Marijuana Recipes
Cannabis Cooking Oil is a key ingredient in many marijuana edible recipes. We have compiled a guide to 3 marijuana recipes that you can make on your own.
Hemp milk
Come on, I am fed up with the debate between radicals who believe that their "eating habits" are the best for the environment. One group believes that "veganism" is the way to a healthy life; the "carnism" group thinks that humans are born to consume meat and dairy products. I call...
There's a lot of debate about vegan philosophy in western culture. Trust me! I'm not one of those who feel irritated by people's eating habits. All I know is live and let live instead of shoving my vegan philosophy on anyone. The only power I've in my hand is to...
Marijuana Span
Two things I’ve hated in my life: calculus and kneading flours. I mean... Calculus is bearable at times, but playing around flours? Well, the struggle is real. Sometimes it’s under-kneaded, sometimes it’s over-kneaded, and sometimes, God knows it. I never really managed to find the balance.      (adsbygoogle =...
Marijuana Span
CBD does not need any introduction. Its therapeutic properties, health benefits, an extensive range of products, and soaring popularity have made it a well-known product in most households over the last decade. The legalization of recreational CBD in many states and the detachment of shame and stigma linked with...
Cooking with cannabis
Cooking with cannabis can be a key to your healthy lifestyle so learn here how to make cannabis cooking oil along with all the necessary ingredients required.
marijuana infused mojito
If you need refreshment during a hot summer afternoon then mojito infused cannabis is tasty way to get high!It is quite easy to make it with the original cuban touch.
Beer Glass Filled With Hemp Beer
Hemp beer is a botanical cousin. The hop plant is an important part of the hemp beer recipe process. MarijuanaSpan shares the best cannabis infused beer recipe.
Bartender Making CBD Infused Vodka
Cannabis vodka is about adding versatility to the sense of flavour & smell. It's not about giving you high. Learn cannabis vodka recipe & other interesting facts.
Marijuana Span
Christmas parties are all about the mouth-watering food and never-ending music. If you’re willing to host a Christmas party this year, make sure to add a unique touch to the dishes. You can prepare CBD-infused meals to add both nutrition and taste to the Christmas menu. Also, it allows...

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