CBD Infused Mozzarella by Caputo Cheese
Drinks, foods, beverages, and now, CHEESE! CBD lovers have accepted the infusion of this amazing cannabis component in almost every food item, so why should cheese makers stay low, must have thought the cheesemakers! Caputo Cheese launched a CBD infused mozzarella brand called ‘Elevated Cow’ and joined the wagon of...
Weed Kills Corona virus is Fake News
Weed kills coronavirus this news is circulated on social platforms but a fact-checking website in India confirmed that no studies have concluded that weed kills coronavirus.
A New Cannabis Compound 30 Time More Powerful Than THC
Scientists discovered a new cannabis compound during an experiment that could potentially be 30 times more powerful than THC. Read the full news here.
A State Guided Collaboration of Beer Breweries and Marijuana Growers
The state department and governor Jared Polis unveiled a new colorado program that make collaboration of beer breweries and marijuana growers which helps environment.
420 Cannabis Festival 2020
The City of Lansing received an application from CEP Entertainment asking for permission to host the ‘420 Cannabis Festival’ on 18th of April, 2020. However, they do not want to encourage the smoking of marijuana at the festival. According to a representative of Mayor Andy Schor’s office, the final decision...
Carlos Santana has partnered with left coast
Three-time Grammy-winning guitarist Carlos Santana has partnered with left coast venture that has launched cannabis brands with other iconic musicians.
Marijuana Smell
A small town in Michigan’s western upper Peninsula is buying odor device to crack down the smell of blooming marijuana plants. Read it here in detail
Illinois get its first marijuana dispensary license
A new year comes with happiness for Illinois because state regulators granted nine licenses for a stand-alone recreational marijuana dispensary. Read it here in detail.
former hockey champion darren mccarty launched recreational weed sale
Historic day unfolds at An Arbor as Darren McCarty celebrates recreational weed sales launch It was a gleamy pothead get together on Monday when one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan took the baton for selling recreational weed in their store. Om of Medicine, Ann Arbor, which happens to...
which banks gives financial services to marijuana industry
Many banks are thinking once before give their services to marijuana industry because they are confused between federal & state law of marijuana decriminalization. Read it here in detail.

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