Guide to smoking cbd oil
Know everything about smoking CBD oil. This guide is helpful for everyone whether you are a beginner in smoking CBD or you are smoking CBD on a daily basis.
Medical Cannabis Prescription
Find out everything that you need to know regarding the process to get a medical cannabis prescription in Canada as its a great side-effects free alternative.
What Does CBD Taste Like

What Does CBD Taste Like?

What is CBD? CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It’s a type of cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant which happens to be a part of the cannabis family. However, CBD doesn't have any psychoactive effects as THC does. Instead, it’s supposed to be therapeutic. It also differs from regular/medical marijuana in...
Weed Storage
Keep your weed fresh and lengthen its lifespan by proper storage. Discover ways to keep your buds fresh with these storage solutions.
The so-called “Marijuana tourism” is a tour invented for cannabis lovers, a wellness retreat designed for cannabis enthusiasts who already love marijuna, as well as those who want a safe space to try it.
Difference between hemp and marijuana
Many people erroneously believe that hemp and marijuana are the same. In fact, U.S. law made the same mistake until quite recently. In 2015, an amendment to the Farm Bill made hemp legal, but much of the confusion persists. To clear up some of this confusion, let's look at...
Best Weed Games To Play When You're High Or Stoned
What can be better than friends laughing together, junk food and weed of course! Here are some insane weed games to play when you're high.
Sativa Indica vs Hybrid Strains
The most tangible difference between Sativa. Indica and Hybrid is that the texture of an Indica leaf is denser as you could feel the thickness by touching it while Sativa has thin & crispy leaves.
marijuana plant
Gardeners all over the globe wish to grow top-notch plants and maintain an aesthetic garden. If you’re a nature lover, you realize the importance of spending time amidst the lush green trees and calm surroundings. You can transform your love for plants into a useful one by growing the...
The Cannabis Sommelier
Smoking bad quality weed can actually do you harm, here is the list of factors you should keep in mind to make sure you're smoking good quality weed.

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