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Everyone in my circle says I’ve many faces. One person, many personalities. Well, should I laugh, or should I laugh? The joke is on me. 🙂

But no one laughs at cbd. I don’t know why. No one seems to crib or complain about her. Why are people so biased when cbd and I have many things in common? Look, she has more faces than me. Alright? The only difference is, the bloody herby-bitch is compelling, and I’m toxic. 😀

Don’t you believe me? I’m going to tour you to another cbd face— cbd bath bombs.

Just when you thought cbd couldn’t have any more face, she pulls out another mask.

So I always thought enough is enough. Cbd can’t have any more faces, not more than I have. There was a time I took pride in myself. But trust me! She has shamed me in all the departments. And she’s quite stubborn as she comes in different shapes and faces.

And this time around, her face is covered in a cbd bath bomb. We can safely call her one of the luxuries for your skin.

Now you must be wondering how on earth is that possible? If you can’t drink water or eat through your skin, how can you have cannabidiol through your skin? Isn’t cannabidiol all about edibles and pills?

CBD bath bombs as external skincare products have gained traction.

Well, I understand it might look a little strange at first. But cbd bath bombs will change your perspective regarding cbd. You’ve got to blame manufacturers for bringing her in a variety of faces.

Nobody knew if cbd could be externally applied two years ago or so. But people are more aware of her face. And they’re accepting it. Uhh! I thought they hated one person, many faces, principles. But everyone loves her and rejects my idea. :/

Anyway, the point is: cbd bath bombs are good for your skin. Though you have those flasks and pitchers filled with skincare chemicals, she could just be the replacement of all kinda-chick! 😉

Excuse me while I speak of her with you. What is a CBD bath bomb? Is she a bomb? Let’s find out.

Going by her name, she truly is a bomb. Just that it doesn’t blast you while your knickers are down. She blasts off those bacteria and microbes colonizing on your body as if you were a good host.

But no! You aren’t a good host and there’s no enjoyment in allowing them to roll over your body. As you hate uninvited guests, you pick antioxidant properties of these bombs and throw on invisible leeches. Result? They’re doomed. Your skin becomes healthy and fresh.

A lot of people ask if the cbd bath bomb recipe is something innovative out of Harry Potter’s magic wand. Not exactly! But the recipe is quite meaningful. Such is the greatness you can easily convert your bath bombs in cbd bath bombs.

Bath bombs + cannabidiol = cbd bath bomb. That’s it!

And you already know she’s not getting you high.

I’m sure you know how she behaves with everyone, though. She may have different faces, but she never gives high. Free of psychotropic effects, unlike her brother Thc, she is naturally safe to be around.

^ Don’t you take the above statement seriously if you aren’t buying cbd bath bombs from the trusted sellers.

As you already know, cbd and thc come from cannabis. But these guys are contrary to each other. While cbd is smooth, calming, and slaying; her sibling thc is hard, strong, and gives psychotropic-punches to your head.

The trick she plays in your body is healthy. She interacts with ECS.

If you think cannabidiol plays some sci-fi inside your body, you’re absolutely wrong. Whatever is happening, is happening for true!

Cbd has become popular in recent times because studies are trying to understand its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Fortunately, we’re getting some dicey yet positive news off-late.

Well, I’m not going into technical aspects. Don’t want to bore you with too many science-y talks. Let’s keep it simple. Okay! So every one of us has ECS in our bodies. Consider these ECS as biological systems in the body. He is slathered throughout different organs like you sprinkle oregano all over the pizza.

Now, this guy’s role is quite crucial in our body. He happens to balance the ins of our body regardless of what is happening outside the body, be it environmental changes or variables. You can say your inner-self feels comfortable, healthy, and safe in its boot because the endocannabinoid system is doing its job correctly.

Like you have your ears, the endocannabinoid system also has ears, not one or two but millions and billions. We call them receptors CB1 and CB2. Man! These receptors are dead geniuses. They take messages from endocannabinoid molecules and pass the stimuli information to the ECS.

You know how ECS has to work day in and out. Even Rambo would get tired if he had to work out with such intensity. So when he rests, the entire messenger system falls back. We want this messenger system to be up-on its feet again. Guess what?

Here’s the rub. Our cbd revives the system. She likes this guy and loves talking with him, more fancy terms would have been interaction but let’s say she talks with him.

So when you’ve taken her into your body (I’m talking about cbd), she mimics as endocannabinoid molecules.

Interestingly, both of them have an identical structure. I don’t know whether cbd and endocannabinoid molecules share a common history. But receptors confuse cbd with main endocannabinoid molecules.

This way, she engages with the endocannabinoid system, works as a temporary messenger, and revives the fallen messenger circuit to keep you healthy and in shape. And this is the way you feel the best about you. Got it? Great!

But why should you use her on your skin at all? What’s her purpose in bath bombs?

Remember how I was advocating th0e endocannabinoid system? As I said, this guy is present all over your body— not one or two places but everywhere, on every part of your body.

And if you know your skin is the largest organ in the body. If you didn’t, thank me later. So naturally, the skin has to have lots of ECS across its surface. It is fully-packed with ECS.

When you apply the cbd bath bomb on your body, she seeps into the skin, interacts with the ECS receptors and does whatever she’s good with. Rubbing her over your skin is way easier than swallowing or injecting her into your system. People want variety in dealing with cbd.

Cbd-isolate bath bombs simply give a safer opportunity for your skin. In case you didn’t know how she’s going to affect your skin, I will discuss all her benefits now.

I would have got her even when she had only one benefit. But she’s multi-beneficial.

You need many reasons to have her in your bathroom cabinets. But if she had only one, I would have still gone for her, blindfolded.

Because, everyone bathes. There’s nothing unique about bathing. But bathing with cbd bath bombs is an act of legendary milestone achievement. Not everyone gets to do it. Only legends understand this. I’m sure you want to fall in the same bracket. Here’s the luxury you’ll have if you add her in your bathing rituals.


 Moisturize and heal your skin

Skin is such a large organ; taking care of it is always an uphill struggle. If only skin were a small organ— we wouldn’t be rubbing so many cosmetics on it. But it’s what it is.

One of the biggest problems with skin is to maintain its moisture content. Pollution, heat, cold, and several other varying factors attack our first line of defense. It sometimes gets too oily, and sometimes too dry. Fortunately, cbd bath bombs can moisturize your skin.

You toss it in your hot water bathtub, play Pink Floyd in the background, and lie like a deaf panda. Cbd from the bath bombs will swim on water and reach your skin only to heal it. [1]

Fends off pimples

So what causes pimples and acne? Have you ever thought of it? Your body has sebaceous glands. They’re like John D. Rockefeller of your system. Didn’t get the joke? These glands produce oil as Rocke did in his times.

Sometimes you feel too oily in your skin. It’s because these glands release too much of sebum, the oily-waxy substance. So long, so good. But the real problem begins when this sebum doesn’t get openings to flush out of your skin.

Usually, the pores are the opening in our skin. They allow sebum to come through. But when dead cells and bacteria have multiplied on these openings, sebum often finds it difficult to get out. As a result: you have those spooky pimples and acne you hate carrying to social gatherings and colleges.

Again. Cbd in your bath bomb can prevent pimples by inhibiting sebocytes, the cells responsible for manufacturing sebum. [2]

Goodbye infections

Let’s be honest. No one faces bacteria and viruses as much as our skin does. You walk in a virus-prone area. Who gets attacked? Skin! You walk in an unhygienic environment. Who gets attacked? Skin! Moreover, the lighting daddy and pollution add far more misery to our skins.

You must have noticed how fungal, bacterial, and viral infection affecting the skin. Skin diseases are not rare anymore. These selfless defenders need some care. Okay? So what’s better than cbd-isolate bath bombs for paying the debt.

Some studies have shown that cbd’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can reduce infections on the skin. I’d say it’s the highlight of cbd bath bombs. [3]

Relaxing experience

One thing I hated the most about bathing was the tangy smell in the closed-walls. I mean… What’s the purpose of bathtubs? To get a relaxing break! Isn’t it? But that was not happening with me.

I slowly hated baths as much as I hated brushing. The entire purpose of bathtubs folded even before it could treat my anxiety and stress. But then I introduced cbd bat bombs. What a lovely fragrance she possesses. Her natural fragrance induced a sense of calmness and relaxed me while I would come weary from work.

It could be you as well. Fear, anxiety, tiredness— they all can trigger mental health problems. But cbd bath bombs happen to release a fragrance that has relaxation properties. So your overall bathing experience makes sense. [4]

Now you know the most crucial information on cbd bath bombs. But do you know how to add her in your bathing routine?

How to use cbd bath bombs? There’s not much difference between bath bombs and cbd bath bombs. The using-algorithm, more or less, runs on the same line.

  1. Fill your bathtub with hot water.
  2. Once you’ve reached the limit, drop the bomb inside.
  3. Wait for her to dissolve in the water.
  4. Quickly jump inside and have fun.

If you get bitchy on her, she gets itchy on you!

She doesn’t like if you’re not advocating her. If you get bitchy about her, she may get itchy on you. I swear! Just kidding. She’s usually safe on all the skin-types. But some skins don’t like her.

And that can trigger her. When she’s not in a mood, she could give irritation, allergy, rashes, and swelling to the skin. Seldom she loses her mind. But when she does, she behaves terribly with your skin more than she does any good to it. In that case, you’ve no choice but to drop off these bombs of your bathing habits.

Just in case you wanted to experience a relaxation bathing with cbd bath bombs.

  • Make a sexy playlist: You will need it. Whatever your favorite genre is— psychedelic or punk, pop or progressive— a great playlist will enhance your bathing experience with cbd bath bombs.
  • Light some candles: This works wonder. No bathtub session is complete without lighting some candles. A little fragrance radiating out from them would be cherry on the top.

And now you can drop a full bath bomb, wait for it to fizzle as it does, and bestow your holy excellency to the tub.

The final argument— making cbd isolate bath bombs recipe at home diy

Not sure if cbd bath bombs will work on you as good as cbd edibles or pills. But you’ve nothing to lose. Instead, her degree of safety makes her a great fit for trying before any other face. Since she’s not having any direct systemic interaction in the body, but skin, you’re a lot safer than what you think.

Last but not least, you can make these cbd bath bombs in your home. Buy yourself a bath bomb. Soak it in cbd oil for a day. And drop it in the water. Voila! Watch it fizz away and release cbd and fragrance in the water.

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