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CBD Infused Mozzarella by Caputo Cheese

Drinks, foods, beverages, and now, CHEESE! CBD lovers have accepted the infusion of this amazing cannabis component in almost every food item, so why should cheese makers stay low, must have thought the cheesemakers!

Caputo Cheese launched a CBD infused mozzarella brand called ‘Elevated Cow’ and joined the wagon of all things CBD. Okay, let’s just take a second to appreciate the branding! They have a cow strapped to the hot air balloon, and the name ‘Elevated Cow’ is beautifully justifying it. Indeed, CBD doesn’t give a high, but they had to let the audience know somehow that the cheese has CBD in it! What else could have been better than showing the cow elevated in the sky!

Talking about the brand, Natale Caputo confirmed, “A rigorous amount of research and testing went into developing Elevated Cow, and we are excited to provide our customers with a new cheese experience.”

The president of Caputo Cheese further shared his views on CBD, saying, “I believe in the positive effects of CBD; infusing CBD into my passion of fresh mozzarella just seemed natural.”

This fresh range of CBD infused mozzarella cheese is created using the best quality of hemp, 100% organic sourced in the USA. The hemp is tested by the lab to verify not only its authenticity but efficiency as well before its infusion in the cheese.

Caputo has an in-house team of microbiologists that keeps an eye on the entire cheesemaking process. With the support of the team, rigorous research, high-quality hemp, and more importantly, the CBD lovers who are looking for products with the cannabinoid in it, Caputo’s Elevated Cow may be the new favorite cheese in the market.

The consumers could buy Elevated Cow’s CBD infused cheese from retail stores with stations dedicated to CBD products. If you are from the lot which is looking forward to making pizzas, and other recipes using Caputo’s new mozzarella for your business, you could also avail it from the wholesalers of the same.

While the pizza was one of the most enjoyed foods with weed, the weed lovers may now be able to ask for pizzas topped with CBD infused cheese!

CBD has touched almost everything in the market. Do you think anything remains without the magical touch of CBD? Let us know in the comments if there’s still something that could use the infusion of CBD!

[Image Credit: https://www.delimarketnews.com/well-paired/caputo-cheese-launches-elevated-cow-cbd-infused-mozzarella-Natale-Caputo/melissa-de-leon/mon-02172020-0847/9260]

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