Marijuana Cake With Green Candle
Cakes are like holy water in Churches and we giving you the reason to love cakes by sharing a detailed marijuana cake recipe that helps beginners and experts both.
Weed Pizza Garnished With CBD Leaves
Eating weed pizza with your friends is the best enjoyment in lockdown. Marijuana Sapn is ready to blow off your socks with a delicious Cannabis pizza recipe. Are you?
Bartender Making CBD Infused Vodka
Cannabis vodka is about adding versatility to the sense of flavour & smell. It's not about giving you high. Learn cannabis vodka recipe & other interesting facts.
Green Cannabis Ice Cream Tub
Ice cream makes everything better and CBD infused ice cream is one of the easiest edibles to make. Click here to get a full DIY cannabis ice cream recipe.
How to make cbd oil at home
Do you have any bias towards CBD oil? I am prejudiced unapologetically for it. Ever since I have known CBD, I have been tagging it as the undisputed king of CBD products. Why do I say this? Here’re the few apparent reasons: It is the generic face of CBD, It...
Cannabis Infused Honey
Do you ever feel euphoric wonder slathering honey on overly-cooked crispy toasts? What about drizzling it on the pancakes? No, stirring it in yogurt and cereals with peanut butter drops the best living-experience. Hang on, spreading it on a whole grain honey pizza dough is a one killing recipe too. But I...
Hemp milk
Come on, I am fed up with the debate between radicals who believe that their "eating habits" are the best for the environment. One group believes that "veganism" is the way to a healthy life; the "carnism" group thinks that humans are born to consume meat and dairy products. I call...
How to make weed candy
Candies, lollies, or gummies— we love them right from our childhood. I sometimes feel that loving them is embodied in our taste buds, and we are biologically programmed to say, “yeah, hand me more— hand me all.” Who knows— there could be a biological origin to it? Maybe, our ancestors ate...
Supercharge your breakfast with a classic treat of cannabis edibles based weed waffles, which dares to please your taste bud no matter whenever you eat.
How to Make Cannabutter? The Complete Cannabutter Recipe
Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter used to make cannabis edibles. Learn to make your own cannabutter by using its benefits with simple & effective methods

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