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Cannabis Infused Honey

Do you ever feel euphoric wonder slathering honey on overly-cooked crispy toasts?

What about drizzling it on the pancakes? No, stirring it in yogurt and cereals with peanut butter drops the best living-experience.

Hang on, spreading it on a whole grain honey pizza dough is a one killing recipe too.

But I have also heard dressing marinades in honey is a second to none savory.

Do you notice how the viscous consistency of honey makes every recipe taste beyond the box?

Well, that’s the depth of the most potent nectar on earth.

But do you know that you could be the ‘bee’ of your house?

Didn’t get it?

Yes! Like honey bees, you can make your honey with this recipe post.

The second best part of serving yourself the tasty treat is— you can’t mess it up! There’s only one direction to move with this recipe— moving forward even if you’re a cooking noob.

But wait for the best part of the recipe.

Here’s it. We will use cannabis as our nectar to derive one of the most mouth-savory honey in our lives.

If you are a toke-head— congratulations— you will have one more way to take your daily dose of cannabis— and guess what—it’s way healthier than smoking and way authentic if you are trying to impress your circles.

So, let’s cook some cannabis honey, honey!

Cannabis Honey Recipe

I know you can’t wait for me to shoot a cannabis honey algorithm on your face, but every second is worth waiting for when we discuss things in a peculiar order.

So, here’s the first tick mark in the order.

Decarboxylate The Cannabis Bud— The Most Vital Step

Decar-booty-late what? Haha! It’s ‘decarboxylate.’

Now you must be wondering what in the hell is it.

If you are a seasoned marijuana dragger, you are already decarboxylating the bud— literally every time you smoke.

How Is It Happening?

Decarboxylation the bud
The marijuana bud in your pipe is a raw flower that has acidic Tetrahydrocannabinol (THCA).

It’s a non-psychoactive acid. If you’d gulp pot down to your throat without burning it— cannabis is nothing but a mere piece of grass.

But smoking lights up these acidic chemicals and converts them into Tetrahydrocannabinol— THC.

Now we’re talking. THC is the baby that lights up your fire. It’s the psychoactive material that gives you a universal elated ride.

Similarly, when we are preparing a cannabis-infused honey recipe, we have to preheat the bud to tonk these THCa out of the picture.

We have to add heat enough to convert THCa into THC and less enough to not dissipate the psychotropic compound from the plant.

The balancing process is called decarboxylation, and now you are good to flaunt your knowledge among your friends and relatives. Cheers!

No, no! I am not saying to heat up marijuana buds with the help of your pipe. You’ll be blowing up all the buds, and will have nothing to cook. :/

So, how do you decarboxylate? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff (don’t take my words literally)?

Decarboxylation— Kicking off THCa in Two Easy-Steps

1. Spread cannabis buds on the baking sheet and place it on the oven. Set the temperature between 210 degrees to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: The evaporating point of cannabis is 320 degrees. It’s when the bud starts losing its color, fragrance, and flavor properties. So, we have to be a little careful while setting the temperature. Lower-temperature might delay the process but won’t kill the pot valuables.

2. Heat the matter for at least half an hour to 40 minutes. Don’t forget to turn it upside down.

Note: We want to make sure that we have cooked our marijuana evenly at all points. And, of course, that gives us the most potent form. Know more about marijuana here.

Ugh! Decarboxylation tests my patience every time. Really a long boring process. It would check yours’ too!

That’s the catch—the reason I call it the most tedious yet essential step.

Now that we are done with it let’s hop on a recipe train quickly and give our mouths something to talk of!

How To Make Cannabis Honey— Sweetening Your Recipe Book With A Toothsome Pot Honey Recipe


  • 7 to 8 grams of your favorite marijuana strain
  • 1 cup of honey (organic without artificial essence)

If you want to make more honey, you can adjust the ratio. Use 7-8 grams of decarboxylated pot for every one cup of honey.


  • Cooker or crockpot
  • String
  • A quart mason air-tight jar.

Recipe— Cooking The Best Cannabis Honey

#Step 1: Take cheesecloth, place the heated cannabis strain in it, wrap it up, and tie it with the string’s help.

* Don’t use a rubber band or thread for tying it up. We are going to heat the packet. Doing so would melt the rubber band.*

#Step 2: Put the wrapped up cheesecloth in the jar.

*You can use a pint or half-pint jar if you don’t have a quart jar.*

#Step 3:Pour one cup of honey into the jar.

*Make sure that you aren’t spilling it out. Also, take the measuring ratio in serious consideration.*

#Step 4: Place the mixture of a mason jar on the crockpot.

*You can also use a slow cooker instead of a crockpot. All crock pots are slow cookers. But I am not too sure if it’s true the other way round.*

#Step 5: Pour water into the crackpot until the mixture of honey and cannabis is completely surrounded by it.

*Again, don’t overfill the crackpot. We don’t want the entire jar to submerge into it.*

#Step 6: Shut the lid of the crackpot.

*Put the lid properly. A little opening can discourage the quality of our recipe.*

#Step 7: Regulate the crockpot temperature until you hit the ‘lowest low,’ and keep it cooking for 8 hours.

*We want to maintain the texture of our weed honey. Generally, cooking for 8 hours has shown an ideal output.*

#Step 8: It’s not over until it’s over. You have to check the mixture every 2 hours. Open the lid and see if the pressure is fine. Do it four times within eight hours.

*Opening and closing the lid of the crackpot will help us get rid of the pressure building inside. An unchecked pressure can break the mason jar and mess up the recipe. We don’t want that to happen to our beloved honey. And yes, don’t forget to tighten back the lid.*

#Step 9: After baking the bic for 8 hours, you can shut off the stove and let the mixture cool down.

*You can either let it cool down in the crockpot or get it out of the scene and park it below the fan. And yeah— watch out for your hands.*

#Step 10: Touch the jar only when you feel it has cooled down. When the honey attains equilibrium (cools down), you are free to touch it and get off the cheesecloth from the matter.

*You can use a spoon to pull out the cheesecloth from the delectably mild-colored gooey honey. You can also use dark or transparent honey.*

#Step 11: Squash and crush the wrapped cheesecloth to extract the most of the golden dust possible.

*Please use the cooking mitts to maintain hygiene.*

#Step 12:Our cannabis honey is ready to be used. Since it’s already in the air-tight jar— clean its walls and store it in the refrigerator or cool murky place so that it doesn’t catch the moisture.

* Don’t throw away the cheesecloth. You can use it as a coffee or tea dip to have a kicking refreshing snack session.*

That’s it. The rocket science is over.

Okay! So, Cannabis Honey Ticked. But Can You Make CBD Honey?

Well, of course. You can!

Everything depends on the strain which you cook.

Not all strains are equal. Some are way too recreational (high THC).

*Oops! I hope the federal power is not eavesdropping us.*

And some strains have therapeutic values (High CBD).

Here’s the list of effects in different marijuana types varying in THC and CBD composition.

#1 If the cannabis strain has one percent or less than one percent THC, our weed honey recipe is safe for children and adults to use— of course, that includes us as well. We won’t feel a thing with such a product.

#2 If the cannabis strain has THC content between one to five percent, our marijuana honey recipe may have an entourage effect on the brain. It’s entirely subjective, and different people react differently depending on their previous experiences.

#3 If the cannabis strain has THC content between five to ten percent, our pot honey recipe may start building a mild euphoric state. Again, it’s very subjective, and tough tokers can empty it without a whisker move.

#4 If the cannabis strain has THC content between ten to fifteen percent, you will be roaming across the town, without stepping out of your home.

#5 If the cannabis strain has THC content above 15 percent, our cannabis honey recipe is nothing less than a Nimbus 2000— the flying broomstick of Harry Potter that gives an escape ride. Universally. Give a goodbye kiss to reality and swoosh around the world.

#6 And finally, if your cannabis strain has more CBD content than THC, you are on the way to achieving a highly therapeutic blend for yourself and your close ones. And yes, you won’t get high with it.

Where Can You Use Cannabis-Infused Honey?

The question seems mildly inappropriate.

It should be— where can’t you use cannabis honey?

As a sweetener, into the beverages, as a topping, sprinkled like a glaze on grillings.

You can get as creative as you like, there’s absolutely no effing boundation— honey goes marvelously well with different cuisines and desserts.

In fact, akin to cannabutter, marijuana-infused honey can be the new staple for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As honey is naturally a better alternative to sugar, you will also be keeping up with glucose health.

The combination of cannabis and honey is an even better match that can fend off a variety of disorders.

So, why the long pause? Rail up to your kitchen and get started. Who knows? The weed in your garden is dying to meet its long lost honey. You never know with these non-living entities? *Shrugged*

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