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Weed Day Celebration

Takeaway: The unofficial weed day has arrived, marijuana enthusiasts all over the world celebrate this day as a mutual celebration of the plant cannabis and its derivatives. Denver, Colorado is amongst the most popular location for the celebration. People from all over travel to joyous Colorado to celebrate this day. Here are some of the best deals in all of Denver for weed enthusiasts this day. Pre-rolled, ounces, shatters to accessories that help you get high, 2019 is definitely the best year for marijuana supporters all over the world. Happy 4/20!

It is almost that time of the year again, April 20, popularly known as 4/20 Weed Day. 4/20 is the unofficial designated day for cannabis consumers worldwide to celebrate weed, in essence, a Weed Day Celebration. 420 is also the numerical code for cannabis or marijuana.

4/20 Weed Day doesn’t only come with the happiness of smoking and ingesting cannabis and meeting people around the world who do the same. It also comes with sales and deals, especially if you live in Denver, there are so many 420 deals in Denver as Colorado is one of the most popular locations for the celebration

Why is 420 Weed Day?

There are so many different interpretations and stories as to why 4/20 or April 20, is referred to as Weed Day. Here are some speculations on the reason why the numerical code for marijuana is 420, and also why it is called weed day.

The Beginning of 4/20 Weed Day

Beginning of 420

The earliest story dates back to 1971, which is known as the Legend of the Waldos. The story explains how five high school students, who started calling themselves the Waldos, decided to find a cannabis crop they found out about from the map developed by the grower.

The term, Waldos, was formed by them because their hangout spot was by a wall located outside their school. Steve Capper, Larry Schwartz, Dave Reddix, Mark Gravich, and Jeffery Noel decided to make the Louis Pasteur statue in their high school, their designated meeting spot. The time allocated for the meeting was 4:20 pm and the name of the plan was called ‘4:20 Louis’.

They tried so many times to find the abandoned crop but failed every time. They decided to change the name of the plan to just ‘4:20’, and it eventually became the code word and designated time for consuming cannabis. It is also currently the number of the California Senate Bill for the establishment of the medical marijuana program.

Originated from the Bob Dylan Song Maybe?

People also speculate that the code was generated from the Bob Dylan song that had lyrics like – Everybody Must Get Stoned. The title of the song is Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, and the multiplication of 12 and 35 gives you 420, but this seems like a far reach. There’s been no acknowledgment from Bob Dylan about this, but the speculation does hold some fire.

The Penal Code for California Maybe?

There is also another myth that the code was generated from the California criminal codes. The myth explains that the code used for punishing individuals who use and distribute cannabis was 420.

But with proper research, the 420 code in California applies to the punishments of individuals who trespass or obstruct entry into public land.  So, this makes speculation false.

Is it then a Police Radio Code?

Another speculation is that the code 420 is the police radio code for individuals caught distributing marijuana. Again false as neither the NYPD nor the LAPD has an existing 420 code.

The police department in San Francisco has one, but it is related to a juvenile disturbance.

Current 420 Deals In 2019

420 deals 2019

During this time of the year, there will be so many 420 deals near you as the weed day celebration is approaching. Especially 420 deals in Denver, as many go there to celebrate.

There is even going to be a vast Mile High 420 Festival in Denver, which will feature celebrities and Artists.

If you’re looking for 420 Deals in Denver, then these are few nice 420 Deals in 2019 options you can check out:

Lightshade Peoria: Lightshade is offering a buy 5 Joints for $30 deal! The deal consists of one joint pack that contains 5 joints (1g each) for only $30! Other deals from this store include getting a gram of shatter (in-house concentrate) for $20, and packaged single strain ounces for $99!

Good Chemistry: Good chemistry is offering crazy deals this year. While supplies last, every 8g of shatter will be sold for $100. Same goes for 8g of wax and 8 units of cartridges (disposable). All 8g of syringes will cost $120, and 8 units CO2 Cartridges (500mg) will be going for $160.

Local Product of Colorado: This cannabis supplier is having a sale called SHATTERDAY. They are offering $5 discounts from all shatter grams purchased. Their Solventless are also going on sale; there will be a 10% discount on all.

Euflora Colorado: Another cannabis dispensary, Euflora (the 16th street mall location), is offering mad sales during this weed day celebration. All vaporizers, batteries, and cartridges are 15% for modern Monday. And for every two open reserve cartridge you buy, you get one free, so it’s a buy two get one free deal!.

Green Man Cannabis: This cannabis store located downtown is putting all shatter and wax on sale for $15 per gram.

Herbs4You: This store is offering $200 for 4 (1000 mg) CO2 Golden Oil Cartridges (High Potency) including tax. These full spectrum vape cartridges are strain specific as well. Other deals from this store include $80 for 2 (500 mg) vape cartridges (High Terpene Live Resin) (black label sauce).

Lotus Medical: This store is selling an oz. of bud at a giveaway price of $100 for all first timers, tax included. For current members, the same deal is available but for $110 instead. Non-members are welcome to benefit from this deal, but it will be going for $125, tax included. This deal is available for any oz. of bud you desire, and is only accessible to 18+ medicals only. Other deals from this store include $25 for one-eighth of any bud of your choice.

It’s almost April 20, don’t miss out on these awesome 420 deals near you. Apart from Denver, Colorado, other states and countries are offering great deals during this period. Take advantage of the 420 deals now before all the stock finishes or the sales end!


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