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Man Suffering From Stomach Problem

Do you know what the worst feeling is? A broken heart? No! A bad result? Absolutely not! Missing a train? By no means! It’s got to be nausea. Arguably the weirdest feeling— nausea usually creates an uneasy sensation in your stomach and wants you to throw up.

While you may not know the exact reason behind it— there can be psychological and physiological reasons. Diverse factors lead to it. From stomach bugs to motion sickness, pregnancy to consuming too much alcohol— you could be the victim of any reason.

Fortunately, most nauseated cases give us the luxury to treat them. While mild cases can be solved easily with a little medical tweak, some may last longer. With the number of treatments available— it can be tricky to pick up the right solution.

Since we have plenty of anti-nausea medications in the market— finding the most effective one can be really daunting. It’s like searching for a drop of water in the desert. Amid all the nausea medication— one medication has recently made a bit of buzz— CBD.

Is it a traditional medication? No! Does it solve the problem? Hell yes! And who cares what it is as long as it solves the problems without substantial side-effects? We’ll cover everything about nausea and CBD treatment for nausea with this blog post and try dispelling all the confusion surrounding the subject.

If talking about nausea is already making you sick, easy! Nausea is like that— if you have it, it triggers an annoying feeling down the system. You can skip its details and jump to the later section to discuss how to tame your problem.

Nausea can have different causes that can wreak havoc on your health.

First of all— it’s essential that you don’t misquote nausea as vomiting or vice-versa. They are relatable, but they may have different causes and different reasons. While vomiting is mostly temporary, nausea has several underlying causes, which may last long or create a continuous sensation.

Vomiting is one of the symptoms of nausea. You may say that most nauseated conditions cause vomiting, but not all vomiting conditions are caused by nausea. It is why we need to understand its root cause to find the most effective remedy. If you get hold of the cause, then you have the power to uproot it.

Here’re some of the causes which are either underlying or sprout out of your habits:

Viral and bacterial infections

Viruses and bacteria don’t like you fit. They are the most common perpetrators who cause nausea. Conditions such as common flu and bacterial infection upset the microbiota of your stomach. And that causes nausea. The viral & bacterial-based nausea are tamable. However, the CoronaVirus saga proves that viruses can go any extent to make you sick & nauseated.

Foodborne illness

We all have gone through foodborne diseases such as food poisoning. It’s quite common and lasts temporarily. When you eat contaminated food, your body naturally tries to throw out viruses, toxins, and bacteria. That’s why food poisoning is always accompanied by vomiting and lasts for a few days.

Gastrointestinal issues

The gastrointestinal system is one of the most vital systems in the body. Issues with the GI system have earned notoriety in causing nausea to you. While temporary GI issues have a short-lived impact, chronic GI conditions like GERD, Ulcerative, and IBS cause long-lasting nausea. These GI conditions stress your system, which often leads to varying symptoms of nausea.

Chemotherapy and cancer medication

Although chemotherapy is one of the most potent solutions to combat cancer, a significant percentage of patients feel mild to highly-uncomfortable side-effects such as upset stomach and nausea. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Even cancer medications don’t go very well with many patients. Some experts often argue that the brains of post-cancer patients get stuck with smell and sight that lead to nausea.

Stress and anxiety

While millions of Americans are drowning in stress and anxiety— their biological systems are steadily taking a toll. The change in the biological system is affecting the digestive system. It, in turn, is having a cascading effect on GI and causes related nauseated symptoms.

Motion sickness

Do you feel like puking when you travel? You have motion sickness. The intensity of motion sickness depends on the person and his underlying issues with the mode of transport. While boat traveling sees most nauseated patients, some may show-up intense symptoms after traveling in car and plane.

We have tried to cover common causes; however, the list is not even close to full when it comes to covering them all.

CBD oil is the magical elixir we all deserve. Know its tidbits!

For those wondering, should you have CBD oil when there are dozens of medical options available over the counter— let me tell you— there’s no better elixir to it, and I mean it. CBD stands for cannabidiol. If you’ve never heard of it— it’s like a chemical composition in your medication. The difference is— it’s organic and naturally found in Cannabis sativa plants.

Yes, CANNABIS. Now you don’t have to have your jaws dropped. Cannabis is not all bad. CBD is proof. While these plants do have toxic chemicals in the form of infamous compounds like THC— CBD comes out as the muting angel among devils.

Woman Suffering From Nausea ProblemMost of the online CBD products are extracted from industrial hemp and not illegal marijuana. More the reason why CBD oil has managed to stay in the upper fold of many publications these days.

Although hemp and marijuana belong to the same family— there is as much difference as there’s between order and chaos, yin and yang, light and dark, heat and cold. While CBD from industrial hemp is sweeping states by the nod of authorities, THC hasn’t gained the status quo so far. Reason? It’s a psychoactive chemical in marijuana that makes you groggy and high.

Can we synthesize CBD? Sure! But why do we need it when we already have industrial hemp plants? CBD makers use solvent extraction methods like alcohol or CO2 to suck out CBD from these herbs and convert it into edibles, gummies, and oils. They are then packaged and sent to occupy the topmost shelves of any CBD dispensary.

CBD interacts with your body, mainly the digestive system, to control the damage.

To be honest, we don’t have enough research to confirm how CBD affects nausea or if CBD oil for nausea is the perfect remedy. However, many patients under cancer treatment or anxiety and GI issues have talked their hearts out about its impact on their nauseating situation.

Most respondents feel good in their stomach, low-dizziness, and high on energy. Whatever body of data we have, it suggests a similar outcome. The data primarily focuses on how CBD engages with the endocannabinoid system. Nature blesses every mammal with the ECS.

Just look at yourself. If you feel stable, and your body feels in equilibrium— it’s because the endocannabinoid system is working hard to balance biological processes in you. But when nausea strikes, it disturbs the biological processes, including your digestive system. And that results in vomiting and dizziness.

It’s when the ECS gets challenged by the factors which shake up your digestive system. By taking CBD into your system, you can allow these cute-little hemp chemicals to spur the ECS and force it into action.

CBD binds with ECS receptors to help you relieve against underlying causes

The endocannabinoid system handles major biological processes like homeostasis in the body— it’s easier to assume its impact on every organ of the body. That’s the reason why it is found across the body.

These ECS systems have receptors, pretty much like telephone receptors. The role of these receptors is to bind with the chemicals and send the messages to different organs of the body through neurotransmitters.

When you introduce CBD into your body while experiencing nausea, the chemical interacts with the CB2 receptors in the ECS. Then the ECS may send a signal to the digestive system to control nausea.

If this is not enough, CBD also affects other factors than the digestive system.

As we discussed that nausea could stem out of several factors, how about blunting these factors? Well, many researchers believe that CBD oil already does that. The overall effect of calibrated CBD is enough to cure your nausea. Here’s how added benefits help alleviate the unpleasant feeling:

Regulates stress hormones that cause digestive problems.

You feel stressed because your body secretes stress hormone— cortisol— without your permission. While you wouldn’t want it, if you don’t do anything about it— it may alter your metabolism and digestive functioning. And what’s the end result? Nausea!

The hemp oil eases your brain and body by enabling serotonin hormones in your body. You may call these hormones as anti-stress chemicals that not only bring confidence but also control your digestive system.

Interacts wonderfully with the microbiota of your stomach

Your stomach has an ecosystem of its own. You need essential bacteria to keep your gastrointestinal system up and to run. But nausea has other plans. The toxic bacteria and viruses from your food dominate these good bacteria and have their voices heard. And that comes up in vomiting and diarrhea form.

Woman Suffering From Food PoisoningCBD oil doesn’t like the chaos in your stomach. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system and releases a strong statement that helps you against chronic conditions such as GERD, IBS, etc., to temporary ones such as food poisoning.

Relieves from pain and boosts energy

Chemotherapy sessions are excruciating. They are painful, you always feel lousy and energyless, and a little physical activity can challenge your soul big time. Moreover, when you don’t feel complete, you start losing yourself in the process. And that often causes anxiety and nausea.

Having said all, CBD oils have surfaced as brilliant alternative medication that revitalizes your body, relieves you from pain and anxiety, and manages your nausea. When CBD interacts with the receptors, the ECS blocks the pain signals from reaching the point where they are supposed to torment you. By managing pain and anxiety, CBD shrinks the chances of nausea.

If you suffer from nauseated sensations regularly— you want CBD oil more than ever.

You need CBD more than ever. Why? Because, why not? It’s safe to use. You can’t overdose it. It comes in various forms. You would never have to resort to smoking marijuana. Plus, it has no toxic setbacks.

What other reasons support our love for CBD? Well, it’s available in various forms. If one doesn’t work, go for the next dose. If you can’t tolerate one dose? Go for the preceding dose. Most importantly, no authority will get into your private space to question your choice.

CBD is already garnering fans. You’re not the only one who’s battling with severe conditions. Many have already tested it, and it has worked great on them. If you have a different desire to kick in medicinal and highness benefits together— you can always pick up full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s a complete blend of CBD, THC, flavonoids, terps, etc. that might heal your nausea and give up a bit of recreational ride.

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  1. I specifically like CBD Isolate Crystals because they do not contain any THC so I have peace of mind in the case that I have to take a drug test for work because I am in the military..


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