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Best Weed Games To Play When You're High Or Stoned

Takeaway: Party games are fun already, right? But you know what makes them even more fun? You guessed it… Weed! For one, you are more relaxed when playing games on weed and two, there are multiple ways to consume weed. This article sheds light on some enjoyable ways how to make being stoned memorable!

Never underestimate the ability of the weed, relaxing, enjoyable and sublime. And sharing some quality weed with friends is like rolling, unwinding, and relaxing.

What’s going to make a great house party with friends?

For a fact, weed is better than alcohol. It teleports you through a psychedelic journey from one world to another, also bringing you back without a hangover in the morning.

To make your house party more fun and teleport your guest on cloud nine, we have some best every weed games. These stoned fun games to play while high can bring each one of your friends on the same page. Other than this trippy games can add some major laugh out loud moments, hours and hours of fun and of course, long hits of Paper Plane.

Get prepared with your favorite snacks, CBD water and a lot of weed. So without dropping a cent and having weed at its core, here are the 10 best ever weed games for hilarious smoke sessions to try out now.

Modern Beer Pong- Bong Pong

Starting with the classic smoking game, commonly seen in all parties. Deriving from beer pong, bong pong is its updated version, with bud rewards instead of beer rewards.

Divide yourself into two teams. Likewise, in beer pong, players will try to land a ping pong ball in the opponent’s cup. If the ball lands in the cup, you’re rewarded with a bong hit, and your opponent gets a cup of beer to drink. You can add your own rules and creativity, your call. There is one certainty that both teams will be floating high, as alcohol and weed can be a flying combination.

Modern Bong Pong Game Gif

Passing The Parcel- Taxi

The only game that comes to mind after “High” or we can say the mandatory weed game. Every weed game list would be incomplete without it.

To get started with taxi, take a hit and hold it. Until the roll comes back to you, just be calm and keep the THC smoke inside. As the trippy stick comes back to you, free your lungs and feel the fresh wave of the next puff.

If you can’t hold your smoke, you’re out. As many as people are playing its gets much harder holding the MJ. This taxi will surely drop you to Trippy Town.

Wiz Khalifa Smokes Weed with Ninja Turtle Gif

Smoke With The Word: Jammin’

Coming to the next smoking game, it’s easy, fun and trippy. Each one standing, and holding your own joint or blunt and let the song Jammin’ by Bob Marley awake the walls of the house. As Bob says, ‘jammin’ or ‘jam’, take a hit.  To add more hits, even count for the playback singer.

As the songs come to an end, you’d need a fresh roll, as the song is brimming with ‘Jammin’ and ‘Jam.’

Don’t Let The Ash Fall: Ash Tower

Ash Tower is a very interesting game, as the name suggests, just don’t let your ash fall. Roll a joint, (heavy fat joint) take a hit and pass. But the catch is, don’t let the ashes touch the floor( don’t let it fall from the joint). Which one drops the ash, will be rewarded with a glass of drink. With the successful construction of an ash tower, you can take pride because the odds are very less of the well-standing tower.

Smoking A Fat Joint GIF

Your turn: Weed Category 

To test your intelligence and memory power, here’s a game that’s going to get you ROLF. Everyone gathers and someone picks the category and a letter(e.g. Name a horror movie whose name starts with the letter ‘I’. Could you guess? Correct answers include ‘It Follows’ and ‘Insidious’ for example). The motive to choose a category and letter is to name it correctly. (e.g. The category can be anything you can think of – movies, TV series, songs and celebrities names whatever.) As the person who picks the category and letter, names the correct example gets a single hit and if wrong gets five hits. As the roll moves further the single hit on correct moves to two hits.

As the game moves further, you could notice a flood of memories in your mind and some new stuff too.

Have You Done It: Never Have I Ever

It’s one of the most overwhelming and adult’s choice game. Every one of you might have played or heard about it, as it is popular all around. Start rolling a few blunts, or clean up your bong to get began.  Make a statement beginning with “Never have I ever..” with anything you can imagine. People who have done this will not lift their hands and smell the weed. And people who haven’t done that are going to raise their hand and wait for the next statement.

Like “Never have I ever went to Tomorrowland” peeps with hands down smoke pot and peeps with hands up, how was the experience? Share your experience in the comment box.

Roll And Rock: Smokin’ Dice Game

It can be called a board games to play when high, but the only major difference here is the dice is the decision-maker, and everyone else in the room is going to bite the bullet. Buy a set of Smokin’ Dice, purchase a heap of weed and roll as many as joints you wish to smoke.

It’s fun, exciting and always full of surprises. You can either have a pair of dice or even use 4 dice at a time to add more interesting tasks. It’s going to be a serious entertainment and a hilarious smoking session.

Green Smoking Weed Dice Game

Play, Smoke, Shuffle, Repeat: Mentioning Marijuana 

Mentioning marijuana can be a bit interesting as well as refreshing. The only thing you need to do is play a song or movie that relates to marijuana. Choosing the best weed inspired songs would be a great choice, it would add music as well as cannabis.

As the song or movie mentions marijuana, cannabis, ganja, weed, and all other slangs you might remember, hit a puff and start preparing for the next hit.

Stare And Smoke: Medusa

Sit in a circle and get prepared to stare at each other. Be ready with your joint and lean your head down looking at your feet. On the countdown of three, two, one, look up and stare any of the players. If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re safe from medusa. And if two people are staring at each other, SHOUT ‘Medusa’. Howsoever shouts first, get the joint and the golden chance to fire it as well as keep it burning until the new winner pops in.

Smoke & Stare Game Gif

Survival Of The Pothead: Last Man Standing

Here comes the last and final weed game to discover the pothead. As you already may have got the clue about the game, it’s nothing but crush, roll, smoke, repeat. Just to enjoy the weed and only follow one single rule, smoke until you can’t smoke.

Ending the game with a hot box, you would also notice many individuals with unplanned naps. The last man standing wins the title of pothead as well as high trips. Try it when you’ve got a weekend ahead and nothing much to do.

Friday Smoke GIF

Over To You:

Here ends the list for best every weed games to try. Every game is going to leave you high, full of memories, relaxed and paining jaws. If you have any more interesting creative games to share with us, we’ll share it on our page. Who knows your own game gets famous and adds fun to a lot of smoking dairies.


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