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Takeaway: If you’re a cannabis lover, you may have the best playlist to enjoy your smoking experience and get stoned to. Like the musicians, their love for weed has never been hidden. The countless records from classic rock stoner songs to the latest high rock songs are the answer to all the best weed-themed songs that are still mandatory for each party. Here’s a list of world’s best marijuana inspired songs/anthem of all time to make you nostalgic.

Unless you’re entrenched in heavy bass or mosh pits, it’s hard to find any other substance that complements music like marijuana. A significant number of musicians in all types of genres sing about their love and passion for the natural herb. Whether hip hop, reggae, pop, rock, just name it; weed songs are major features in many song albums. 

Since you love music and probably marijuana, we decided to compile a list of some of the best cannabis songs of our time. Sure, Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg will quickly come to mind with their cannabis cannon. However, others rule the headlines with their marijuana inspired beats. So here we go with the best songs to listen to when high. 

10 Best Cannabis Songs and Weed Anthem

  1. Where is Da Bud (by Three 6 Mafia)

    Three 6 Mafia is among the most famous music artists that love singing about marijuana. If given a chance, these guys could go on to release one or more albums entirely dedicated to weed.

    We still remember “1,000” and “Bin Laden,” two great songs that can motivate you to hit the street and get some weed. But the real ganja fire song of the group that is turning heads is the track “Where is Da Bud.” 

    That is the song many potheads love with a passion. The song did not just ask a crucial question; it contains superb lyrical postulations that also encourage you not to despise or resent it.

  2. Mary Jane (by Rick James)

    Here is a song in which the singer gives a unique name to marijuana. Rick James use of personification that calls weed “Mary Jane” is one of the best songs about marijuana. In one part of the song, the musician called Mary Jane his Mistress and declares, “I’m in love with Mary Jane. She makes me feel alright. She is my main thing. She makes my heart sing.”  

    While the song has undergone some remix here and there, its personified marijuana theme still makes it one of the best 90s stoner songs.

  3. Smoke Two Joints (by Sublime)

    Don’t tell me you didn’t pass through your “sublime” state before you muster the sense and courage to puff some of those pots. We all have. 

    Sublime is a band that loves to explore and create various mixes with excellent style. Their combination of ska, hip pop, and reggae is creativity that will remain in our memory for a very long time.

    While the band’s songs like “Let’s go get stoned” and “Garden Grove” are perfect for any outdoor weed session, their most authentic cannabis anthem is none else but “Smoke two joints.” 

    The track doubles both as a weed ringer and an instruction for a dietary supplement.

  4. Day and Night (by Kid Cudi)

    For the youngsters that love weed, here is a song that draws inspiration from the grass. The tone and rhyme of the song make it a perfect choice for lonely marijuana enthusiasts. It is ideal for cannabis lovers who are fighting depression and seek a way out of the predicament. That is what Cudi experienced, and it’s the motivation behind this song. 

    “Day and Night” is a highly reflective and emotionally charged song.

  5. James Joint (by Rihanna)

    Did I hear you exclaim? Well, Rihanna, who could have imagined that the rugged pop/R&B singer is into weed and stuff like that. But we know better now. 

    James Joint is a song that was written for Rihanna by James Fauntleroy. The song’s just about a minute long, but who cares. As long as that is all it takes for lady Rihanna to publicly confess her love for weed when she said: “I would rather be seen smoking weed each time we breathe.” 

    The song talks about a man with a sound history. At the end of the songs, the police are on their way, and there is a whole lot of paranoia. While we do not know what happened to sister Rihanna and her lover; that little weed line sums up the connection between love and dysfunction. 

  6. Blunt After Blunt (by Danny Brown)

    Coming from the album, XXX, this track features some of the best opening lines of any song. Listening to the first line tells you this is one of the best weed songs of our time. “Kush got a negro high and feeling awesome…” is the opening line that set the stage for a bombastic cannabis love song. The track “Blunt After Blunt” is one of the standout tracks in an album that happens to be among the most underrated of the last decade. 

    The song has a right hook that is mundanely unbelievable. Just read out the lyrics, and you will wonder why this isn’t on the top charts. To show that this is all about Ganja, check out the chorus, “I smoke blunt after blunt, blunt after blunt…”

    Are you smoking some blunts tonight?

  7. Get High Tonight (by Busta Rhymes)

    When you come across a musician talking about the end of the world, the Illuminati controlling governments, X-files, the Matrix, and all that, then you know some weed must be responsible. 

    In this track, Busta Rhymes was all down to earth with dope celebration. Here, the fast-pace rapper outlined his friendship with weed. In one of the lyrics, he proclaims, “Smoking weed got me moving in slow-mo like we’re floating on a relaxing ocean.” 

    It would have sounded better if the director, Hype Williams, showcases this scenario on the video version. 

  8. Stoner (by Young Thug)

    Stoner is one of Young Thug’s best standing tracks of all time. For someone who has lived a life full of anomalies, this song goes down as one of the best weed songs to listen when high.

    The thug was all out oozing with reckless abandon as he melodically declares, “I am a stoner, a stoner, a stoner.” Well, .this man made his intentions known, what about you? 

  9. Crumbling Erb (by Outkast)

    Outkast is a duo –Big Boi and Andre 3000. They have some of the best evergreen classics fans never get tired listening to. If you want something beautiful and relaxing for a stressful day, Erb is the answer. The song talks about happenings in the world and how crazy it has become.  While there is only little we can do about that, we still reserve the ability to control and dictate how much herbs get sucked into the next joint.
  10. Cali Dro (by Lil Wayne and Birdman)

    For quite some time now, many drug lovers have made the switch to the base of pop heroes. But, in the world of rap music, no rapper represents that groove better than Lil Wayne. “Cali Dro” is one of the best cannabis anthems of all time. The track is one of the best songs about marijuana.    Wayne talks about getting his “Kush” from California, and even down in Arizona, and across the border. 

    No doubt, it is a confirmed weed track.

Final thought

Many artists who love weed are not afraid to talk about them, and you can tell that from their songs. If you have an interest in cannabis, you may want to listen to some of these songs. They represent the best marijuana anthem or songs about smoking marijuana. Pay your respect to medical or recreational cannabis by listening to these songs. However, make sure you puff according to the law.


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