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Takeaway: Cannabis lovers are roadies in every respect. We chill, have a good time and are always up for an adventure. In various parts of the world people have opened a safe haven of sorts for cannabis lovers everywhere. Jamaica, Holland, Vancouver are amongst a few places that can get the much needed holiday you wanted. It is important to educate yourself about the legal laws of your chosen destination. While most weed destinations are very friendly, it is always better to know local ways to have the best time you can have.

Weed users who are looking for the best and friendliest holiday places are welcome to review our list of the best destinations for cannabis lovers. Oh yes. There are many holiday spots where you can now get and enjoy the feel and high of your medicinal cannabis or recreational marijuana for a happy experience. This article will introduce you to several places where weed is legal. We know how much you care about your weed, and we are committed to providing the best weed-friendly destinations for you.

Alright, let’s ride, buddy.

The Good Thing with Knowing Much About Weed Holiday Destinations

It is good to equip yourself with the right knowledge about possible weed holiday destinations.  Many cannabis-friendly tourist destinations offer tours and services that educate tourists. So, a weed-centric holiday can help you to extend your horizons. The better part is that many destinations now offer services customized to meet the needs of weed lovers. The numbers of countries decriminalizing and allowing a small percentage of marijuana is on the increase. On the other hand, many countries still enforce strict laws on cannabis, including the death penalty.  That is why you need to know a little about some of the best cannabis lover’s destinations before you embark on your vacation.

Always Heed the Advice and Seek the Right Information

Wherever you choose for your stoner holiday destinations, try as much as to be responsible. Conduct yourself in an orderly manner. Pay attention to your environment, respect the culture of the host community, and leave discreetly during your stay. Search for information relating to some laws of the host environment before you embark on the journey.  It is essential because, in some countries, the rules are more accommodating and convenient for weed lovers compare to some other countries. You can visit sites like Bud & Breakfast for ganja-friendly accommodation info. A visit to Kush Tourism will give you some excellent tips on the best hotspots for marijuana lovers in the world.

Alright, since we are committed to helping as well, we have put together a list of 6 best tourists’ destinations for cannabis die-hards. Each of these destinations would leave you with an unforgettable cannabis holiday experience. In no specific order, below are the best seven cannabis traveling destinations:



You can as well say another name for Jamaica is marijuana. That’s right. The country history of consuming marijuana goes beyond the popular Rastafarian religion where cannabis is used as part of the sacrament by members. Marijuana has always been a key part of Jamaican culture. Songs about marijuana/weed songs greatly influence reggae music that was born in Jamaica and spread to other parts of the world. Jamaica has one of the largest communities of cannabis cultivators. The Caribbean climate favors the herb, and because of the health benefits of marijuana, there has been a series of sweeping reforms. Cannabis users can now apply for a government permit to access and use medical marijuana in Jamaica. Also, having fewer than 56.6 grams of cannabis is no longer a severe offense. Although there has been no formal legalization of marijuana in Jamaica, locals can still help you to find a beautiful weed that you can enjoy discreetly.

Canada (Vancouver)


What! Canada? Oh, yes. At last, the government desire to make recreational marijuana utterly legal across the country on a federal level has come through. This move complements the positive attitude of Canadians towards cannabis. It also helps to increase the influx of tourists to the country. Medical marijuana is already in full swing in Canada. Recreational marijuana came into being on July 1st, 2018. Since then, tourists are now able to access enhanced retail centers for recreational marijuana across the country. Of most particular interest are places like Vancouver and British Columbia Island–two excellent places with the right culture and atmosphere for cannabis lover tourists.



The Netherland is one historical place for weed lovers. Since the 1970s, the police in the Netherlands have received instructions to ignore any coffeeshop selling cannabis provided some guidelines are followed. Although commercial cultivation is prohibited in Netherland, the city of Amsterdam and many other coffee shops still thrive in the cannabis business. Already, the country has become one of the most famous tourist destinations, including weed lovers. Amsterdam did reject a controversial ID system proposed by the Dutch government seeking to restrict Dutch citizens from accessing coffeeshops for Marijuana. Because the Amsterdam authorities know they are making significant revenue from weed tourism made possible by the cannabis subculture. You could become part of this culture if you chose Netherland and Amsterdam as your destination.



Cambodia is another charming holiday destination for cannabis lovers. The country is enjoying a streak of tourists coming in through Thailand and Vietnam to see beautiful temples and ancient sites. The country also has a sophisticated atmosphere for cannabis, primarily when carried by a tourist. Marijuana is illegal in Cambodia, but from the look of things, the Police seem to have received instructions to look the other way when cannabis sales and purchase concerns tourists. Marijuana is, in most cases, sold openly in the market and at a ridiculously low price. No doubt, Cambodia is a smoker’s paradise. Cambodia has an abundance of cannabis due to a booming cultivation industry. You can even find weed cooked into recipes.

USA (Colorado)


The US has the largest market for cannabis, particularly in the medicinal area. Due to recent government support and reforms, marijuana grows virtually everywhere in the country. But of most particular interest is the state of Colorado.  Colorado, with its Rocky Mountains and dazzling views, was the first states in the country to legalize the use and sale of recreational marijuana. While weed stores in Colorado do not permit users to smoke it on site, many lounges are now appearing to provide for the needs of cannabis smokers. Hit a city like Denver to get the best cannabis nightfall store. Marijuana tourism in Colorado is exceptional and exciting.



With a paid membership required by the Spanish authority, you can get into any marijuana social club in Madrid or Barcelona. These look similar to the coffee shops in Netherland. The Spaniards have a beautiful cannabis culture, and once you hand them the money inside the cannabis club, be ready to get excellent quality stuff. However, take note that the clubs are subject to some other form of restrictions (which varies from region to region) and are carefully hidden from public view. You will get access to them in lounge spaces. If you are going to Barcelona, for instance, and you want weed, you will have to wait two good weeks for the activation of your membership card. So, make plans ahead of the time.

Final thought

As we said, there are many places in the world where weed is legal, but there is no universal law governing the consumption of weed. You will need to know and understand a bit about the various laws governing your tourist destination. Once you are okay with that, you can start enjoying your stay—puffing your favorite cannabis like never before.



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