Marijuana Span
People of four more states may hear happy news striking their ears when the election results are on the floor. These states could choose to legalize recreational marijuana through ballot procedures. Voters in Democrat-dominant states Montana and New Jersey and Republican-dominant states Arizona and South Dakota will vote considering the...
Marijuana Span
The weekend in St. Louis County observed a big thing with happy faces: A dispensary that was permitted to sell legal weed started selling it last week. The set-up will prevent patients from going to Illinois to buy medical marijuana as hopping on Manchester would do the trick. N’Bliss (1266...
California Governor Gavin Newsom
California governor Gavin Newsom signed a few marijuana bills that ease-off strict state penalties against banks that deal with marijuana clients. Read full news here.
Nevada’s officials have been imposing strict rules regarding the marijuana testing labs and have recently ordered suspension on nearly half of the state's marijuana labs. The Nevada Tax Department took charge of the marijuana regulation on July 1. Since then, they have already suspended four out of nine testing labs...
Sunshine On Medical Marijuana Trees
Marlborough, an extensive network of coastal waterways, New Zealand. The health ministry of NZ gives a green signal to largest consignment of medical marijuana.
Standard Operating Procedures
The success of any business is usually a cumulative effort of many different departments within the organization. Running a business venture with several employees can be somewhat challenging. To ensure an organization runs efficiently, many business owners create the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that helps in the day to...
Biden Vs. Trump On Candidate For Federal Cannabis Reforms
The Federal Legalization of cannabis is a hot topic in this year's US Election. US President Trump and his opponent Biden both have a different view on cannabis reforms. Read Full News here.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Function
Alkiviades David, the Greek billionaire offers Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a remunerative offer to get into the hemp business. Read the full news here.
Nancy Pelosi Defends Inclusion of Cannabis Reforms in Coronavirus Relief Package
Nancy Pelosi defended the decision to include reforms like the marijuana banking protections in the coronavirus relief package. Click here to read the whole news.
CBD leaf on CBD on cream
The House of Representatives approved an amendment that lifts the prohibition that prevented military service members from using products containing CBD. Read the full news here.

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