cannabis compounds
All different cannabinoids have amazing properties which can deal with different kinds of problems, read about these 5 major compounds that makeup Cannabis.
cbd oil for dogs
Read this complete guide with frequently asked questions on using best CBD oil for dogs and what are the best ways to use CBD for your dogs.
Cannabis research
Cannabis is always controversial whether in its medical or recreational form. These studies are about natural herb & its many healing abilities.
CBD help parkinson patients (1)
Parkinson's disease is a widespread problem that a lot of people face. CBD provides relief to symptoms that are often associated with Parkinson's disease.
How CBD Treat Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease. There are many medicines available in the market but CBD is the best option to treat ulcerative colitis.
CBD and Immune System
The term “immune health” is making a round-about across the globe, especially in the time of unconstrained pandemic breakout. We have been trying to figure out what could boost our immune system so that we stay strong, healthy, and get enough power to fight the deadly and dangerous disease. One of...
How Medical Marijuana Treat Raynaud’s Disease
Some conditions often drop you in a stage where they neither aggravate nor heal— they just keep lingering around— frustrating your every bit— irritating your soul— until you decide to take marijuana. Raynaud’s disease— better pronounced as “Ray-Nodes Phenomenon,” is one such condition which is not dangerous in its entirety—...
CBD to your pets
Read the legal status of cannabis for your pets, after knowing the benefits & dosage of CBD for dogs, pet owners want to treat their dogs without any trouble.
Benefits of Terpenes

Terpenes: A Complete Guide

Terpenes are organic compounds. They are present in plants, and some animals, and give the plant or animal its distinctive smell.
link between cannabis and dopamine
Dopamine is a chemical found in human body. Receiving dopamine through cannabis is good and by doing this the receptors of your brain return to the normal state. Click here to read more.

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