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Cannabis-Infused Espresso Gelato

Takeaway: Desserts are one of the things that make summers fun, for the kids as well as the adults! Adults don’t usually have it that easy when compared to kids; therefore they need a something ‘extra’ in their desserts. Enter Marijuana! And who does not like Gelato in summer? This article unveils an easy and delicious recipe that combines both of these amazing items to make Cannabis-Infused Espresso Gelato.

I am fond of summers as it advocates the trend of converting anything into frozen edibles.

From geometrically spiraled & rolled-up strips of ice cream at lunch to soft-yet-icy sorbet at dinner time; from super-smooth soft-serve classics in the office to savory rose-bud hinted noodle-based Faloodeh in summertime parties; all expose my drooling-capabilities— and I am not ashamed about it.

But when the summer falls after trying different flavors, one recipe which keeps up the ice-cream craving alive is the cannabis espresso gelato— the anticipated version of the famous Italian gelato.

Also termed as Gelato Weed, it’s one flavor which never disappoints me, and that’s mainly because of two soft reasons:

  1. It makes the dessert-experience a “moment-to-capture” delicious-chomping.
  2. It’s the perfect substitutive-fit against the hot-beverage solutions like cannabis coffee or weed coffee.

Still not convinced?

I will give you two other hard-reasons to rush to your kitchen before you enjoy a quick slushie bite of this over-demanded weed ice-cream cum gelato.

You need to add this item into your recipe book or bookmark it on your browser today itself because:

  1. Cannabis espresso works as a potent medical product which can attenuate various diseases at the expense of a bit of your time.
  2. Cannabis/Weed coffee doesn’t meet your daily medical marijuana dosage. The cannabinoids in it hate water. It means that cannabinoids embrace the walls of the cup while you drink them and your body run short of the prescribed amount. That’s not the case with cannabis-infused espresso gelato.

Although cannabis-infused edibles have gotten traction in the last ten years, and a lot of manufacturers have already come up with decent marijuana edible-packages; sometimes, the best-palated medicated-solution shapes out from your hand and in your kitchen.

And what’s better than trying this new recipe to answer your taste buds and medical needs at the same time?

This particular recipe has made marijuana chefs the brand they are, and it’s easy to acknowledge that it rests on the heads of a lot many chefs with tasty morsels alteration here and there.

Fortunately, the recipe wouldn’t need any exceptional effort from your side— just a little attention to the detailing and of course, a fair bit of ice-cream making interest more than expertise.

But before we get into feeding Gelato weed ice-cream to our family today, we must use quality ingredients to produce toothsome end-product.

And one more thing, make sure that you limit the marijuana concentration to 2-20 grams if you are a seasoned consumer.

Similarly, keep the dose as low as possible for beginners as their bodies might take time to tolerate the drug interaction.

So, let’s get started.


Gelato Ingredients

  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 2 grams* powdery cannabis
  • 5 egg yolks at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 ounces of brewed espresso

Making the Gelato Weed

Making the Gelato

  1. Pour half-cup heavy whipping cream on the cooktop and mix 2 cups of whole milk with it.

    *Yeah, I know most of you are non-fat milk drinker, but it’s gelato, and it deserves heavy cream for its richness. It’s boring without cream.*
  2. Simmer the mixture, i.e., heat it till the bubble barely starts to break on the surface of the liquid. Turn off the heat once you are done, and allow the mixture to naturally blend for the next 15 minutes.

    *Don’t engage yourself in other activities because milk boils up the moment you look somewhere else.*
  3. Add ground cannabis (preferably powdered) into the steeped mixture and let the solution simmer again at medium-low heat. Don’t boil it.

    *Boil it if you want to go with a weird-tasting item.*
  4. By that time, place yolks in a bowl and add ½ cup sugar into it. Whisk them until mixture looks pale yellow.

    *Whisking feels like an eternity— it’s that tedious work which demands arm workout. But fancy people can use an electric whisk to enjoy the final product a few minutes earlier.*
  5. Add ½ teaspoon vanilla extract in the first mixture and let it continue to simmer.

    *Vanilla extract is the salt of any gelato. It’s the flavor which enhances all other flavors.*
  6. When the first mixture starts to simmer, pour a bit of it on the egg solution to avoid scrambling and whisk the yolk mixture.

    *Nevertheless scrambled egg gelato also tastes good but if you’re a presentation freak, follow the step. mentioned above*
  7. Now amalgamate both mixtures and stir it until it turns thick. It will almost take 10-15 minutes to thicken.

    *One way to check the thickness of the mixture is by looking at the back of the spoon. If there’s a heavy coat which droops slowly off the edge of stirrer, congratulations— you are almost there.*
  8. Allow the mixture to cool for a good two hours. When it has cooled, add the major component of the recipe in it, i.e., 3 ounces of super-strongly brewed espresso and stir the mixture until they combine.

    *Oh! Do you prefer beans over brewed-coffee? Use coffee beans precisely after the first step and pass the mixture through medium stainer in the second to make your wait lengthy.*
  9. Pre-cool your ice-cream maker to shorten your wait; fill up the inner bucket with the final mixture, and watch it cool into cannabis-infused espresso gelato in less than 50 minutes.

    *If you don’t trust your precision, take out the bucket from ice-cream maker and then pour the solution. It’s easier to clean your kitchen-shelf than the inside of the machine.*

PS: Depending on your prescription and need, you can alter the dose level.

PPS: Keep in mind that our words of recipe stand true for the places where marijuana is legal. So, before you dive into making your gelato, ensure that the local laws permit you to do so. Stay updated, learn everything about marijuana legality, and conduct experiments to relish some of the most creative canna-foods.

Tell us about the recipe of your weed Ice cream.

I vote for this recipe because it’s quick to make and possesses scrumptious taste.

So, when are you inviting us for “winner winner, cannabis-Gelato dinner?”

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