an automatic ice-breaker for your fellow unknown tokers. 

Playing Pranks and Causing Mischiefs

Playing Pranks

Now, who does not love playing harmless pranks? It is in the saying  “Trick or Treat”. Halloween is the only festival where pulling pranks on even those who do not oblige, is considered okay. And a little harmless vandalism is fun for everyone. The fun part about these mischiefs is when your friends are stoned and you pull pranks on them, they giggle and pull an even funnier prank. Moreover, pranks have always been an integral part of Halloween. The most common pranks include: 

  1. Throwing eggs on the house
  2. Toilet papering the house and trees
  3. Soaping home and car windows
  4. Pumpkin smashing 
  5. Coat lawns in flour
  6. Sneaking up on someone and startling them
  7. Ringing Doorbells and running away! 

Listening To Halloween Music

Halloween Music

The quality and type of music depend a lot, in order to create a fun pot-smoking session. Yes, Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg songs are classics but Halloween songs are also a great way to celebrate this festival. And let’s admit it, Halloween music is better than Christmas music. The most played Halloween songs include: 

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson,
  2. Everybody by The Backstreet Boys,
  3. The Monster Mash
  4. The Time Warp of The Rocky Horror Picture’s Show, 
  5. Ghostbusters Theme Song
  6. Nightmare On My Street by Will Smith,
  7. The Addams Family Theme Song


Halloween Candies

I know, I know, I know that candies and chocolate bars are obviously the best part about Halloween. Then why are they at the bottom of the list? Simple… I saved the best for last! 

Kids crave them, adults love them and elder women keep them in their purses. Everyone loves candies. Also, they are free on Halloween!!! And when the munchies start kicking in, there is no better snack than a bag of candies. These candies also inspire us stoners to get off of our lazy bottoms and go out trick or treating. If you are worried about the sugar content and calories, let me assure you – everyone gets a diet pass on Halloween! So go on my fellow stoners, collect as many candies you can this Halloween! (Especially from those houses that put up a card ‘Please Take Only One’) 

Finishing Thoughts:

Great movies, timeless music and songs, innocent pranks, creative costumes, and free frickin candies! Name a holiday or festival better than Halloween. Halloween is a holiday with great traditions. If you are stoner that just likes to stay in the coziness of your home, you can enjoy Halloween by just watching horror movies and listening to Halloween music. And if you are a stoner that likes to go out in the world you can don a costume and go trick-or-tricking to collect some candies. This is why Halloween is so loved! 


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