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Best pot stocks and companies data with the highest cash hoard to help you in doing investment wisely and decide with which company is ideal for you to invest.
NBC Miami
The team at NBC Miami found out that many companies' products did not have the amount of CBD that was claimed on the packaging.
Bernie Sanders reforms marijuana
Bernie Sanders hits the campaign trail with a big focus on ending the war on drugs and legalizing marijuana in the USA. Read his future proposals at Marijuana Span.
Marijuana leaf in an envelope photo
So, is mailing and receiving industrial hemp by mail legal? The short answer is a resounding 'yes'.
FDA and FTC Warning Letter for CBD False Claims
FDA and FTC sent warning letters to few companies for making false claims on treatment of Cancer and Alzheimer diseases on 3 April 2019.
Medical Marijuana in Public Schools
The Osceola County School District in Florida took a proposal on board that talked about allowing the students to consume medical marijuana on school property.
Army Men on Marijuana Farm
Cody Lindsay, a former military man, was released from his duty in armed forces after he was caught using cannabis.Cody Lindsay took his business to the recently held Cannabis & Hemp Expo in Ottawa.
Trump signals support for legislation lifting federal ban on marijuana
Trump signs Farm Bill that legalized Hemp nationwide. It’s a great moment, but does it apply to CBD?
Farm bill 2018 that covers the provision of hemp legalization finally came through Senate Agriculture Committee by 20-1 vote. Farm bill 2018 has officially reached Trumps’s table, & we are only a signature away from the historic decision.
Thailand legalise marijuana
Thailand citizens might be getting the benefit of growing cannabis at home and selling it to the government. This article briefs you about medical marijuana in Thailand.

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