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Best Vaporisers to Buy in 2020

Once upon a time, there lived a human who did not understand what the world of marijuana and vaping was. So when that human came across the word vaping, she turned to a friend for basic understanding. And the friend described it as a ‘modern’ method of consuming cannabis, without actually burning it. 

Interesting, the human thought.

That human is me.

In order to delve deeper into vaping and the need for its invention, I gave in to my curiosity and found that vaping was in no way a ‘modern’ method! The history of vaping can be traced back to Egypt in the 5th century BC. According to the book called The History of Herodotus, the people of Egypt would take red-hot stones and place hemp seeds on it. The seeds would vaporise, and the then super-intelligent people would inhale it.

That’s how old vaping is, although all the cool kids think otherwise!

The vaping trend has caught the eyes of most youngsters, and everybody is getting on board. Why, though? It’s easier to understand the attraction once we know how vaporisers work.

The vaporisers or vapes, heat the cannabis buds just enough to release the compounds that give you the high, but not enough to burn it. People who use vapes inhale the vapour that consists of the compounds without actually inhaling the smoke. 

Apparently, lesser the smoke, lesser the harm. Right?

Without the smoke, the whole experience of consuming marijuana seems less harmful and according to a recent study, is considered even more potent than smoking marijuana for people who consume it rarely

However, studies haven’t confirmed whether vaping is less harmful and favoured to smoking cannabis or not. 

Keeping that debate aside, there is a bigger problem when it comes to vaping. What weed vaporiser to buy, when the market is flooding with new weed accessories every other day? How to elevate the experience of vaping to a new high? Pun intended.

With the help of my friend who educated and introduced me to the ‘modern’ method of vaping with Nic Salts, I tried and made a list of the best vaporisers that you can buy in 2020. Now, I know that his knowledge wasn’t too in-depth regarding the old tales of vaping, but I can assure you that when it comes to vaporisers, he knows best!


Best Vaporiser by Khan

Khan is one of the most loved dry herb vaporisers and is also called the King of Herb Vaping! It has an all-ceramic herb chamber with an internal 2200 mAh battery. The outer casing is made of an aerospace aluminium material which makes it light and durable. 

The temperature range is between 302-464F. The mouthpiece is made of an all-Pyrex glass. Once the vape is ready to use, it vibrates and flashes a green light.

It takes about 2-3 hours for it to recharge. You can attach a bubbler to it which can give you thick and smooth vapour clouds.

I can totally see why it’s called the King!


There are a lot of reasons why people love Crafty! It’s considered the best vaporiser for dry herbs. Also, what’s impressive is that you can sync the device with your phone. 

I don’t understand why can’t all vapes have that? I mean, what can’t we do with our phones these days?!

And, there’s an app that helps you control the temperature and other settings. 

The main thing: the vapour that you’d inhale is thick, pure and clean! Since the herb is heated using the combination of conduction and convection, the herb is heated evenly, giving off dense clouds of vapour.

  • Quality – check
  • User-friendly – check
  • Satisfaction – check
  • Portability – check
  • Flavour – double check


Best Vaporisers by Mighty

Okay, so Mighty is like Crafty’s big brother! It’s made by the famous Storz & Bickel company. It’s one of the best dry herb vaporisers made for social vaping. 

It has a really long battery life, high performance and uses the combination of conduction and convection heating. 

It is pocket-size and can run upto 80 mins before needing another recharge!


Best Vaporisers by Hydrology

According to Forbes, Hydrology 9 is what you get when you fuse a lava lamp and a bong. Like all vapes, it heats the cannabis. But, what’s different is that it has a chamber inside that has to be filled with water.

Once the vapour passes through it, it cools down, and the hit you take is thick, fresh and strikes you with an incredible flavour.

There’s a light-up party mode too! Now, all your parties can be LIT!

Well, what more can one want?


Best Vaporisers by Dabber Switch

You look at Switch, and you’ll notice it’s elegant design. It’s so beautiful that you’d want just to admire it and never want to use it. But when you know how brilliant it is to use, you would not be able to stop yourself from using it!

This vaporiser can be used for dry herbs as well as concentrates. There are 26 different heating settings, and you can train your device to how you like it! 

On a single recharge, you can use it about 150 times. Social Vaping – check!

Is it portable, you’d ask. Of course! And it has a glass attachment that gives off thick, smooth vapour. The attachment is easy to use, clean and re-use.

You’d secretly want someone to gift this beauty to you, I swear!


Best Vaporisers by Boundless

People who use a variety of vapes often compare the boundless CFX with the Mighty. However, Boundless tends to heat up quicker compared to Mighty. 

Also, it has a digital LED display. The gadget lovers often can’t so no to this one! The LED screen makes it easier for the users to dial to that perfect setting they prefer.

Boundless has a wide temperature range and a fully isolated air path. It’s fast, efficient and portable. It also has a rugged exterior casing, making it durable.


Best Vaporisers by Grasshopper

I think it’s a personal favourite for a lot of vapers who need this tiny device shaped like a pen for discreet usage. It’s the best dry herb vaporiser because it literally is one of the most discreet ways to vape. 

It is definitely not for you if you are looking to buy one for social or group vaping. However, if you are looking for a quick on-the-fly vaping, then Grasshopper is the best. 

It’s hard to find, for all the right reasons!


Best Vaporisers by Magic Flight

If you like unique, then the Magic Flight Launch Box should make it to your list of considerations. It’s a beautifully designed device crafted like a tiny wooden box. 

It is small, portable, fast and rechargeable. It heats up in less than 5 seconds. As the vapour is formed, you can actually see it building. 

  • Portable – check
  • Quick – check
  • Quality – check
  • Design – definitely check!


Best Vaporisers by Puff Co

It’s an incredibly beautiful vaporiser, and it made it to the list probably because it’s so aesthetic and also, a limited edition.  

It is a sleek device for concentrate use made with handblown borosilicate glass, and it has an appealing tall and intricate design with gorgeous sunset colours. 

It has a quick heat time of about 20 seconds and has four different temperature settings. It recharges within 2 hours and is perfect as a gift!

Let your sun set with thick clouds of velvety vapour intermingled with the hues of the setting sun! 


Best Vaporisers by Volcano

Most of the vaporisers I’ve talked about here are portable and generally for a quick on-the-go vape session. So, when I talk about the Volcano, it’s one of the best desktop vaporisers. 

It’s high-tech and comes in both analog and digital version. It has a range of 226-446 F. The heating body is all-ceramic and exterior is sturdy stainless steel, making it durable and an excellent investment for long time usage.

It is easy to use and set up, but if you’re looking for a cheap, portable vape, then this is not it.

With the legalisation of weed in a lot of states, the vape industry is getting bigger by the day. With so many weed accessories in the market, it is a difficult choice to make. Hence, research is fundamental. 

Invest in a good vaporiser, and that’ll definitely transform your experience of vaping.

  • Research – check
  • Good experience – check
  • Satisfaction – check
  • Fun – check
  • Safety – check

If all of these check, then you’ve made the right choice!

After all, what good is spending money if you are not getting the best high out of it?

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