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Bartender Making CBD Infused Vodka

We wonder why water is called a universal solvent! If you ask us to pick our favourite universal solvent, we would definitely go for cannabis. Yeah, that sounds funny! But we aren’t joking! Why? It fuses well with almost everything.

You think of any mainstream product, and you can incorporate cannabis into it. If you have been watching out for the fad of the cannabis/CBD industry— you must have observed a vast array of niche products infusing cannabis.

Weed is no more a surprise element in any product we’ve around, and now it has made its place in vodka too. Yes! You must already be walking on air hearing cannabis vodka. But the challenge is real. Among overwhelming, dizzying vodka options— you have one more category to choose from.

Vodka generates an overwhelming headache for all of us because the genius and ubiquity lie in whatever taste you want it to be in.

You need a herby, entwined sense of smell & taste— you’ll have it. You need soft sweetness to come through— you can meld it. No wonder why the cannabis and vodka buff love the blend of two super-euphoric lots that add to their experience.

You want to get drunk and high together with cannabis vodka? Don’t overestimate your expectations!

You have already weaved a lot of expectations. Haven’t you? The dream to get drunk and high is finally here. Pardon us, but we will have to shatter your illusions. The states don’t legally allow us to blend toxic cannabis in vodka.

What does that mean for your expectations? You can’t go high and drunk together. The cannabis which we mix in our weed-infused vodka doesn’t have the most controversial psychoactive chemical— THC.

It’s an understatement to say THC has shaped the stigmatized views around marijuana because it’s not just about the stigma that encircles cannabis but also the problems non-toxic marijuana siblings face during their cultivation.

For the vast majority of the last century— the concepts of cannabis and hemp were interchangeably used and were put in the same bracket when hemp had nothing to do with the psychotropic element.

Fortunately, the recent farm bill signed by Donald Trump, the American president, allows most of the cannabis vodka to mix industrial hemp. The weed-cousin has a meagre THC amount (0.3%)— the quality which is found in CBD-infused items.

Cannabis vodka is more about adding versatility to the sense of flavour and smell

Cannabis vodka is not about giving you high— although some rare breeds of vodka back THC-based infused drinks that work absolutely the way you want. But most of the cannabis vodka in the market is about adding versatility to your sense of flavour and smell.

Want to break the monotony of vodka? Need a fresh new perspective? Weed vodka has a herby, refreshing scent for giving a modern twist to your drink. Many buffs use it as an alternative to gin.

So, have your expectations sorted because it’s about getting drunk rather than getting high. It’s not about the effect, but a momentary savoury which you’ll enjoy!

But why do you want to rely on marketed-cannabis vodka when you can make it?

We release cannabis recipes every month to update new cookery-skills into your recipe book. This section will receive all the attention on how to make weed vodka, and let you customize the favourite distilled beverage.

Here’re the two easy recipes to combine vodka spirit into any piece of your preferred cannabis strain.

How to make cannabis vodka — ingredients and materials

Bartender fill Vodka Shots1st Recipe

This method is about soaking cannabis strain in vodka before we give the final touch to the infused-drink. The process will take two hours, and you’re good to have a herby finale at your home.


  • 250 to 300 ml of vodka
  • 1 to 3 grams of cannabis strain


  • Cheesecloth or jelly bag for straining
  • Double-boiler
  • Thermocouple or thermometer

Step-by-step instructions

  • Keep your double boiler at the lowest possible temperature while you arrange all the necessary ingredients and materials.

    *We recommend using double boilers because they distribute heat very evenly across the recipe. It results in consistent texture across the project.*
  • Grind/chop off your cannabis into medium-sized particles. Maintain the size-consistency and wrap it around a jelly bag or cheesecloth.

    *You can use dry or fresh marijuana strain for the recipe. Using a dry bud would produce a more substantial psychoactive effect. Don’t forget to decarboxylate the strain before grinding. Heat your strain to make it kicky. If you need a strong flavour and smell profile, stick with the fresher one.*
  • Add your vodka in the boiler and place the cannabis cheese cotton bag into it for 2 to 3 hours. Try to maintain the temperature at 60-degree celsius. You can regulate temperature using the thermometer.

    *For a denser effect, you’d want a cannabis bag steeping for another hour in vodka. But you’ll have to trade-off a bit of vodka by burning it off (as it’s extremely volatile)*
  • Pull out the cannabis bag from your vodka solution. You can use the strain as a natural fertilizer for your cannabis farm. Pour the drink in a glass jar. Let it cool down before tightening the lid. Finally, store it in a dark, murky, cool place.

    *Before serving the aqua vitae— you’d like to strain the cannabis impurities using a coffee filter.*

2nd Recipe

This recipe deals with customizing vodka at your own accord. We will make a palatable honey-flavoured vodka by adding one of buzzing cannabis-infused product, i.e., honey. You can either buy a readymade cannabis-infused honey or DIY at home by blending coconut oil with honey, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Broad-spectrum CBD honey makes an excellent choice for non-toxic sweeteners.


  • Decarboxylated cannabis buds (preheated buds at 300 degrees F)
  • Coconut oil, One-fourth of the cup
  • 500ml vodka (any spirit)
  • 150g honey << Learn how to make CBD honey
  • Simmering water


  • Saucepan
  • One mason jar
  • Blender
  • Water bath
  • Cheesecloth
  • Thermometer

Step-by-step instructions

  • We’ll start by making weed-infused honey. Take decarboxylated cannabis strain and grind it into small or medium size granules. Make sure that you are maintaining the size of these granules.

    *We divide weed into small granules so that they are easy to soak.*
  • Wrap it up in a cheesecloth and place it into a mason jar full of coconut oil.

    *You can avoid cheesecloth and add them directly in the oil.*
  • Tighten the lid of the mason jar and put it in the water bath. Apply a low-nominal heat for at least two hours. The process will disperse the cannabis into the oil.

    *Stir the mixture in between to make sure cannabis consistency across the oil project.*
  • Once you have cannabis oil ready, strain the mixture with a coffee filter or cheesecloth to funnel out the particles of cannabis buds.

    *Don’t forget to squeeze off the cheesecloth at last. We won’t give a drop to waste bins or fertilizers.*
  • Add cannabis-infused oil into the bowl of honey and whisk it properly.

    *Please follow the instructions properly. Everything should be increased or decreased in proportions.*
  • Blend vodka with cannabis-infused honey until you have attained the evenness.

    *The flavour of terps and honey add a delightful newness to vodka.*
  • Use classic martini or highball glasses to make your vodka date a romantic-clinky occasion.

    *Cool it off before storing it in a dark place in an air-tight jar.*

Preparing cannabis vodka is an art. Until you goof-up these must-do things.

We know you are a naughty pot-head! The authorities won’t let-in the readymade cannabis vodka with high THC content. But you’d use our recipes to have it designed yourself.

Since we are using decarboxylated cannabis bud strains to experience a recreational ride— you must be aware of all its negative implications. Reckless combination of cannabis with alcohol might sweep away your consciousness leaving you nauseous, dizzy, and abnormal body functions.

It’s perfectly fine to combine THC-based cannabis with alcohol. After all, the combination gives an experience of a lifetime; however, you want to be going easy with the concentration so that you don’t go from “the best drink of my life” to “I don’t remember a fig.”

And yes, don’t let your “drinking ego” rule your brain. Your friend might be a veteran drinker— you’re not into any competition with him. Just pay a little attention to your body and its reaction with the weed vodka. You have a different tolerating power than your friend, and vice-versa.

CBD-vodka is more of a healer. THC-vodka is about short-term pleasure

CBD-based hemp vodka and THC-based marijuana vodka have a contrary effect on the body. Perhaps the most pressing question is— how do they differ? And the answer is hidden in one word— healing.

CBD-vodka has shown exceptional healing properties if taken in limits. If your body doesn’t respond well, maybe you are overconsuming vodka and not CBD. You can’t over-consume cannabidiol— the healing agent of the hemp sativa.

CBD Infused Vodka MartiniVodka with a blend of CBD can vasodilate your vessels and help seamless blood circulation across different organs of the body. This prevents clotting, strokes, and other cardiovascular problems. The lower calorie-alcohol also unites with fat-browning CBD to keep your belly circumference in check.

THC, on the other hand, has a contrary impact on your body. Suitable for low-life recreational enjoyment— pretty bad and intoxicating in the long term. The vasodilative properties of vodka make a passage for THC to enter into the bloodstream.

While other THC-infused products allow a limited part of the toxic chemical to let in the body, vodka happens to make it much-easier for THC to conquer your systemic blood flow.

As a result— drunk plus high—— you don’t want to end up in that state.

The future of cannabis vodka is the present now

The cannabis vodka is gaining popularity as more and more weed-admirers want “local cannabis flavours” in alcohol. The avid potters and drinkers wish to have the best of both the worlds— the cannabis world and the alcohol world.

That’s why many cannabis-restaurants and dispensaries are capturing a bit of character from both to have a unified solution, without offending the laws. The future of cannabis vodka surely lies on our palms— if we compromise with the local laws, then we can have a brilliant amalgamation of the two worlds.

And yes— the quality of the magical blending depends on the type of vodka and cannabis strain you choose. Having real-cannabis bombs like ‘Lemon Vodka’ with Grey Goose or Ketel one serve the purpose of “cannabis-infused vodka.” Bon wassail!

So, already sitting at the ivory tower and sipping the canna-vodka? Great! Make a bit of room for us.

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