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Cannabis Peanut Butter Recipe

Marijuana has hundreds of names across the world. But do you know which term of endearment fascinates us the most?

‘The daddy of role plays.’

Well, we have reasons to love this name. Marijuana can behave as cookies, gummies, soap, deodorant, cannabis honey, ice cream, cannabis peanut butter, etc. It takes the role of whatever we think of. Just when we think cannabis has nothing more to offer— it comes in the roles that impress us with sheer versatility.

Mind you! It has been the story every year since cannabis-infused products got the green light from the government.

There are no limits to creativity— the cannabis chefs are proving it.

We can run short of ideas, but these chefs are street-smart in adjusting cannabis dose in every type of cuisine and edibles we have.

That makes us excited about another versatile cannabis infused edible— cannabis peanut butter.

Cannabis Peanut butter— the meat of vegans and vegetarians.

Rich in proteins, the peanut butter easily slides up as the meat of vegans and vegetarians.

As if the exquisite quality of peanut butter wasn’t enough— we are infusing cannabis to make it a potent health enhancer.

The best part about peanut butter is you can give it as many forms you want. Want to have a marijuana peanut butter bar? Willing to celebrate your day with cannabis peanut butter cake? Or Want to make a new recipe out of peanut butter and chocolate – Cannabis peanut butter balls coated with chocolate is something you can try. You can also refer to the cannabis fudge recipe with peanut butter to make it at home. Imagine infusing cannabis with virtually everything you make with peanut butter.

Cannabis + Peanut butter = Cannabis Peanut Butter. Wanna reserve some of those?

Peanut Butter & peanut beans with Knife on table

Does marijuana have health benefits? Yes! Does peanut butter have health benefits? Yes! Can you imagine the consequences of duo-combination? No.

The answer is— Worldly health benefits!

The health benefits of marijuana coincide with the health benefits of peanut butter to give a food paste, which holds a plethora of exciting health benefits.

No matter what kind of person you’re, you can enjoy marijuana peanut butter to enhance your family’s health, get relief from your chaotic-stress, & act on your pain accordingly.

If you don’t want to have the tipsy-euphoric experience, it’s fine! Your cannabis-infused peanut butter can have CBD oil and not THC oil.

Liberty! Cannabis gives you liberty more than any government could ever give. You don’t have to be necessarily a part of psychotropic-fandoms who use cannabis-infused oil with THC. Cannabis oil with CBD has a far better peanut butter paste— both in terms of health benefits and taste. You can also easily make CBD peanut butter cups at home for medicinal impact. 

If you don’t know what CBD and THC mean— let’s call them the yin and the yang of cannabis plants for simplicity.

While CBD offers surprisingly diversified health benefits such as pain relief, seizure checks, anti-inflammation, and stress reduction— THC has psychoactive effects on your brain that give recreational kicks. Both behave contrary to each other, making marijuana the most controversial herb.

How to make cannabis peanut butter paste as the topping– Personalizing your meal with a cannabis peanut butter recipe!

How to make cannabis peanut butter recipe

Nothing beats the personalized spread of cannabis peanut butter if you’ve been thinking of flaring up toasts, waffles, & crackers’ savor.

The thin layers of marijuana peanut butter spread have gotten very common. Sounds puffed up? Check the neighbor next door! Thanks to its multitudinous benefits and easy instructions— everyone wants to have the recipe in their kitchen’s diary.

So, tighten up your seat belts. We’re tapping yet another delicious marijuana paste, which will charge up your guests and relatives.

Ingredients For Cannabis Peanut Butter

  • 3 cups of peanuts (dry and roasted)
  • 1 ½ tablespoon of carrier oil (cannabis olive, coconut, etc.)
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Kitchen Equipments For Cannabis Peanut Butter

  • Food processor
  • Whisk
  • Baking sheet
  • Medium bowl
  • Air-tight container
  • Spoon

Canna peanut butter recipe— instructions— with readymade cannabis oil.

Step #1: Toss the roasted peanut butter in a food processing grinder.

We want to have excellent consistency.

*Process until they turn to powder. If you don’t have a food processing grinder, apply the traditional means such as mortar and pestle. This may take time, and you may have to undergo a series of meshing batches. Make it elegant enough to avoid large particles in the marijuana peanut paste.*

Step #2: Put the peanut powder in the bowl and add cannabis oil. 

Be careful while pouring the oil. Use a baking sheet. We add oil to have a smooth, creamy texture.

*Effectivity is about the ratio. We want cannabis to be strong enough to have a positive effect on us and not be strong enough to produce side effects. We will make cannabis-infused oil at home if you don’t have it.*

Cannabis Peanut Butter Recipe Using Cannabis Oil

Step #3: Add a teaspoon of salt.

*The purpose of adding a teaspoon of salt in peanut butter is to add flavor. There’s no extravagant chemistry happening in the background.*

Step #4: Whisk honey.

*Peanut butter and honey blend well to give plenty of nutrients. You can avoid honey if you want.*

Step #5: Thoroughly whisk the combination.

To build more excitement, you can add fresh fruits and veggies into the honey & peanut butter mix.

*Whisk it until you have color consistency all across.*

Step #6: The weed peanut butter is ready.

Place the platter in the refrigerator if you want to stiffen peanut butter.

 You’d like to put it in an air-tight jar before placing it in the refrigerator. Usually, open jar peanut butter stays strong for 3-4 months. If you store it in the fridge, you can have it preserved for another 3-4 months.*

Note: If you don’t refrigerate it, cannabis oil can settle down in a matter of a few months, making it the peanut butter we won’t want.

Homemade Canna peanut butter recipe— instructions— with cannabutter as a weedy ingredient.

You can surf day-night long on the internet to order cannabis oil or ready-made cannabis peanut butter cookies.

But if cannabis oil, somehow, couldn’t make your kitchen, no problem! We will make our very own weedy ingredient— the cannabutter! It’s a perfect substitute for cannabis oil to yield cannabis peanut butter bites successfully.

Don’t forget about decarboxylation— it’s the step that you need more than ever.

The first step towards making cannabutter is decarboxylation. Fret not! It sounds like a chemical experiment, but it’s not.

It merely means to bake your marijuana. Don’t directly mix raw cannabis into the butter. Adding raw strain in butter is as good as not adding anything.

We need to activate marijuana to reap its benefits. It works under pressure— not precisely the pressure you work under— but you know what I mean!

Follow the decarboxylation process:

  • Grind raw cannabis using a grinder. Use a baking sheet. Give it a fine powdery form.
  • Place the kef on a pan or baking tray for around half an hour to 45 minutes.
  • Heat it at low temperature. Keep the temperature around 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • And we are done. The cannabis should be dry and crumbly. Perfect for use.
  • THC in raw cannabis is acidic. The decarboxylation breaks down THC from the acidic part. Though the acidic THCv also has psychoactive properties, it’s effect is nowhere close to THC.

Now that we have decarboxylated marijuana, we’ll make homemade cannabutter– Cannabis Infused Butter Recipe

Homemade cannabis-infused butter recipe

Step #1: Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add a cup of water to it.

Step #2: Mix the coarsely ground cannabis in butter. Stir it to distribute it properly.

Step #3: Simmer the mixture for two to three hours. Stir it occasionally. Maintain a temperature around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that you’re exceeding the temperature beyond 200 degrees to prevent butter scorching.

Step #4: Strain the butter once it is cooled off. Put a cheesecloth or coffee filter on top of a jar and allow the mixture to strain on its own. Don’t squeeze it too much. You may strain large & bad-tasting particles too.

Step #5: Drain the water out of the cannabutter. Use a butter knife to have solid butter separated from the water.

Step #6: Refrigerate the jar of butter. Freeze the cannabutter for at least an hour.

Step #7: We have the cannabutter ready. Repeat all the steps of the first recipe except the second step. We’ll add cannabutter instead of cannabis oil. All the remaining steps remain the same.

Note: Like cannabis oil, refer to your dosing if you’re adding cannabutter. We have to be extremely careful with dosing. Not all bodies are created equal. What works on you may not work on your parents or kids.

Tips for dosing cannabis peanut butter— respecting the potency of marijuana.

We know you love marijuana. But does marijuana love you? That’s a serious question! Not if you don’t respect its potency and spread it boldly on your toast or waffle.

You must have patience while testing the potency of your finished canna peanut butter. Here’s what you can do:

Try spreading ¼ or ½ teaspoon on your toast, and wait for it to react. We want to be working as a lab scientist. See when it interacts with your body. Twenty minutes or an hour or maybe two hours? Take a note of it. Increase or decrease the dose as per its interaction with your body.

Concluding takeaways— weed peanut butter recipe

  • Cannabis never fails to assume a role. You can meld it with any food item.
  • You can THC or CBD peanut butter, depending on your preference.
  • The THC peanut butter will help you get a mental effect. CBD peanut butter recipe is purely for medicinal impact.  
  • Cannabis peanut butter is available in various forms. Ensuring the right dose in each form is a challenge. Follow manuals strictly.

The potency of marijuana peanut butter depends on how long it’s been heated and cooked.

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