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Takeaway: Wouldn’t it be perfect if you lived in a community filled with marijuana enthusiasts? We think it would be heavenly bliss. With the rise of marijuana consumption across the globe a few countries stand out. In the United States there are a few states where marijuana use is dominant. Iceland, US, Nigeria, Canada are a few amongst such countries. So the next time you plan a vacation in a foreign land you might want to consider these places. It good to be amongst people that are like minded. Go ahead, read our list and plan your next holiday.

Have you ever considered which nation ranks higher or is with the highest weed population in the committee of marijuana smokers? Well, we do, and in this article, we intend to make you know some of the nations where legal marijuana flourishes best.  Beside countries, we are also going to be looking into some of the cities and states that have the highest weed smokers, with particular interest to the United States.

Alright, let’s visit the marijuana database to find some useful info. Shall we?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Weed Population in the World

The followings are the countries with the highest number of weed smokers in the world. The report is based on the UN official report on Drug and Crime, which also provides annual statistics on drug use by countries.

According to UN information, these are the nations with the highest cannabis smokers:

  1.    Iceland


Report from the Office of Drug and Crime of the United Nations suggest that Iceland has the highest rate of cannabis smokers in the world. The country’s age user grouping stands at 15-64 years of cannabis users. The overall user population stands at 18.3 percent. Shocking right?

Status: marijuana consumption in Iceland is illegal.

  1.    United States


Next in line is the United States, which account for 16.3 percent of users to become the second most stoned countries of the world. Recent policy changes and legislature overhaul in the US have contributed to the rise of cannabis users in the country.

Status: By Federal law, it is legal to use marijuana for medical purpose. While many states in the US have legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana, not all states have come to terms with its recreational use.

  1.    Nigeria


It is not surprising to see the African powerhouse coming third on the list of countries with the highest weed population. Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth, boasting a population of more than 180 million people.  The cannabis user rate in the country sits at 14.3 percent, and there are no indications that the price will dwindle soon.

Status: marijuana is legal for medical use in Nigeria, but criminalizes its recreational use.

  1.    Canada


Canada is fourth on the list of the world most prolific cannabis-consumers. The country has one of the best markets for medical marijuana, and it’s among the early nations that gave legal recognition to the herb.  The user population in Canada is at 12.7 percent, which is expected to grow in the future.

Status: Legal for medical use and legal for recreational use in some parts of the country.

  1.    Chile


Surprisingly, Chile is the fifth in the list of the most stoned countries in the world. The user population is 11.83, which is a significant number considering the country’s overall population, which is at 18 million people. Chile has the highest consumption rate of cannabis in the entire Latin America n landscape

Status: legal for medical use and legal for recreational use.

  1.    France


France comes as the most stoned country in the European landscape. The country user rate is put at 11.1 percent, and as more liberal views are put forward by political figures in favor of cannabis, this population is scheduled to grow in the future. However, the country still maintains strict laws on cannabis.

Status: allowed for medical use but illegal to cultivate or use for personal satisfaction.

  1.    New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand comes at number 7 on the UNODC 2017 data. The user population is put at 11 percent. That shows there is a potential market for cannabis in the country, considering the unfavorable government view towards its use.

Status: illegal

  1.    Bermuda


Bermuda is another country that has allowed the legal use of medical marijuana. The country has also taken giant strides in decriminalizing the drug for personal use, which puts its user population at 10.9 percent.

Status: legal for medical use and decriminalized for recreational use.

  1.    Australia


Australia allowed the use of medical marijuana in 2016 and has gone on to be one of the countries with the highest number of users. The user population in Australia is put at 10.2 percent.

Status: legal for medical use only and illegal for recreational purposes.

  1.    Zambia


As at 2014, Zambia was rated as one of the world’s most stoned countries with a user population put at 17.7 percent. However, the new UNODC findings show that the cannabis user population for Zambia has dropped, and it’s now put at 9.5 percent.

Status: Medical and recreational uses of marijuana in Zambia are entirely illegal.

3 Cities with the Highest Cannabis Population

Here are three of the cities that has the highest weed population in the US.

  1.    San Francisco, California

The population of cannabis users: 15.46%

While the state of Colorado boasts the highest rate of pot users based on states, California is king when it comes down to measuring numbers. The state has more than 4.5 million cannabis users, which is the highest compared to any other state in the country. San Francisco is number 1 in pot use, thanks to a pervasive weed culture across the city which has a population of 805,000 people. That means, at any given time within the city’s limits, about 124,000 people are frequently using cannabis/pot.     

  1.    Denali, Alaska

The population of cannabis users: 14.93%

Alaska is one remarkable state with a remarkable rate of cannabis users. The state has favorable pot legislation, and its remote landscape is another plus. The remote northern region of the state is home to the second highest percentage of pot users in the country.  Are you looking for a remote destination to hit your weed? Visit Denali, Nome, and Fairbanks in Alaska—places where you can blast your weed to the skies.

  1.    Washington County, Rhode Island

The population of cannabis users: 14.85%

Rhode Island, which happens to be the smallest state in the US, is home to one of the highest rate of cannabis users in the country. Washington County is located in the southernmost parts of the state, and has historic towns like Narragansett and Charleston, together with South Kingston, the home of Rhode Island University. These are perfect destinations for marijuana/weed tourism.

Final thought

Alright, buddy. Now you know some of the best places with the highest numbers of cannabis weed users in the world. If you have been looking for quite, bustling or decent places to savor your medical marijuana while on vacation, you may consider one of these places mentioned earlier.  However, take note that while the percentage is higher for some of these countries, the law there doesn’t necessarily support its use. So, beware and make sure you stay right with the law when consuming your medical or recreational marijuana.


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