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Medical Cannabis Research
Cannabis is always controversial whether in its medical or recreational form. These studies are about natural herb & its many healing abilities.
Marijuana Span
So one of my friends asked how it feels to be asthmatic? Apparently, my lungs didn't like the question very much. The idiocy of the question literally gave the asthmatic attack of my life. I really wanted to reply something rude, something that would stop him from repeating the doltishness....
Marijuana Dog
Can Dogs Get high? Here are FAQs about how marijuana and CBD affect your dog's health. How to know a dog is high and how to treat it.
Marijuana to Boost Your Body Immune System
The term “immune health” is making a round-about across the globe, especially in the time of unconstrained pandemic breakout. We have been trying to figure out what could boost our immune system so that we stay strong, healthy, and get enough power to fight the deadly and dangerous disease. One of...
cbd oil from hemp plant
CBD oil is the buzzword of the moment, and just about everywhere you look you’ll see CBD oil being incorporated into something, whether it be beauty products or for medicinal use. CBD oil is available pretty much everywhere, from pharmacies, to health shops, from cosmetic counters to supermarkets. But, what exactly...
marijuana for Vision
If you are a pot smoker and concerned about its effects on your eyes, does it really works as an alternative medication for treating vision problems, read this blog.
Marijuana effects
Know How Marijuana works on the human body to see its effects, Read about the connection between Marijuana dosage and Amount of THC content to affect your mind.
Lupus is associated with considerable inflammation. Anecdotal evidence from patients with lupus has shown that CBD oil help to reduce inflammation.
Hemp Leaves & CBD Chemical Formula
Every year brings something new for us and changes our life in several ways. Sometimes a new year brings us happiness, and sometimes it introduces us to new challenges. The year 2020 has brought us something that no one would have seen coming. The coronavirus outbreak affected 90% of...
Lady in Menopause Stat and Hemp Leaves
CBD is becoming more commonly used to treat a whole variety of ailments, most notably it is often used to treat the symptoms of anxiety, or to treat chronic pain. However, CBD is being used more widely, and is shown to have a beneficial impact on many different illnesses and...

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