Contribute to Marijuana Span

Have you ever thought of or have experience in writing on cannabis or reviewing cannabis products? Or are you good at writing marijuana blogs and marijuana recipes? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

What Are We Looking For?

  • We are looking for talented content writers who are willing to write for our website– Marijuana Span.
  • Marijuana Span is a website-cum-community that covers marijuana news, marijuana recipes, and marijuana products, among others.
  • The writer should have experience writing rich blog posts and possess a basic knowledge about the marijuana industry.
  • The content must be well-researched, unplagiarized, engaging, and written in a lucid and straightforward way that engages readers on an intimate level.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

  1. Writers are requested to submit the complete idea or the rough draft of the content instead of just a title of the topic. Please note that we will not accept any pitches that contain the title only.
  2. As mentioned above, the blog post you submit must be well-researched, unique, and should pass through a plagiarism check.
  3. The content must not be published anywhere else in the past or shared with other publications.
  4. We prefer 1000+ words of content that is engaging, contains factual information, and is useful to our audience.
  5. If you are submitting images along with text content, make sure that images are in high-quality and maximum 1000*667 pixels. Also, ensure that images are in compliance with copyright laws.
  6. We will prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can quickly provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.
  7. Kindly use hyperlinks for citing sources rather than footnotes or endnotes. If you have included a quote or reference from a third-party website, don’t forget to credit the original author.
  8. Writers are requested to submit their article or pitch just once. DO NOT submit it multiple times.
  9. Once you submit your article, it will get reviewed and edited by our content editor team. If the rest of the things go smoothly, the article will be posted on our website, and you will be notified of the same.
  10. We will reserve all the rights of the content once it gets accepted by our editor team. We also reserve the right to post it on our sister-websites or other platforms as well.
  11. At Marijuana Span, we accept all kinds of cannabis blog posts. However, we are particularly interested in the following niches:
    • Marijuana Lifestyles
    • Marijuana news
    • Marijuana products
    • Marijuana cultivation
    • CBD health
    • CBD products & benefits etc.

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What We Look For In a Writer?

We will look for the following qualities in a writer.

  • Experienced in Cannabis Writing

    We will prefer the content writers who have written some well-researched & engaging articles on cannabis. It could be cannabis products, cannabis on-site content, or cannabis recipes.

  • Know How to Begin and How to End the Article

    The writer must be well versed with the structure & flow of the article. He/she should know how to start and how to end the article. Writers also should have knowledge about punctuation, grammar, etc.

  • Lucid Writing Form

    CBD being a complex subject, it is expected that the writer writes in such a simplified and lucid form that the general audience can understand. The writer should have the art of storytelling that helps people understand this complex subject.

  • Well-Acquainted with Online Research

    Research is a very significant part of marijuana blog writing. It is expected that a writer knows about some reputed marijuana portals and websites besides knowing where to get the authenticate & latest information.

  • Know the Latest Trends In Cannabis Industry

    Marijuana is a growing & dynamic industry. Therefore, it is expected that a writer is well aware of the latest cannabis trends. The knowledge will help them write engaging and well-researched articles for our audience.

At Last But Not Least…

Marijuana Span is a rapidly growing marijuana community. By partnering with us, you will get an opportunity to showcase your writing skills to the larger audience spanning across the globe. You will also get better prospects and learning experience. So if you think that you fulfil all the above-mentioned terms and conditions and are a perfect fit for this role, mail us your rough draft NOW! We would be delighted to post that content if it passes through all our checks. Sounds good?