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So one of my friends asked how it feels to be asthmatic? Apparently, my lungs didn’t like the question very much. The idiocy of the question literally gave the asthmatic attack of my life.

I really wanted to reply something rude, something that would stop him from repeating the doltishness. But I ended up taking a sarcastic jibe. Not sure if he understood it. I replied “breath-taking. Asthma simply feels breath-taking.”

Then I looked straight into his eyes and asked “Want to have it? No, No! You should also have the privilege to own this beautiful disease. It can break your breath cycle while you’re working, sleeping, or even having sex. What’s more beautiful than getting choked while making love with the love of your life?”

“Let’s do one thing! Let’s buy some smog for your lungs in the nearby polluted town. I’m insisting because it’s absolutely free! Even a stone-broke person of your lot can have it at zero cost and no-emi. And why should I have all the fun alone? Why don’t you buy nature’s cheapest disease plan? All you’ve to do is inhale some healthy flavored pollutants for a good ten days. And Voila! You’ve asthma.”

Believe me. The guy never showed up with stupid questions. But asthma kept coming.

Such is the intensity of asthma that it haunts me unexpectedly. I fear if I would run into another attack playing tennis or swimming and brisk walking. The episodes are so frequent, the symptoms are so irritating, and the medications are so ordinary that sometimes, the asthma attacks feel the new normal.

If you ask me how it feels to be asthmatic, I’ll put it in elementary words. Have you seen those clogged gutters where water tries to get out of the narrow opening? It throws away a lot of tantrums until the reservoir is done with the water. Or the water pressure blasts off the narrow opening until it streams out like a mighty fountain.

That’s daily life for asthmatic patients. Now replace the gutters with airway pipes and water with carbon dioxide. The struggle is quite real. In asthma, carbon dioxide/oxygen struggles to get out/in of the airway pipes because the openings have narrowed down.

Generally, asthmatic bodies have more problems exhaling than inhaling. Let’s say you inhaled X litres of oxygen and your body manipulated it like a mad scientist to produce carbon dioxide within the lungs.

Here’s the catch. Now you only exhaled X minus Y litres of air. So the remaining air remains trapped inside the lungs, breaking your breath cycle.

“But what makes these asthma happen? Is it a last-life’s sin?”

Well, I’m not sure what you did yesterday, let alone the last life. But in the current living dimension, asthma is a result of a hyper-immune system. What? Am I not supposed to beat asthma if my immune system is hyper-strong?

Good question! But you see… having a hypersensitive immune response comes with trade-offs. There’s no easy bargain. You might call yourself lucky to have a good immune response, but they often come with side-effects. One of the biggest issues is severe inflammation.

So when you sweat, sneeze, cough, or wheeze, everything is an immune response. Our bodies like to be in equilibrium. Inflammation is another immune response where our body feels swollen. Not many of us praise it, but it’s inflammation that keeps us alive.

Getting back to the point. Some bodies are not suitable hosts to external allergens and irritants. They dislike foreign immigrants. The only way our bodies jew-down allergens is by swelling-up the airway passage so that you sneeze, cough, or wheeze and throw away these particles from your system.

The idea is to hush-away these allergens from settling in the lungs. Beautiful idea! Isn’t it? But as mentioned, there’s no easy bargain. The inflammation in the lungs tightens the chest, puts pressure in the respiratory system, and causes asthmatic attacks.

Milder to dangerous: you can’t sum up asthma in one category

Life serves asthma in different varieties. Milder to dangerous, you just can’t keep it in a single bracket. You may have minor asthma today, and it’s also very much possible that it becomes a major problem tomorrow.

As if inflammation in the lungs were not enough, the respiratory viruses such as cold and flu make asthma more dangerous. You feel as if a heavy brick lays on your chest with the mucus web floating inside the lungs.

The mucus doesn’t like to be your system. It wants to get out of the systems. So that leads to excessive wheezing and coughing. Sometimes, as hard as your lungs would come out in the blow. Believe me; I never felt as tight in my biceps as I always felt with my chest. Not because I was Hulk Hogan, but the asthmatic mucus bloated my chest.

Anyway, the point is asthma is not good. You don’t want to be its victim. If you do: these symptoms might harass you.

Symptoms of Asthma

  • Wheezing
  • Chest tightening
  • Breathlessness
  • Chronic cough and mucus-full chest
  • Fatigue
  • Waking up tired

Signs of Emergency During an Asthma Attack

  • Regular episodes of breathlessness
  • No chest sounds at all
  • Inhaler seems like a useless device
  • Heavy gasping
  • Finding it hard to speak
  • Extreme shortness of breath
  • Lips turn blue

It turns out I was foolish. Never did I think beyond inhalers and traditional medicines.

When I discovered cbd treatment for asthma, I knew I was living in my limited pool of thoughts. Before the path-breaking discovery (no I didn’t discover it, it found me) I would avoid all the tasks that demanded physical work. Prolly, the reason why my spouse is never happy with me.

I often avoided romantic dates on our anniversaries. The times I couldn’t avoid were made great by my tiny-little savior: the inhalers. They would save my butt and make me sail through important days.

But… but… but! These inhalers behaved oddly when the asthma attacks would go wild. They simply wouldn’t work. Instead, they refused to supply any air when I needed them the most. Medicines were not helping either. The hypersensitivity to allergens annulled these medicines.

Later it turned out I was foolish living with limited options. I had ignored the effective means of treatment altogether. The organic ones! The ones that were naturally made and never had the impeding side-effects as those of manipulated drugs.

CBD for asthma: what is it?

Have you seen those air cylinders? Yes, the ones that are used to pump air into your body, the ones that have become the need of the hour in this pandemic flare-up? Yes? Great!

Cbd is not one of those cylinders. You might think cbd for asthma is a magical cylinder with an infinite air supply, but it’s not.

In fact, cbd has nothing to do with air. So what on earth is cbd? Stop rolling me around. Okay, okay! Well, cbd is cannabidiol.

Remember the times when you pulled out those weed strains from your pocket, rolled them in a paper, and dragged like a never-dying overcharged vacuum cleaner? Sure few of your friends and colleagues must have thought of you as Vito Corleone from the Godfather or the Hitchcock’s epic go-to cigarette model, James Stewart, puffing on the elements. But why did you do that?

So the strains that you pulled out of your pockets had thc— the recreational chemical in your marijuana. You burned and dragged them down for euphoric sessions.

This chemical makes what cannabis is commonly associated with: the naughty psychotropic-ness that gives you a high-quality universal ride without stepping into Northrop Grumman Cygnus spacecraft.

But did you know these herbs also have another chemical, the decent beta guy, who could never make up to your mind’s space? He is cannabidiol (cbd). Technically, cbd has more medical benefits than thc. I initially thought of it as a pseudoscience for most natural drugs talk more than they act.

Soon I realised there’s some link between cbd and asthma. Not that I’m cooking this story. Research is being carried out to find human-controlled observations and results.

Did CBD react the way I wanted to?

I forgot to mention. The same friend suggested cbd oil for asthma. Glad he survived my jibes this time around. Also, I promised not to kill him with my dark humor as his suggestion deserved a Nobel peace prize. At least, we made peace among each other despite his worst rhetorics.

So I was taking cbd oil for asthma attacks for three months. I tell you. I didn’t even bunk a weekend. Never did I show so much seriousness with any schedule. Reason? Dear, oh, dear! Cbd oil was working. He was effing working.

For the first three weeks, I thought it was just another facade with much hype as other organic compounds. Cbd felt like a stooge-doctor who never attended his primary classes but was asked to take this job. But he addressed three critical problems linked with asthma.

And within a few months, I was playing, sleeping, and mating. All— at my will without having to give a flying hoot about breathing condition. Don’t you worry! I will flat out clear them for you, so you get to make thoughtful decisions when it comes to buying cbd. So here are they:

#1 CBD oil and asthma: reduces throat inflammation

The negatives of asthma is: the throat inflammation worsens the condition. Just when you think inflammation in lungs is enough to break your breath-cycle, the strep-throat brings in more problems.

These “mah pipes, mah rules” kinda pipes need some profound lessons. Usually, our bodies are rich in pro-inflammatory cells. We call it cytokines, but for the sake of simplicity and to rule out my laziness, I would call it C.

So these C-cells go absolutely bonkers that causes inflammation in the throat. As a result, you have less air to pull with a tight and hoarse throat.

But cbd is an experienced campaigner. It knows how to control these pro-inflammatory over-enthusiastic cells. Cbd for asthma never felt real until the herb’s anti-inflammatory properties showed these “mah pipe, mah rules” their places.

#2 CBD oil and asthma: loosens-up chest muscles

So my chest tightened up like a gladiator in a battle every time I had to suffer from the asthma attack. The only difference was: I could barely pick up my weight, let those heavy swords and shields sink in. And it got so tight I didn’t need any shield.

Fortunately, cbd oils seemed to have managed chest-tightening very well in these months.

Here’s what happened before taking cbd oil: when the allergens or pollutants got in the body, the inflammatory messengers would go and knock the brain’s door. The sleeping genius would wake up and send an inflammation signal to the lungs. Bronchitis would shrink. The air would feel stuck, and you’ll feel tight on your chest.

But cbd oil prevents these inflammatory messengers from reaching the brain. These pro-inflammatory signals are negotiated mid-way by cbd, and the brain fails to send the inflammation signals.

As a result: cut signals = bronchodilation = clear passage for air flow.

#3 CBD oil and asthma: treats related-conditions

If only asthma was a loner. But it wasn’t! It got draconian when I hit the bed. The bloody breath-disorder led to insomnia. Insomnia further added to my mental misery.

So at the same time, life had dished three problems on my plate. Last time someone served me as strong as this was my neighborhood cafe: he offered triple chocolate blast sonic, and it was terrific. Coincidentally, I ate like a glutton until I choked (back to my usual routine).

But my cbd oil for asthma had suddenly taken a new role as cbd oil for anxiety and cbd oil for my insomnia. It definitely became a not-so-guilty pleasure for me. With asthma getting in check, the stress had dropped, the insomniac-eyes wanted to sleep again.

Even studies reveal that cbd manages asthma, that in turn, manages trains of thoughts to relax you at night. As a result, you sleep like sleeping beauty! A kiss from your love will only awaken you. 😉

How to use CBD oil for asthma. Truth. Be told.

  • Well! Well! It starts with not assuming yourself as a self-appointed expert. You can’t ignore asthma. Period! Don’t be a lazy bummer! Stop scrolling & searching in your favorite search engine. Get those experts to tell you more on cbd oil and asthma.
  • Don’t over-rely on cbd. It’s an alternative mean. But it doesn’t guarantee a permanent cure. Moreover, it may work on your neighbor, but not you. Who knows? Cbd might be biased. So don’t let things slip out of your hands.
  • Some people are allergic to cbd itself. Over-smart lads would have more cbd to treat their cbd allergies, not knowing cbd taste and smell trigger their allergies. So have cbd only when it’s kind and considerate towards you.
  • For all the hypersensitive and touch-me-not kids, please apply cbd to the back of your palm. See if it reacts well with your body. Any deviation from the expected result should invite discarding the bottle in the dustbin, just kidding! Use the charity on your siblings.
  • Cbd treatment for asthma is good, but not the only remedy. Lifestyle, exercises, and diet would combine with our herb oil for the greater good. Don’t ever miss on that.
  • Last but not least. The entire purpose of cbd is to treat asthma. Don’t vape cbd despite high bioavailability. Only a fool would pour more water in a drowning pool.

So let’s sum up everything about CBD and asthma.

  • Lesson number 1… no matter what asthma you have. Cbd oils have benefits over both allergic and non-allergic asthma.
  • Lesson number 2… no matter how Hogan you feel, cbd oils resolve muscle-tightening in the chest.
  • Lesson number 3… no matter how wide-awake you’re, cbd oils dilate your bronchitis and prepare you for a deep slumber.
  • Lesson number 4... no matter how hard inflammation strikes, anti-inflammatory properties of cbd oils will allow air passage and better breath cycle.

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