Marijuana Recipes
Cannabis Cooking Oil is a key ingredient in many marijuana edible recipes. We have compiled a guide to 3 marijuana recipes that you can make on your own.
Cooking with cannabis
Cooking with cannabis can be a key to your healthy lifestyle so learn here how to make cannabis cooking oil along with all the necessary ingredients required.
Cannabis Infused Peanut Butter in White Boul
Make your peanut butter more healthy by adding cannabis in it. Nothing beats the personalized spread of canna peanut butter. Learn how to make weed peanut butter.
If you are a marijuana and brownies lover then here is one delicious pot brownie recipe which you can easily cook in your kitchen and enjoy your dessert meal.
how to make marijuana infused skirt steak salad
Skirt steak salad has always been a favorite salad of food lovers and when we add cannabis in it which makes it more delicious. Read its complete recipe here.
Bartender Making CBD Infused Vodka
Cannabis vodka is about adding versatility to the sense of flavour & smell. It's not about giving you high. Learn cannabis vodka recipe & other interesting facts.
Weed Pizza Garnished With CBD Leaves
Eating weed pizza with your friends is the best enjoyment in lockdown. Marijuana Sapn is ready to blow off your socks with a delicious Cannabis pizza recipe. Are you?
How to Make Marijuana Infused Tea
Marijuana tea is as good as smoking cannabis rolls both result in the entourage effect. This blog covering different cannabis tea recipes unique with their tastes.
Cannabis Infused Honey
Do you ever feel euphoric wonder slathering honey on overly-cooked crispy toasts? What about drizzling it on the pancakes? No, stirring it in yogurt and cereals with peanut butter drops the best living-experience. Hang on, spreading it on a whole grain honey pizza dough is a one killing recipe too. But I...
Hemp Burger Infuse With Cannabis Leaf And Hemp Burger Recipe
Matthew McConaughey said "the man who invented the hamburger was smart. The man who invented the cheese burger was a genius." But he was missing on something— something really important, something that doesn't deserve to be missed! Little did he know— the man who invented hemp burger was a legend....

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