There's a lot of debate about vegan philosophy in western culture. Trust me! I'm not one of those who feel irritated by people's eating habits. All I know is live and let live instead of shoving my vegan philosophy on anyone. The only power I've in my hand is to...
Beer Glass Filled With Hemp Beer
Hemp beer is a botanical cousin. The hop plant is an important part of the hemp beer recipe process. MarijuanaSpan shares the best cannabis infused beer recipe.
Cannabis Coffee with Donut and Cannabis Leaf On Coffee Beans
Nowadays every person just ran on coffee and cannabis coffee has been in alerting minds when work is tough. MarijuanaSpan shares easy to make cannabis coffee recipe.
Cannabis Infused Chocolate Flavored Lollipop
Everyone likes chocolate but nowadays people are crazy behind cannabis lollipops. Marijuana Span shared yummy cannabis lollipop recipe with best ingredients.
Hemp Burger Infuse With Cannabis Leaf And Hemp Burger Recipe
Matthew McConaughey said "the man who invented the hamburger was smart. The man who invented the cheese burger was a genius." But he was missing on something— something really important, something that doesn't deserve to be missed! Little did he know— the man who invented hemp burger was a legend....
Cannabis Sugar Cubes and Spoon
Fitness freaks call sugar as poisonous and we can make it less sociopath and poisoning by adding cannabis in it. Here is the DIY recipe for Cannabis Sugar.
Cannabis Infused Peanut Butter in White Boul
Make your peanut butter more healthy by adding cannabis in it. Nothing beats the personalized spread of canna peanut butter. Learn how to make weed peanut butter.
Marijuana Cake With Green Candle
Cakes are like holy water in Churches and we giving you the reason to love cakes by sharing a detailed marijuana cake recipe that helps beginners and experts both.
Weed Pizza Garnished With CBD Leaves
Eating weed pizza with your friends is the best enjoyment in lockdown. Marijuana Sapn is ready to blow off your socks with a delicious Cannabis pizza recipe. Are you?
Bartender Making CBD Infused Vodka
Cannabis vodka is about adding versatility to the sense of flavour & smell. It's not about giving you high. Learn cannabis vodka recipe & other interesting facts.

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