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Takeaway: Cannabis and senior citizens are getting along well with each other. Senior citizens are reaping the benefits of medical marijuana happily. An increasing number of marijuana products are being bought by elderlies. They are trying and testing CBD and its benefits. Here is a detailed report on the increase in elderly consumers of CBD and how marijuana is helping the senior citizens of our community. Senior citizens have found a new relief from traditional prescription medicines and they are readily adopting Cannabis.

Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis has been a go-to medicine for centuries. Ever since we were introduced to this medicinal plant we have been using it in our daily lives. Although it was banned for a few decades now that CBD is legalized in full swing, senior citizens are naturally turning to CBD as their go-to medicine. 

Seniors are becoming the largest group of users consuming medical marijuana.

A 2013 study revealed that 4 out 5 doctors were in favor of using medical marijuana. Around 90% of the patients using medical marijuana for one disease or the other reported that they had beneficial effects of using this medicine. Amongst this 90%, senior citizens were the largest group approximately 2300 respondent out of 7500 participants. 

Multiple prescription medicine use amongst the elderlies of the United States increased by about 12% between 1988 to 2010. The increase of higher medication is attributed to increased functional limitation, arthritic pain, daily living limitations, and memory issues. CBD or cannabidiol is a single solution to multiple medication. It effectively increases pain relief while helps in daily living activities. 

Senior citizens that are of the age of 65 and older are only 12 percent of the entire population of the United States. But they constitute 34 % of all prescription drugs sold in the United States.

Senior citizens have sensitive biology. Their bodies have gone through decades of pharmaceutical use and their side effects. CBD being a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever offers the most ideal solutions to their body stress. 

Why Seniors are turning to marijuana

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Here are the reasons why Cannabis has been readily adopted by senior citizens of the country:

  • Years of pharmaceutical use has taken a toll on their body. Pain relief medicines are addictive and produce unwanted side effects that further produces medical conditions as a by-product of medicating for the previous disease. A vicious circle our elderlies are tired of.
  • Cannabis derivative products are organic alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines. They work in synergy with the body and vitalize immune systems effectively. They help in managing pain induced as side effects of pharmaceutical medicines. 
  • CBD or cannabidiol has many benefits. It helps manage chronic pain induced by a host of medical conditions. 
  • Cancer patients have reported pain relief with the use of medical marijuana while undergoing chemotherapy. A few studies show that medical marijuana helps with side effects of chemotherapy such as increased nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting. It also helps to deal with the neurological damage that is caused by cancer treatment. 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disease that poses limitations on the cognitive functioning of our elderlies. It causes loss of appetite and on-set depression due to forgetting things. CBD is an effective stress reliever and appetite building compound. It reacts with the CBD receptors present in our bodies and works to treat these symptoms.
  • The opioid epidemic has taken many lives. Its addiction and side effects are known to everybody. Medical Marijuana is a safer alternative for prescribed opioid medicines. The side effects of medical marijuana are an upset stomach and sleepiness. These are far more manageable than opioid side effects. Every elderly is looking to get rid of opioid addiction. Replacement drugs are increasingly opted for by elderlies. Marijuana is the safest organically occurring replacement medicine.
  • Directly reacting with the endocannabinoid system gives marijuana its beneficial qualities. The use of medical marijuana gives senior citizens a sense of control over their own wellbeing. The endocannabinoid system and CBD together increase body efficiency and promote overall well-being.

Many elderly individuals do not report their pain to the physician thinking it is a part of their aging, suffering in silence, getting depressed while their quality of life continues in a downward spiral. Don’t let them suffer in silence. Medical marijuana can produce positive effects that they don’t expect. Let’s help our senior citizens manage pain better than they think. Cannabis can help them feel better and live happily, stress-free.

Risks, considerations/precautions to be taken before consuming marijuana

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The key to using marijuana beneficially is dosing effectively. It is always advised to consult a doctor before you start using Cannabis. But even if you want to experiment. Start with small doses and observe its effect on your body. If you feel that it is not effective consult somebody or you may increase your dosage. 

There are many ways that you can use Cannabis. Flowers, oil, cream, edibles, and topicals for the body. Choose one that you are most familiar with. For pain in selective areas of the body, creams are the most effective. Similarly, there is one CBD product for every condition. Although there is nothing a few minutes of mindful breathing can’t fix. 

Excessive ingestion of CBD oil or some form of edible might cause an upset stomach. That is why the key to using marijuana effectively is proper dosing. 

When used in excess just like any other alternative, Marijuana also has a few effects on your body. Excessive use of Marijuana can cause rapid heartbeat and a temporary drop in blood pressure.

High amounts of THC can cause loss of balance in the body and increased risk of minor fall injuries. Although slipping is not a major accident for young adults but it might cause great pain in elderlies. Hence it is advised that senior citizens use marijuana responsibly. 

Feeling drowsy or dizzy after smoking marijuana is a common side effect of the medicinal plant. Although this can be avoided by buying your marijuana from a licensed retail store with a certificate of analysis. Select Cannabis products with high amounts of CBD and not a single trace of THC. 

Dehydration is another manageable side effect of Cannabis. Excessive cannabis can cause dry mouth and dehydration of the body. Hence it is advised to keep hydrated while using medical marijuana or CBD. 


Consider cannabis for easing conditions that our elderlies suffer with is a logical alternative. We must use CBD products with precaution to reap the full benefits. It has been a long standoff between pharmaceuticals and our elderly bodies. It is time that we shift to an alternative that works in synergy with our bodies. That promotes overall well being instead of selective targeting. Holistic care is installing the natural balance of our bodies crucial for our well being.


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