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Hey, you couch-locked stoner! Now that the world is fighting against the common enemy— CoronaVirus— you should introduce your “two-bit solution” to the game.

*Yeah yeah! I know you aren’t a respiratory specialist. What can you do with it after all*

Seriously, I am not even asking you to go to the laboratories and conduct experiments on suppressing it. That’s not even remotely viable.

But you can play a massive part in defeating the draconian Virus by merely being a responsible citizen in your locality.

You still don’t trust me?

Well, get a CBD soap and keep yourself and your family sanitized.

Now you’ll rant— it’s a tough period when the weed market has a real supply chain concern and expecting to get CBD soaps on your washbasin racks is simply an ignoramus and foolish trait.

Well, you said it yourself. That’s precisely why we want you to have CBD soaps during such a life-crisis.

Cannabis soap is less popular— and that’s what makes it available in the market more readily than other CBD and weed products like edibles and gums.

So, what exactly is CBD soap?

Like any other soap— CBD soap functions as a major disinfectant and cleansing bar which is made up of cannabidiol chemical.

Yes— you guessed it right!

It’s made up of the same non-psychotropic chemical that you have been eating or applying on the hair.

But this time— the beautiful & visionary CBD manufacturers thought “why not give your day a bright start with CBD and marijuana soap?”

And why just the morning— using it throughout the day and even before hitting the bed will keep you fresh and tolerable to the partners. 😉

Sorry— getting back to the point— the non-psychotropic and medicinal chemical is one of the two most primary elements found in cannabis.

The best part about CBD soap is that the “recreational consumers” who love “THC” and don’t get “enough hits” via CBD in their brains can also use it to sanitize, not just their hands but bodies.

So, CBD soap is an all-marijuana-consumer-product that could prevent the entire “ganja-culture” from the havoc wreaked by CoronaVirus.

Why should you use CBD soaps over generic soaps?

Short answer— effective!

Long answer— scroll down, man! It won’t fit it in a line!

As mentioned— CBD soap operates pretty much the same as other soaps. The only difference is— it has a myriad of other health offerings that you can’t really turn your heads from.

Research scientists widely acknowledge these health benefits, and probably, that’s the reason why medical marijuana has gotten stronger into the American culture in the last two decades.

So, finally, it’s time to reveal CBD soap benefits. Fasten your seat belts— grip your handles tight— the benefits might blow your mind— and some Corona too!

  • Goodbye bacteria— say hello to the merciless CBD.

Some studies show that bacteria hate CBD because it not only can shoo them away but kill them “mercilessly.”

*Sobs bacterial family*.

Wish we could do a ground report on “the oppression of bacteria by CBD.”

But since CBD doesn’t cut them space— we are sorry that we are running short of bacteria to interview.

Well, jokes apart— reports from studies confirm that CBD behaves as an antibiotic agent which prevents bacterial infection in the host. [1]

As your hands are the primary source of bacterial infection, how about rolling over these bacteria right at that point? Wash your hands regularly— and keep these ugly bacteria at bay.

  • Goodbye Virus? Err, the question mark!

Well, I had to put the question mark because unlike Bacteria— the interaction between CBD and Virus is yet to be adequately studied.

When the entire human civilization is battling the common problem— the novel coronavirus— the medical experts are trying different sets of combinations to fight this “non-curable” catastrophe.

I won’t be surprised if someone tests the effect of CBD on Corona-affected bodies shortly.

Having said that, the studies on the viral model on multiple sclerosis demonstrate a tremendous therapeutic potential of CBD for the treatment of pathologies. [2]

So, using CBD soaps may help you combat possessing some of the viruses if not Corona.

You can definitely use CBD soaps for constant sanitization, body and hand wash— so that you don’t let in the Coronavirus enter the system.

* It’s like digging mountains with fingers. Slow but effective in the long run*

  • Ouch! When CBD gives pain to inflammation.

Body-inflammation is boiling you up?

CBD soap can become “pain in the neck” to your literal “pain in the neck.”

Didn’t get it?

Research indicates that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that absorb your pain and gives immediate relief from inflammation and fever. [3]

The analgesic characteristics of CBD have long been promoted by the various medical experts of the industry and people are aware of the specific property of it.

Although we need additional evaluation for the same— some of the great artists have been the living testimony for therapeutic properties of CBD.

So, keep rubbing the CBD soap on your body— let the chemical seep into your skin— and see the magic.

Ironically, CBD will give a headache to inflammation— will inflammation itself use CBD to mellow down its headache? :p

  • Feeding the healthy diet to “skin cells.”

Skin cells deserve attention. They have to fight the everchanging weather— give a defence to any of the physical violence— come right against the Sun— the microbes— the bacteria, etc.

You need to feed a healthy diet to these cute-little tiny skin cells so that they keep doing their jobs effectively.

CBD soap— ladened with CBD can be the right “food” for these cells.

Yes, you can use CBD to nourish these cells and expect a good skin type in the long run.In fact, one of the studies says that weaning CBD to the skin cells will enhance skin health, thereby preventing you against the perils of diseases like inflammation and cutaneous scars. [4]

So, what are you waiting for? Get up and schedule the lunch and dinner for these skin cells.

They are selfless— it’s time for you to act virtuously towards these tiny-miny living blocks.

  • Calm down the skin area that’s gone bonkers.

Since skin retaliates every foreign substance— it expects a bit of care and tenderness from your side.

And if you don’t pay enough care— it might go bonkers on you— making you feel irritated and itchy, disturbing you with swelling and redness. And a hell lot of other issues which will make your living worse.

You don’t want that. Do you?

As marijuana introduces a calming effect into your brain, CBD soap will induce the same effect on the skin.

So, if your skin has gone mad and you want to elevate the “sour mood” of it— apply marijuana soap foam on the body and let it penetrate into the cells.

There have been a few study materials which say that CBD activates the soothing and calming effect on the skin which results in relaxation. [5]

The very same properties bring back the skin cell into the normal state, henceforth, elevating your standard of living.

  • Put a “curfew” on acne breakouts.

Acnes are really stubborn— despite your efforts to keep the skin clean and oil-free— they just breakout.

These unbridled-mannerless acnes need powerful lessons from you— rather from your soap.

CBD soap can straighten up these uninvited guests on your skin.

CBD soap can straighten up these uninvited guests on your skin.

Cannabidiol knows how to control the sebaceous gland, which produces sebum (waxy-oily) substance on the skin surface. [6]

You can call it a curfew imposed by CBD on the skin-side bummers as a dare— which is apparently— won by CBD easily.

The case is pretty much the same with pimples and other problems that oily skin has.

So, adding CBD soap to your daily routine will also let you get rid of black and whiteheads apart from a stress-free and anti-oxidized skin.

  • Billed as the next big dermatology solution.

Acne breakouts and pimples are understandable— they are pandemic and occur to every single human being on earth.

But your skin may behave abnormally with other bigger dermatologist issues like eczema and psoriasis.

Sometimes— the “cute-little” skin cells undergo a chain-reaction where they replicate their copies and get divided very quickly.

The quick breakdown of these cells leads to skin division with red or silver outlines.

Unfortunately, these little cells become “draconian” to your outer appearance when you fail to feed them as per their choice.

However, CBD soap has shown a bit of resistive effect on psoriasis. It puts a brake on these ever-dividing skin cells. [7]

And as mentioned— it also soothes the inflammation, which is a comorbid condition of psoriasis.

Overall, you can bill CBD soap as the next big dermatology solution.

  • Shoots down the free-radicals— at will.

Let’s say you have a solar system in your skin, and one of the planets loses its path and starts moving randomly in the system.

That will create havoc for other celestial bodies too— as it will everywhere until it gets back to its path.

Same is the case with free radicals in the skin.

The free radicals in your skin are not the complete atoms. They get out of the abnormal atoms and search for the perfect atoms by moving randomly across the skin surface.

They might attain “normalcy” by attacking the typical atom, but the normal atom will go abnormal, and the chain will continue until your skin is damaged.

We need to settle down these free radicals by the help of external chemicals like cannabidiol.

CBD soap has antioxidant properties which stabilize these “over-enthusiastic” second-grader hoodlum. [8]

The more free radicals in your skin— the faster you will age— the earlier you will develop wrinkles and skin issues.

So, the gentle application of CBD soap can either allow these free radicals to meet their “soulmates” or shoot them down entirely to prevent the skin from their nonsensical activities.

Have CBD Soaps convinced you?

Well, most soaps “act” like soaps— but it’s CBD which actually “behaves” as the ideal soap.

There’s a vast difference between “acting and behaving.”

If soaps are meant to have ideal cleansing and medicinal properties simultaneously— CBD soaps are the closest products we have got so far now.

Have they convinced you yet? If yes!

Get your share of CBD soap bars and enjoy the most natural plant-based sanitary product ever made in the history of “can-kind.”

Feel free to drop your queries and feedback on the channel.

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