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Cannabis infused CBD Mouthwash

“Please stop interrupting us while we ignore you,” teeth mutter to toothbrushes and mouthwashes.

And the rest is history.

We don’t brush our teeth properly anymore. Skip it altogether sometimes… And fragrances? What do we say about fragrances diffusing out of our mouths? They’re good enough to make men roll in their graves.

Wait..wait..wait! What about gum diseases? We don’t seem to talk about the burdens they put on many countries. Pain, disfigurement, discomfort, bleeding, and bam! Our inadequate dental care can also kill us.

* Didn’t see that coming.* Enough satire. Everything we said is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Because our teeth never said they don’t want oral attention. In fact, they want us to use mouthwashes and toothbrushes.

Why would our teeth want infection and bacteria when they can have pizzas

Do you know, as of now, more than 3.5 billion people have dental problems? That’s half the population of earth. You may say, we still have the other half unaffected. But sorry to burst your bubble, they’re unreported. Yes— who knows the numbers could be higher?

That said, it’s us and our oral practices that are gifting bacteria and infections to our teeth when we can give them pizzas and chocolates. Our teeth are part of us. No one’s stopping us from having junks, but what’s more important is to have a balance between eating junk and cleaning them when it matters the most.

Do you want to know the kind of mess we’re bringing upon our teeth with our dental hygiene practices? All the common mouth problems? Want to take a glance?…. No! Please don’t stop. Go ahead.

#1 Are you having trouble speaking and eating because of painful shallow open wounds? Does the ins and around of your mouth or your lips have ulcers? Well, you have Canker sores or cold sores. These viruses and bacterias are ideologically possessed microbes. Your mouth is the ‘safest abode’ if you don’t use mouthwash.

CBD Infused Dental Care Products#2 Do you have white patches in your tongue and mouth? It’s a Thrush man! Your mouth is an excellent host. If it can host bacteria and viruses, why not a yeast-like fungus?

#3 Feeling locked in the Sahara desert? We don’t blame you. Dry mouths feel abandoned amid the Sahara. Some diseases don’t like your saliva. So, they close the tap of the salivary gland, which releases saliva.

#4 Do you know bad breath promotes social distancing, which is one of Corona’s preventative measures? Congratulations. Your bad breath can save lives. If you want to ‘say hi’ from a distance— bad breath is a thing of legends. Aww! But you might have to stop celebrating. It might not save your family. They have to deal with your stinking mouth.

#5 Your tooth suddenly wants to go out on a recess? It’s a tooth fall out caused by several gum diseases. Your teeth need reasons to get out of your mouth. After all, you don’t take care of it.

#6 Bleeding gums are more dangerous than bleeding guns! The pus-filled gums give more pain than the shot wound. Your mouth may not always bleed. A slight tenderness could also affect its health.

No matter what we do with our lives. CBD refuses to be anything less than successful.

No matter what our dental habits or hygiene practices are— one product that continues to surprise everyone is CBD — the ‘revered component’ of cannabis.

Just when we think it’s the last thing CBD can offer, WHAM! It comes with an ‘element’ of surprise. We mean the ‘compound’ of surprise. Well, fuggedaboutit! Whatever it is— you get the essence. Right?

Now CBD is much of the hype in oral care products like CBD toothpaste. Would you believe that? If the influence on beauty, health, and wellness weren’t enough.

The positive component of marijuana has shown health benefits over the years. It’s quite contrary to the harmful component of marijuana— THC.

smoking pots, your thing? Well, smoking might affect your teeth. Burning up THC may be detrimental to the inside of your mouth. Of course, let’s not forget what it does to the inside of your lungs.

But would you have CBD mouthwash extracted from the same marijuana strain? We assume you wouldn’t. But you should! CBD has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for years.

And if that still doesn’t ring the bell— we’d ask— what smoking does to your inside did to your outside— would you smoke? Think.. think.. There you go. You have the answer.

So, CBD mouthwash is a healthier oral care option than dragging a pipe. Because what it does to your inside is what the ideal thing we want.

Where your toothpaste can’t reach, bacteria and viruses can! And so can CBD mouthwashes.

Your toothbrush can’t work on all the food debris in your mouth. It’s too big to reach all the corners, or your brushing technique is ‘too great’ to clean up the mess.

When certain areas of your teeth don’t get to wave a ‘hie’ to your toothbrush, it starts developing bacteria and viruses.

And there’s a reason why these unicellular-dragons are called microbes. They can sit in dark-murky corners of your mouth for a long time, even in the micro-pores, without letting you know anything about them— until they have damaged your teeth completely.

So, you need something that delivers an anti-bacterial solution to ‘hard-reaching’ areas in between teeth. And don’t forget the gums that you don’t clean due to hard bristles on the brush.

CBD mouthwash is a perfect solution for fending off these microbes. The cannabis-extract overthrows these microbes in an army coup, thereby enhancing your mouth health.

Oral giants like Colgate are catering to several versions of CBD mouthwash. Don’t hold yourself back!

Colgate is a generic name for toothpaste and mouthwashes. We all know it. But that doesn’t stop it from researching the oral benefits of CBD.

Man Use Cannabis Infused Mouthwash After Brushing

Despite having a myriad of successful products, it is coming up with a batch of new CBD products, including three variants of toothpaste, two versions of mouthwashes, and two kinds of lip balms. All are addressing one problem— oral health.

So, what’s holding you back? Too conservative to change your mouthwash? Too liberal in giving a damn about brushing?

Research has a lot to say about CBD benefits. Want to take a glimpse of it?

CBD is a mass-murderer. Beg you a pardon! That’s not what we’re saying. That’s what research says.

That’s right. CBD plays as the handsome FBI agent with anti-bacterial machine-guns, killing millions of bacteria that cause infection in your mouth.

So the process is— In comes some bacteria. You toss some CBD mouthwash in your mouth. And POW! The microbes are sent to their graves, without proper farewell or eulogy in a snap of a finger.

That’s not it. Love is still the second-best thing ever to happen to heal pain and inflammation. Must be wondering which is the best one. No? Well, it’s CBD again. CBD is the number one anti-inflammatory agent.

The same research reveals that CBD may reduce pain and inflammation in your laughing-gears. The anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory signs are unique mechanisms of CBD.

The combined effect of full-spectrum cannabinoids is far more lethal on bacteria than the individual cannabinoid components.

CBD concentrates, or CBD broad-spectrum mouthwashes are useful. But full-spectrum cannabinoid mouthwashes have a far more lethal effect on the germs hiding inside your mouth.

Cannabis has a few more active elements other than CBD that work together to enhance the medicinal benefits. They are essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids. They give a protective back-up to CBD in the form of the entourage effect. You can call them field agents and special agents if CBD is the FBI-agent.

Don’t know what entourage effect is?

Just look around yourself. Pick any object. Let’s say stapler. The body of the stapler is useless without the pins. The adapter is futile without a charging wire. But when they combine— they’re the power. They can fix your phone. They can join bundles.

Similarly, when you consume individual components of marijuana, they have a much lesser health benefit. But all the elements of marijuana interact with your body in a much healthier way when they’re present together— in a group.

The direction of using CBD mouthwash— taking care of the musts!

No, CBD doesn’t give you high. You can overdose CBD mouthwash. But you still need directions to use it properly. Afterall, we all are manchildren at some level. I was schooled for drinking the entire bottle of the tasty-minty mouthwash in my teens.

Anyway, you may love CBD mouthwash, but you still need to take care of specific musts. Here’s the direction of use.

  • As mentioned, the amount of CBD mouthwash is the key. Use the right amount specified by your dentist or cannabis experts. And yes, don’t throw away the information leaflet. If any content that’s the most ignored content on the face of the earth, it’s the ‘direction of use’ leaf. We’re too accustomed to ignoring them.
  • Keep your mouth closed. Swish CBD mouthwash like you mean it. Do it vigorously, as suggested by your dentist or the leaflet.
  • CBD mouthwashes are organic. They don’t have any toxicity compared to the traditional fluoride-based mouthwashes. Although it’s not harmful to swallow them, they’re best when you spit them out. If your kids are using the CBD mouthwash, supervise to ensure that they spit it out. You don’t want to be taking all the dead bacteria (and some alive ones) in your stomach.
  • Wait! It’s the best you can do after a CBD mouthwash session. Avoid eating, smoking, or drinking for at least half an hour. The idea is to activate CBD in the mouth and not flush or wash them away.

CBD mouthwash >> Traditional mouthwash— at least in terms of organic touch.

We’ll be very honest. There’s no longitudinal study that compares CBD mouthwash with traditional mouthwash.

In terms of effectiveness— we can say they are apple and apple. Both keep the bacteria away. But in terms of side-effects— they are apple and orange.

There’s no side-effect known so far for CBD. But traditional mouthwashes may not behave as you’d expect, though they’re safe too.

The color of your teeth may change. Your mouth may find itself amid allergic reactions. Extreme rare conditions can take over the forms of rashes, swelling, itching, breathing problems, and dizziness.

Despite all this— here’s the good part. There haven’t been any comparative studies between CBD and traditional mouthwash, but there are independent longitudinal researches on CBD that prove its organic genius.

CBD MouthwashCBD is harmless— even if you overdose. THC-free CBD mouthwash gives guilt-free dental sessions that you may never get with THC mouthwash. At max, you’ll end up spinning your head for a few minutes.

CBD is effective… only when you want it. Points to remember to get the most from your CBD mouthwash.

  • Dilute if necessary. Different CBD brands have different concentrations of CBD in mouthwashes. Some may recommend you to dilute the mouthwash with water. Also, the cannabis component interacts differently with different bodies. Keeping all that in mind— ensure you have the right amount of CBD.
  • Toothbrushes are not obsolete. Yes, CBD mouthwash reaches cavities where toothbrushes can’t. But it’s not the absolute replacement of the oral care routine like brushing your teeth twice daily. We’re not discarding toothbrushes. What they can do, mouthwashes can’t.
  • Turn on the split watch. Or sing your favorite nursery rhyme five times. We want to give our mouths 30-seconds swishing liberty.

Key Takeaways— CBD mouthwash

  • Taking your dental care lightly? A poor dental practice can affect teeth and gum in numerous ways, including periodontal diseases.
  • Don’t want to take (by mistake) fluoride in your ‘dental-diet’? You need organic CBD mouthwash as a side effect-free alternative.
  • Love the mouthwash taste? Sorry, it’s not your milk-flakes! Though CBD doesn’t give you high, manage the intake proportion.
  • Free of toothbrushes and pastes? No. CBD mouthwash is not an alternative to brushing. It’s a top-up recharge on the existing dental plan.

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