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I’m not too fond of the idea of how cbd is projected as a universal elixir. I mean… cbd for asthma, cbd for weight loss, cbd for this, cbd for that. It doesn’t get over. It… simply… doesn’t… get… over! Time is not far when someone comes up with an under-researched piece on cbd for corona. And people will believe it.

Honestly, at times, I think things are blown out of proportion. Is it just the marketing gimmick? Are people really being mean when they call it a therapeutic drug of this century?

Well, it doesn’t matter what I think of it. Not a bit! Because cbd has indeed proved its worth. It has indeed displayed multiple-benefits. The argument has been buried long back. Not just rotting dead. But dusty-dry bone dead. So no matter how cynical I sound, the fact doesn’t change. Period!

Let’s take another hot-favorite trend. Cbd for acne

So now cbd is making round-a-bouts for skin and acne talks. “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

I believe the statement missed something essential. Something we all come across at least once in our lives. Acne! Who doesn’t have acne? Such is the prevalence of it; I don’t think any science can estimate the exact numbers.

And I don’t trust any surveys on this. No one came to me asking if I ever had acne (though I did). These numbers are just skewed! The stats are just phony! I feel everyone suffers through milder to large tender bumps once in a lifetime, provided they live long enough to see it. 😛

But fortunately, it’s just another day at the office for cbd. The bloody-herby component doesn’t like to rest. It’s a terrible-poky nightmare for acne and blackheads. When acne pops, it pokes.

But we’ll talk about cbd later. Let’s cover these sources of irritation first.

Why does acne breakout happen?

If only there were one reason! These guys can get hard on your skin for many, many reasons. But you can’t blame them every time. It’s your habits that sometimes cost you more than your natural body type. If you are really interested in knowing, here’s what happens when acne breaks-out.

So our skins have small openings. No! Not small enough that you’d need a microscope to check it out. If only you watch it closely, you can see them distinctly with the naked eyes. These pores bear hair. Our hair comes out of these tiny holes. That’s why we term them hair follicles.

But here’s the catch. Remember those clogged wash basins in your bathroom while brushing? The water doesn’t seem to swirl inside the pipe because your lazy-ass didn’t wipe those hair and naphthalene balls out of the water’s way.

The openings of hair follicles clog and get blocked like these basins. Again, you could well be the reason for this. I mean… your lazy self could well be the reason. I will come back to this point later. But let me tell what blocks these openings.

They’re oil and dead skin cells. Usually, dead cells settle over the pores. If you’re an oil plant, meaning, if you release oil (credits to sebaceous gland), these oils need a way out.

Guess what? Pores help them get out. Remember those days when you woke up only to find your face super-oily? You can say these openings are the way out for oils making your face oily.

But having been clogged by dead skin cells, the pores no longer can usher these oil out on your skin. The oil keeps depositing until the spot has caught bacteria. The clogged portion becomes infected with microbes. And this results in pimples— the red bumps that have pus at its tips.

Now you’d want to know what all factors cause acne.

Well, there are numerous reasons. And as I said, the first reason could be you. Your unhealthy diet, including those big triple-layer melting cheese blast sandwiches and authentic thirst for lasagna, can cause acne. There’s well-documented evidence that deep fried and junk food causes skin problems.

Other reasons like stress and anxiety can also cause acne. Let’s say you’re suffering from a lot of stress. What happens next? Your body releases cortisol hormones. These hormones are not good. Apart from making you dull, they also affect your skin quality, which often causes acne.

Your junky habits + hormonal imbalance = acne.

The latest findings on acne… not a surprise

The argument that free radicals cause skin problems such as wrinkles and dark spots has been established for a long time. But recent developments have found that these radicals also cause acne.

So if you ask me what these radicals are, I’ll weave a simple story around them for your sake of understanding. Consider these free radicals as over-enthusiastic molecules that are left on their own to break open.

Initially, these molecules are stable and don’t go wreaking havoc on your skin. But when uv radiations and air pollutants attack them, the atoms in these molecules lose their electrons and become unstable. These unstable atoms are as crazy as sick people who absconded just out of their asylums.

They roam around mindlessly, searching for electrons to balance their lives. When they have caused all hell to break loose, you should supply the electron they need. If you don’t do it, you’ll be betraying your skin. That rampant search for electrons destroys collagen and leads to acne.

You see… it was not a surprise. Free radicals have been doing this to the skin for so long. And that’s why the introduction of cbd oil for acne can straighten-out these super-notorious atoms.

“But what is cbd oil? Can you just explain without digression?”

Of course, I will. So the cannabis that you’ve been buying from your bootlegger friend has 100s of components. I mean… the chemicals. But only two of them make it to the top, and the only one makes it to the medicinal industry.

Can you guess them? Great guess! Thc and Cbd. These two siblings are diametrically opposite in nature. Thc is psychotropic. They enter into your body and create a euphoric journey.

But the one that makes it to the therapeutic use is cannabidiol, cbd! I’d say they’re yin and yang of life, so to speak. The one brings peace while the other gets in chaos. Anyway, cbd is the only component with health benefits out of all the compounds, including skin benefits.

The best part about her is: she comes in different shapes and varieties. The idea is to reach as many people with varying preferences of the route. Cbd oil for acne is one of the standard topical ways to heal the irritating zits. Others with skin allergies consume oral cbd gummies and tablets to get over their breakout issues.

“Aren’t these cbd oils toxic themselves?”

No. Short answer.

Never. Medium answer.

Not at all. Long answer.

They’re not toxic. You might think the intoxicating component of marijuana will worsen your situation. But that’s not true. Cbd oil for acne wouldn’t get you high because it doesn’t have mind-altering properties.

Please note that cbd oil is not the same as hemp seed oil. Yeah, people do use them interchangeably, but that’s absolutely ignorant of them. Both are great ingredients for skin, but water is not oil. Apple is not orange.

Cbd oil is super-rich in cbd. Not sure if it is right for hemp seed oils. It may or may not have cbd, depending on the product itself.

Cbd oil for acne: how cbd helps alleviate the symptoms

Not one, not two. Cbd helps with acne in three. I’d rather say it helps the skin in more than three ways. Though experts believe we need more controlled studies to find any link between cbd and acne, they haven’t completely ruled out its case yet.

In fact, many respondents have shared their personal journeys on how cbd changed their lives. Now they don’t have to feel embarrassed on their first date, carry their non-charming faces in the parties, and get bullied by others for their looks.

If you have been a victim of these ugly constellations showing on your face, here’s how cbd oil will help you.

    1. Cbd oil and acne: cbd tames free radicals.

Remember those unstable atoms I discussed? These atoms are unstable oxygens. Unstable oxygen = free radicals. So what are the ways to control these free radicals? Can you think of it?

“You pluck out these goddamn idiots.” What a great idea! You deserve a Rutherford award for this. Discarded!

“Okay. Okay! So you handover the bloody-electrons.” Damn! You’re absolutely on point now. Our cbd oil has natural anti-oxidant properties. When you apply them topically on your skin, you relax these crazy-lilliputians.

Cbd forces the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to work harder. ECS is a system that stabilizes the internals of your body. They then work hard, fetch electrons for these oxygen molecules, and relax inflammation on the skin. As a result, acne inflammation sorts out.

    1. Cbd oil and acne: oil controls oil.

Our skins produce oil when we wake up, mostly in the morning. The sebaceous glands trigger oil’s secretion. One right way to manage acne is to address these rampant oil streams oozing out of our skins.

But don’t you worry! You can do this by fooling your skin. Yes! You want to be tricking your oily skin. Why? Oil glands produce sebum because they think your coat has dried up. Dried-up skins are dangerous as they often lead to problems such as psoriasis. To compensate, the glands secrete oil until they’ve secured your skin.

But you can relax these hyper-glands by applying topical cbd oil every night before hitting the bed. That’s like fooling your skin and notifying that you have already applied the necessary oil. So you don’t need it anymore.

This way, the cbd oil keeps these acne-triggering oil glands in check. Eventually, you’ve one less problem to deal with.

    1. Cbd oil and acne: cbd is anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic.

One of the biggest problems with acne is it can get painful. It feels as if someone is poking a hot pin on your skin. And that’s not the end. If you don’t get control over these super-painful inflammatory responses, they can get fibrotic.

Fibro…what? Well, fibrotic means scarring of the tissue. You might develop attractive scars on your skin. So it would help if you had a remedy that not only controls inflammation but fibrosis of tissues.

Cbd for inflammation has been long studied, but cbd for fibrosis was long due to research. Fortunately, cbd oil for acne scars has also made it to the market in recent times.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cbd inhibit cytokines, the cells responsible for sending inflammatory requests to the brain. Not only that, but the antifibrotic properties of cbd also prevent scarring of the skin by relieving the acne condition itself.

How to use cbd oil for acne

It’s super easy. Well, the impatient you might feel tempted to use as soon as the box arrives at your home. But you’ve to improvise a bit. The least you can do is: pour some carrier oil on existing cbd oil, and apply it directly on the skin.

And listen! Cbd oil may not always work well with your skin. I mean… it may not suit your skin type. I would recommend you to take a patch test at the back of your palm and see if it works. If it doesn’t show any side-effect, proceed with cbd’s holy-highness.

The types of carrier oil you’d want to mix in cbd oil: coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, argan oil.

In case cbd oil doesn’t suit your skin.

As I mentioned— cbd has a bigger family chart than we ever had. One member is oral cbd, which comes in various forms such as cbd gummies, tablets, chocolates, and any edible substance you can think of.

So you can eat these cbd-infused edibles to get hold of inflammation at least. But please note that your body is not a good host to these organic medicines. Our bodies are designed to filter these drugs and reduce their efficiency.

The crux is: they’ll not be as effective as topical cbd application.

You learned a lot of things. Should we recap?

Recap number one… cbd can take on as many ailments you can think. We’re quite close to affirming it.

Recap number two… acne breakouts are common. But you could well be the culprit of it.

Recap number three… stress + hormonal imbalance + junk habits + oily skin = acne bombardment.

Recap number four… free radicals are annoying unstable oxygen atoms that add to all the skin problems.

Recap number five… the anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic properties of cbd manage acne.

Recap number six… you fool oil glands with cbd oil.

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