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Cannabis for Wellness

Major Health Benefits of Cannabis
Uncover major benefits of marijuana that changed people’s perception towards its efficiency. Learn what the journals have to say for marijuana benefits.
The Human Body and Cannabinoids
Endocannabinoids are the cannabinoids which are naturally produced in the body and are still not a part of medical curricula.
Health Benifits of Marijuana
Many misconceptions about marijuana have created by individuals but people have been using it for many years & getting life-changing health benefits of it.
CBD And THC Help Cancer Patients
CBD and THC have shown a significant result in helping to tackle the symptoms of cancer, read how does it helps cancer patients to fight back.
Marijuana effects
Know How Marijuana works on the human body to see its effects, Read about the connection between Marijuana dosage and Amount of THC content to affect your mind.
Hand Holding Green Cannabis
If you are a beginner in CBD's world then read this guide on CBD to know, how to take CBD oil and manage the use of CBD for lifestyle purposes - Marijuana Span.
Benefits of Terpenes

Terpenes: A Complete Guide

Terpenes are organic compounds. They are present in plants, and some animals, and give the plant or animal its distinctive smell.
Fetus Hates Cannabis
Many pregnant women who smoke marijuana have a question, does it have long-term effects on children? and What will be the impact of its use in pregnancy? Read all the answers here.
Marijuana Dog
Can Dogs Get high? Here are FAQs about how marijuana and CBD affect your dog's health. How to know a dog is high and how to treat it.
Deal with CHS
CHS occurs mostly in long term significant users of cannabis that has a high level of THC. know the actual causes and treatment of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

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