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Woman Sanitize Her Hand by Sanitizer

What do you think is the worst part of Corona? Its spread? Its havoc-wreaking intensity? No vaccines? Nah!

We’d say its’ force.’ It’s compelling people with bad hygiene to apply good hygiene practices. Can you believe that?

What is more annoying than washing your body and hands regularly?

Afterall, we love to sneeze and cough in public. Don’t we? Our bodies radiate fragrances that we barely think they deserve washing. And dental care and handwashing practices? Less said, the better. We wouldn’t perform them if they weren’t written in the ‘constitution’ of the social norms.

And why should we practise good hygiene? It’s about owning up the micro-responsibilities— daily— towards us and everyone around us to prevent the spread of the virus. But is any job a job if it doesn’t have adventure and thrill?

We like challenges like participating in crowds without masks, sipping our coffees in Starbucks without cleaning our hands, meeting people as if nothing happened! What’s more thrilling and challenging than this?

For all the audacious-venturesome daredevils, we have bad news. This blog post is not for you! Unfortunately, we’re not good with offering Corona adventures. We’re nerdy professors who can only talk about roles and responsibilities amid the global viral flare-up. If you can’t relate to this blog, you know what to do.

Continue to read if senses have knocked your cerebral doors.

If you have decided to become a corona warrior rather than a corona carrier— you’d like to change some of the habits. For all the ‘it’s kinda borin’ people— begin with modifying your handwashing technique.

Washing your hands for a good 20 seconds can control the spread of the virus. You don’t want people to keep you at bay. Right? So, it’s better that you keep CoronaVirus at bay.

Man Sanitize His Hand by CBD Hand Sanitizer

If the process seems a drag, when would your nursery rhymes play any role in your life? Start reciting ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ or ‘Humpty-Dumpty.’ By the time you’ve finished reciting the first stanza, you have accomplished two tasks.

First, you’ve made the life of germs difficult on your hands. Heil Hitler! Proud of ya! Second, you’re living off better with positive childhood memories, de-stressing your brain when there are plenty of things around to worry.

If you can’t remember these rhymes, we don’t blame you. Some people don’t remember ABC either. But you can make your mantras and chants like— ‘I will fight Corona. I will emerge strong. I will flatten the curve.’ Repeat it five times, and you’re done.

But people are panic shopping—empty shelves— No soaps— No disinfectants. What do you do?

You’ve decided to use soap and water. But your soap dispensary is empty; your racks have no access to antibacterial disinfectants and water. Wait! What? Do we have water on earth anymore?

So, what do we do? Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Don’t despair. We’ll make the gun powders at home— DIY! Urgh. No! Not exactly what you’re thinking. We aren’t going on a Russian war. But we’re surely in a Chinese-germ war. We call anti-germ gun powders— the hand sanitizers.

We’ll teach you how to make CBD hand sanitizers— the organic disinfectants that fend off bacteria and viruses hugging your hands.

Choosing CBD to make your hand sanitizer is the smartest move. Know why!

Let people search in light when you know the diamond is hidden in the dark. When everyone is queueing up to grab their share of disinfectants and hand sanitizers, you have the natural disinfectant in your home.

It’s CBD. Cannabidiol. That’s right! The CBD supplement that you add in cake and infused-gelato recipes. The CBD gummies and tablets that you administer to boost your immune system. Your very own CBD that you vape to flaunt your personality.

If germs are the jokers, CBD is the Batman. It’s a silent guardian—a watchful protector.

If you use CBD in your recipes and toiletries, you’re being watched and protected by the Batman himself. No seriously. The anti-inflammation, analgesic, & de-stressing properties of CBD keep you healthy and protected.

And its strong disinfectant properties need special mentioning. It works out as a perfect weapon against the drug-resistant superbugs. Next time when you’re planning to queue up for disinfectants and hand sanitizers note that it’s smart to pluck the cannabis bud from your backyard and have them converted into germ-shooting CBD bullets.

But we need a medium to harness its antimicrobial characteristics potently. Choosing to include CBD oils in hand sanitizer will not only help you with sanitizing but keeping your hands soft and healing those tiny cuts.

DIY hand sanitizer— the making of CBD hand sanitizer.

Like our recipes, we’ll start by arranging the foundations of the recipe, i.e., the ingredients.


  • Three droppers full of 1000mg CBD oil
  • 15 drops tree essential oil (lemon or lavender. Optional for scent)
  • 1 cup isopropyl alcohol (91% concentration)
  • 1/3 cup pure aloe vera gel or glycerine


  • A clean bowl or container for mixing
  • Clean squirt bottles (spare spray bottles if you don’t have it)
  • Spoon or whisk

How to make CBD hand sanitizer at home— the process.

Step #1: Pour isopropyl alcohol in the mixing bowl. Add ⅔ cup of alcohol if you want to make a bowl of CBD hand sanitizer.

*Isopropyl alcohol is a must for hand sanitizer. It’s known to kill 99.99% of all non-spore-forming microbes on human skin. You can judge its rampant brutality over germs by its action time. It kills them in less than 30 seconds.*

Step #2: Combine ⅓ cup of aloe vera or glycerine in the bowl. Note. We are adding ⅓ of them because we want to have a cup of CBD hand sanitizer.

*Aloe vera gel has inbuilt moisture and nourishment to add thickness to your hand sanitizer. It’s viscosity vs thugosity. We add aloe vera or glycerine’s viscosity to kill the thugosity of germs. And alcohol is too volatile. Aloe vera also mutes down the harsh drying effects of it so that alcohol remains longer in contact with your skin.*

Man Making CBD Hand Sanitizer at Home

Step #3: Whisk the gel properly. Ensure that alcohol is neatly distributed across the gel.

*You can use a small spoon or blender to whisk. Make sure that you aren’t spilling a drop. A single sneeze drop contains 200 million germs. That’s huge. But a single drop of sanitizer can neutralize the sneeze drop by 99%. Now you know that every drop matters.*

Step #4: Add all the three droppers of CBD oil in the mixture. Stir it evenly across the gel.

* It’s a powerful combination. The disinfectant properties of CBD oil and alcohol blend to give a potent DIY hand sanitizer.*

Step #5: Pour the essential tree oil. Blend it to have consistent fragrance.

*The harsh drying ingredients like alcohol are painful for the tiny cuts on your skin. Apart from the fragrance, the essential oils also have antiviral and antimicrobial properties.*

Please refer to the types of essential oils that you can add in your home-based hand sanitizer below.

Anti-fungal Anti-microbial Anti- septic Anti- viral Anti- bacterial
Tea tree Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lavender Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geranium Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Lemon Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Sweet or wild orange Yes  No Yes Yes Yes
Eucalyptus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rosemary Yes  Yes Yes No Yes
Cinnamon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clove Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Thyme Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peppermint No No Yes Yes Yes

Step #6: Store the CBD hand sanitizer in clean squirt bottles.
An airtight container or spray bottle if you couldn’t arrange squirting bottles.

*Alcohol decays with time. Not exactly decay, but it disappears. It doesn’t like to be chained with anything. A pump or squeeze bottle can control the evaporation of alcohol, making its accessibility easier for you.

But will CBD hand sanitizers prevent me from getting COVID-19?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been advocating hand sanitizers, and hand wash as preventative measures to inhibit the spread of the virus.

CBD hand sanitizer is not the replacement of hand wash. It’s also not the same as the commercially-made hand sanitizers which go through strict quality control under the supervision of experts. Still, DIY CBD hand sanitizer is as good as it gets when resources are less, and safety is our top priority.

Woman Sanitize Her Son Hand by CBD SanitizerCBD hand sanitizers are effective. Especially when you don’t have access to soap or you’re not able to wash your hands. Regular sanitizing and hand washing, and not touching your nose, eyes, and mouth keep the virus from getting into your body.

Last but not least, if you’re not practicing safe distance from others, no amount of CBD hand sanitizer will prevent you from the risk of getting the virus.

Critical takeaways for CBD hand sanitizers

  • CBD hand sanitizers are good replacements when you don’t have soap or can’t wash your hands.
  • Sanitizing your hands prevents the spread of the virus, according to WHO.
  • The disinfectant properties of CBD, alcohol, and essential oil work together to give a strong skin sanitizer.
  • The concentration of alcohol can’t be measured. You have to be extremely careful in selecting the right brand of alcohol.

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