Check Your Kids Halloween Candy
Just before Halloween, Johnston Police Department in Pennsylvania issued a warning for parents to check Halloween candies of their kids which looks similar to THC edibles.
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Texas officials suddenly shut down the process of Issuing license for new medical marijuana dispensaries just one week after launching it - Marijuana Span.
Kamala Harris on Marijuana Laws
Kamala made it clear that she is in support of Marijuana Decriminalization, Presidential Candidate Harris is being taken to task for her role in the drug war.
Massachusetts Marijuana
You might see cannabis Cafés in Massachusetts very soon as well as home delivery for marijuana. Recreational weed delivery in Massachusetts might take a little time.
Norfolk garden shed
Charles Nichols from Norfolk, England, admitted he grew cannabis plants but insisted they were for his own use for treating chronic pain, a court has heard.
smoking marijuana
The new bill has reduced the punishments to ticket penalties for marijuana smokers in New York City. Read the new law and decriminalization law breakdown.
Decriminalize Marijuana
3 States are analyzing the situation and revisit the decision to modify the pot policy, crime labs are having a hard time suspecting people in possession of cannabis.
Bernie Sanders reforms marijuana
Bernie Sanders hits the campaign trail with a big focus on ending the war on drugs and legalizing marijuana in the USA. Read his future proposals at Marijuana Span.
Tool To Know If You’re Driving High
If you are marijuana-using driver then not a good news for you because police have found a new device that can determine whether you're high behind the wheel.
Swissx Bank of Cannabis
The owner of Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plants - Alki David launches the Swissx bank of Cannabis with global hemp exchange for legal marijuana transactions.

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