how cbd and thc medicate schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder. Do you know How CBD &THC is the best psychological treatment for schizophrenia? Read some real-life incidents in this article.
link between cannabis and dopamine
Dopamine is a chemical found in human body. Receiving dopamine through cannabis is good and by doing this the receptors of your brain return to the normal state. Click here to read more.
the inside operation of marijuana in our body
We all know the pleasurable feeling of snorting marijuana but do you know how it works in the body? Wonder only weed makes us feel that high? Read it here in detail.
marijuana for Vision
If you are a pot smoker and concerned about its effects on your eyes, does it really works as an alternative medication for treating vision problems, read this blog.
CBD for Weight Loss
Read the study of marijuana as anti-obesity-element and its other assets to know the fact that Marijuana or cannabis can help you in reducing weight at Marijuana Span.
Fetus Hates Cannabis
Many pregnant women who smoke marijuana have a question, does it have long-term effects on children? and What will be the impact of its use in pregnancy? Read all the answers here.
Marijuana Dog
Can Dogs Get high? Here are FAQs about how marijuana and CBD affect your dog's health. How to know a dog is high and how to treat it.
old man weed leaf
Seniors grew up during a time when marijuana was illegal in the US. A study suggested that an increasing number of older adults are using cannabis for health.
Cannabis research
Cannabis is always controversial whether in its medical or recreational form. These studies are about natural herb & its many healing abilities.
Health Benifits of Marijuana
Many misconceptions about marijuana have created by individuals but people have been using it for many years & getting life-changing health benefits of it.

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