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Smoking Weed and Writing

Takeaway: Human beings are innately creative. From the first fire to first weapon to first clothes to first everything. It would not have been possible without our innate creativity to do those things. Even more creative is the profession of writing. Writing requires one to constantly create and renovate old texts, literature and other forms of content. In today’s content savvy world every writer is looking to enhance their creativity. Weed offers brain stimulating and helps in forming new neural networks that facilitate new ways of thinking. Marijuana alter the sense of being and thinking and hence could very well act as a creative boost for creative beings.

Human beings are different and unique in various ways. That includes understanding and creativity in writing. While some people find smoking marijuana a problem, others thought it’s a great way to beat the writer’s block.

So we wonder if smoking marijuana can make you a speed weed writer. As it turns out, several types of research suggest that smoking cannabis can improve creativity through the processes of divergent thinking. In essence, there is a connection between smoking weed and writing better. However, there is a lot more involved in writing than just being creative. So, we are going to be exploring the link between smoking cannabis and writing.

Understanding the Art of Writing

Understanding the Art of Writing & Weed

Remember we said earlier that people are unique in different ways, and that’s right when it comes down to writing.

To some, writing can be a complete source of joy where the mind is allowed to enter and flourish in a creative flow. However, to some others, writing can be one hell of a frustrating experience.

There are times when people find it so easy to write with words flying in from only God-knows-where, allowing the writer to communicate in an unstoppable barrage of clear and precise manner. But, sometimes, the process is not always a blissful one. Formulating the words and writing in a specific manner can become a mental slog. Sentences are disjointed, and every word is forced. Fingers can’t even correctly hit the keyboard, or pen struggling to make contact properly on paper. At this stage, the mind is blurred, and it’s difficult to conjure words, let alone transmit thoughts into clear writing. In a writer’s life, this is the stage popularly known as “writer’s block.” It is one reality that is both annoying and frustrating.

Thankfully, the writer’s block doesn’t last forever. While there is no guarantee it won’t repeat, there are methods you can adopt to overcome such a predicament. One of the solutions is to ingest cannabis to become one of the many marijuana writers who have found solace in using cannabis to better their writing flow. Moreover, it isn’t only when you’re experiencing a writer’s block that you can ingest cannabis. Smoking marijuana during peak flowing period can help your writing skills and take it to the next level. The connection is that smoking cannabis can uplift you out of your typical style and assist you in pushing beyond your boundaries and attaining excellence.

Marijuana and Creativity

Writing Creativity and Marijuana

Many marijuana writers (writers who use marijuana) have attested their increased creativity in smoking cannabis. It wasn’t a coincidence that a few musicians, performers, artists, and writers have joined the club of using marijuana.

From an anecdotal point of view, a little while after taking marijuana, the mind starts reading the world from a new lens. The new viewpoint replaces the default mode of viewing and analyzing the world. The cannabis inspired mind change the old view with new intrigues, awe, and fascination, more precise understanding, and appreciation. Negative emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and anger appear to evaporate, creating room for forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding.     

When this renewed and the clear-cut mental state becomes part of the creative process, the result is, in most cases, positive. The mind always finds a better room to breathe when there is a feeling of empathy and increase attention. That is precisely the connection that cannabis brings to writing and creativity.

That explains, sometimes when you come across weed smokers who exclaim how cannabis “open the eyes” or “blow their mind.” These forms of description are factual as they highlight the creative effects of using marijuana. The positive impact is real, and not some cooked up excuses to encourage people to keep hitting the pipe. Many artists love weed for the same reasons—it enhances their creativity.

Besides, the impact and connection of weed to creativity and improved writing is well documented. According to a 2012 study, it was discovered that cannabis increased the verbal fluency in tested participants who were classified as “low creative.” It also increases the verbal fluency in the second class of participants who were classed as “high creative.” The study allows the authors to conclude that consuming cannabis accelerate divergent thinking.

What effect does cannabis have in writing ability?

Marijuana Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

Why there is no disputing the fact that weed usage enhances creativity and bring about weed songs in many artists, it is still unclear how it influences writing ability. However, it is factual that many of the greatest and renowned writers have used cannabis. The likes of Stephen King, Carl Sagan, Quentin Tarantino, and Hunter S. Thompson are known writers who have smoked and ingested cannabis while in the course of their writing exploits. Even the great William Shakespeare is reported to have used smoking as a way of getting more inspired.

In a nutshell, cannabis does assist in producing a speed weed writer.

How to Ascertain Facts on Writing with Marijuana?

Writing Music with Marijuana

The best way you can determine if writing with marijuana creates marijuana writers is to have a self-examination. There are no laid down rules to perform a self-experiment, and the result can vary from one individual to another. But for a start, select difference strains like Fast Eddy Automatic and Euphoria or whatever strain you feel comfortable with.  You can also try high CBD extras or strains. As for the dosage, do not take too much and make sure you know the exact dosage or THC level contents in the strains that you chose.

If you are micro-dosing, make sure you take very little like sub-perceptual doses. When you do that, it will help you measure the level of enhanced creativity that cannabis brings while not being too intoxicated.

It is always best to go for CBD extracts because they tend to provide clear-headed experience without causing any feeling of drowsiness. Also, high CBD extracts or strains also improves focus and help you to immerse yourself in the current moment.

With that in mind and all things carefully sorted out, you can measure whether using cannabis create marijuana writers.

Final thought

The question if there is a connection between smoking weed and writing better has not been scientifically confirmed. However, from the little evidence available, it is clear that ingesting weed contributes to the emergence of a speed weed writer.  Notwithstanding, the best approach to knowing and testing the efficacy of this claim is to perform a self-examination by following your rules. If there is anything certain about cannabis, it is that it has a significant effect on the people that use it. Whether it is positive or negative will depend on the result you will attain after your experiment.


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