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Crafting Standard Operating Procedures for Ontario Cannabis Retail Dispensaries

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Standard Operating Procedures

The success of any business is usually a cumulative effort of many different departments within the organization. Running a business venture with several employees can be somewhat challenging. To ensure an organization runs efficiently, many business owners create the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that helps in the day to day operations. The purpose of having an SOP is to ensure efficiency, profitability, and compliance.

The standard operating procedures for Ontario retail cannabis stores are similar to any other SOP, covering a range of things including the governing regulations and various technological input. A number of cannabis dispensary regulators usually neglect or have poorly structured SOPs. This normally leads to a substandard performance by such companies.

Standard Operating Procedures are what separates a successful venture from a struggling one. Here are some of the roles it serves in a business venture.

Facilitates The Compliance of a Business

Not only do Standard operating procedures clarify the expectations of a company, but they also assist employees to perform their duties in a manner that conforms with the set regulations. Furthermore, they can also shield the business owner in the event there is a compliance violation due to an employee’s mistake.

The cannabis industry normally experiences numerous changes in its regulation. Thus, having a thorough SOP can help you stay updated with the changes since it’ll be easy to reform the documentation.

Increases Efficiency

Having an SOP in your business can help in improving the working experience of your employees. your workers will be able to do tasks faster and efficiently, thereby increasing the profitability of your business. Standard operating procedures can also aid you when hiring new employees. They serve as great training modules, thereby helping with the on-boarding process.

Brand Purposes

The cannabis dispensary industry is a very lucrative sector; this has actually been a contributor to the steep competition that’s currently being experienced. In order to stay ahead of the game, your brand has to stand out from the rest. SOPs can be very helpful in achieving this especially when you’re running multiple stores since all your stores will have uniformity.

How to Formulate a Standard Operating Procedure

Having seen the different roles of SOPs, here’s a detailed explanation of how to formulate one for your cannabis retail dispensary in Ontario.

Observe Conciseness

The clearer an SOP is, the better your employees will be with its implementation and execution. You should ensure that the documentation contains simple, direct, and concise language. Every employee should know what the SOP entails and how to accurately perform such tasks. Including step-by-step details will go a long way in ensuring tasks are carried out accordingly.

Implementing the SOPs

One helpful function of an SOP is it helps in implementing new tasks and ideas. Furthermore, it can also inform you whether the new task contributed to any significant change. If the desired outcome wasn’t achieved, you can always tweak the SOPs until you finally achieve your goal.


A good SOP should be as comprehensive as possible. It should touch on every department irrespective of how significant you think that area is. Some of the things a standard operating procedure should aim to solve include the steps required in carrying out particular tasks, the specific time the jobs should be done, and addressing the health and safety concerns among other things.

Borrow from Existing Structures

It’s very important to structure your SOP from your real-work environment. Industry experts such as lawyers, technical writers, and consultants can help you to come up with a solid plan. Still, as the business owner, you know every element of your business better than anyone else. Ergo, you can reach out to each and every employee in various departments to hear and implement their contribution as well.


Standard Operating Procedures play a very indispensable role in a business venture. They can greatly assist any new enterprise to attain profitability quickly, besides ensuring that they follow every regulation that has been stipulated. Given the highly competitive nature of the cannabis industry, SOPs can help new and existing owners of cannabis dispensaries to create their own unique brand, thereby standing out from the rest. Even though standard operating procedures entail a lot more than the things mention above, they still serve as a good guideline when creating your one.

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Why The Dart One Hitter Has Become Popular With People

how to use dart one hitter

A single-hitter is a small, specially made pipe with a narrow, screened bowl designed only for a single inhale, ‘hit,’ or ‘puff.’ The bowl contains burned marijuana flower, pot tobacco, or other dried, unsweetened herbal product. The bowl is designed to be wide to increase airflow through the tool’s narrow opening.

Among all the single-hitter in the market available today, The Dart One Hitter has become popular with people, and here are some reasons why:

1. Portability

Since the hitter is designed to be lightweight, it can be conveniently carried in a pocket, purse, or backpack. Thus, regardless of where you go, you can use this to smoke any kind of joint.

Some people are discouraged from smoking at their own convenience because of the hassle that comes with having to pack several pieces, and then assemble these to prepare for a smoking session. For example, a hookah or a bong has different parts that need to be assembled and have processes that need to be followed, such as adding flavoring and water. As a result, this makes the whole smoking process rather inconvenient.

However, the Dart One Hitter, in addition to being portable, doesn’t require the user to assemble several parts.

2. Instant Hit Experienced

Smoking a blunt requires you to continuously smoke until you enjoy the hit that eventually comes with it. This means that you need to have the time needed to smoke, which isn’t always and can be frustrating.

By smoking the DART one hitter, you don’t need to worry about clearing your busy schedule. The fact that it only takes a single inhale to enjoy the hit means that it’s a convenient smoking tool that allows you to go by your day without having to schedule a smoking session.

Furthermore, the intense high that’s enjoyed when using the Dart One Hitter is equivalent to smoking a whole blunt. A single inhale means you can go about your day experiencing the hit that would take you triple the time when smoking a blunt.

3. Marijuana Intake Control

Smoking a One Dart Hitter may dramatically reduce your joint intake. This is because the tool is designed to contain a particular amount of marijuana that you’ll inhale at a time.

When you smoke a joint or a bong, you don’t know how much marijuana you’re taking in during the single session. Inhaling too much marijuana in a single session may cause discomfort and may harm your lungs and throat.

4. Discrete

While you’re using your Dart one hitter, you can easily get your fix without anyone else noticing. The portability feature and the single inhale action make this possible.

Some people don’t appreciate people who assemble smoking equipment or smoking marijuana in general. Perhaps they’re still influenced by marijuana myths that are debunked by marijuana facts.

With the Dart One Hitter, you can remove yourself from people and no one will wonder where you are because you won’t spend much time away.

5. Odorless Smoking

one hitter weed
Another factor that makes people hesitant about smoking is the odor that accompanies it. The Dart One Hitter, however, eliminates the several exhales that come with other devices, which means that there’s hardly any smoke in the air.

If you’re smoking around people, you also don’t have to worry about the odor inconveniencing them. Hence, gone are the days where you consider smoking in the bathroom so that you can spray air freshener meant to hopefully conceal any odor.

6. Supply Conservation

When smoking marijuana using a blunt, much of the content is wasted throughout the process. Some of the marijuana gets wasted when sorting the content for rolling. Towards the end of the blunt is the flame that you need to put out with the remaining marijuana, which you can no longer smoke.

The Dart One hitter, however, places all the weed in a bowl, which means that you’ll enjoy all of it without wastage. This makes the Dart One Hitter resourceful not only content-wise but financially as well.

7. Safe To Use

The Dart One Hitter is safe to use because it’s designed in such a way that there’s no open flame. When smoking a blunt, you may get burnt when you reach the end of the blunt towards the flame. Also, your lips and fingers may have burn marks in an attempt to smoke all the weed.

The other thing that makes the Dart One-Hitter safe is that since there’s no open flame, you don’t have to worry about putting a flame out, helping you avoid any fire accidents.

8. Stylish

The Dart One Hitter is stylish and compliments your unique style. You can get these in various colors, sizes, and shapes. A blunt, on the other hand, doesn’t have any stylish component to it as it’s simply a means to an end.

9. Solo Smoking

Smoking a blunt with your peers can be enjoyable when you desire a social activity. However, there are times when you simply wish to enjoy a blunt by yourself but can’t because of the company.

The single inhale design of a Dart One Hitter means you can’t share your weed. If you’re around your peers, they, too, will notice how they can’t partake in your session. Hence, you can enjoy your solo smoking session without worrying about puffing and passing.

The solo use design also makes for hygienic smoking. Smoking a blunt among peers is socially acceptable but is one of the fastest ways to spread germs. If your peer has the flu, for example, sharing joint increases the chances of you catching a cold because of the contact involved.


The Dart One-Hitter has several advantages compared to other smoking gadgets and a blunt. It’s portable and is designed in a way that helps you enjoy an intense and instant hit. You also have control over the amount of weed that you take in compared to smoking a blunt.

The smoking process is discrete and odorless, which means that your surroundings aren’t too much of a concern. The lack of open flame makes the Dart One hitter safe to use, it’s stylish, and you can also enjoy the weed on your own.

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Top 10 Marijuana Stocks to Invest in 2021

Marijuana socks

Are you looking for a healthy return on capital by cashing in on the marijuana stocks? With numerous medical benefits slowly unlocking, we can see the growth potential from these stocks.

Their recent medical potential mandates you to keep an eye on the top medical marijuana stocks, which you must not miss! Having these stocks in the portfolio can help you gain handsome gains within a short span of time.

If you are still wondering about how to invest in marijuana stocks, this article will help you know the best picks for 2021!

We have done the research for you!

All you need to do is decide which is the best pick!

So, without further ado, let us look into the top 10 marijuana stocks, that you must not miss in 2021.

GW Pharmaceuticals

Found Year: 1998
Market Value: $2.8 Bn

Plant-based CBD products are what GW Pharmaceuticals is known for.
Being the frontrunner in the manufacturing of CBD derived therapeutic by releasing Epidiolex for children, GW Pharmaceuticals has etched a name in the CBD based medicines.

Though the financials of the company had been going through a purple patch, the silver lining is the revenue growth. The growth in revenue from $10 bn in 2017 to a whopping $440 bn in June 2020 is a positive sign for the investors.

On the downside, the growing expenses have made the bottom line red, though the losses have shrunk over time.

With the losses shrinking from $29 mn to a meager $9 mn, things are looking bright for GW Pharmaceuticals.

What’s more interesting to note is the pipeline of products.

With the recent approval of Epidiolex’s oral solution for treating TBS, we are sure it can turn out to be one of the top marijuana stocks, in the battle against seizures.

Canopy Growth

Found Year: 2013
Market Value: $10 Bn

With the strong numbers and the robust product line, canopy growth has proven its mettle in the CBD market.

Canopy Growth boasts of the immense market valuation. Followed by the strong industrial backing from alcohol giant, Constellation Brands, it is poised to be the giant in the CBD market.

We have seen the tumultuous numbers over the past few years with Canopy Growth, yet the success the brand has achieved is phenomenal.

With the recent launch of stand-alone websites for selling CBD products, it has made a giant leap into becoming the global leader in CBD based products.

The future for Canopy can only be brighter from here on! Let us sit tight and invest to ride the profit roller coaster with this mega-CBD brand!


Found Year: 1985
Market Value: $75.77 Bn

Altria, with close to 40% of the shareholding in the largest Canadian marijuana company, Cronos Group, is set to start its up move again!

With the recent election of Joe Biden as the US President, the decriminalization of cannabis is on the cards.

With Altria looking forward to taking major control over Cronos by holding more than 50% of the seats on the board, Altria is repositioning itself into a marijuana firm.

The past has seen Altria suffer a lot in terms of financial positions, with the stock plummeting consistently over the past 5 years. Including the massive 9% discount, the loss from the stock comes close to 3.6%, which is not attractive.

Moreover, with their recent venture in Juul Labs, it faced cumulative write-downs of close to $9 bn within 6 months.


Found Year: 2014
Market Value: $4.93 Bn

A very young runner in the cannabis market, Aphria can take the benefit of the soaring marijuana stock price, as it seems pretty undervalued.

Currently trading around $16, the company has been ignored by many, yet it has posted some really encouraging results.

With the modest losses being close to C$5.1 million in the first 3 months of FY 21, it has beaten the analyst’s view by 50%.

Aphria is a must-have stock on your portfolio being close to 16% growth in the Y-on-Y revenues and higher efficiency as reflected by the cost of sales.

With the change in the operations enabling it to increase the market penetration, it has started the price war against the big fish!

Don’t miss this multi-bagger with 11 out of 13 analysts bullish on this stock!

Green Thumb Industries Inc

Found Year: 2002
Market Value: $8.20 Bn

The fall of the GTII is a behemoth, and it cannot be denied.

With the losses accounting for more than 60% over the last 5 years, GTII is trading at 7.04X the PB ratio, thus making it more than 150% over-value stock.

With the negative PE ratio of the company, compared to the industry PE ratio of 43.6X, numbers don’t seem that bright for GTII.

On the positive side, with the marijuana market opening up, the sector is supposed to see a positive growth of 60.8%, which is 2X the market growth.

With the positive sectoral growth, GTII can see a growth close to 100% of its current stock price, which makes it a strong contender in this sector!

Analysts have been pretty bullish in GTII in terms of the EPS. Even though the current EPS is negative, with the opening up of the marijuana sector, GTII can see a four-fold growth in the EPS by 2023.

With the ROCE turning positive last year, things are looking bright for GTII to invest into!

Innovative Industrial Properties

Found Year: 2016
Market Value: $4.66 Bn

At a time when the Cannabis industry was just too young, compared to its peers like alcohol or tobacco, IIPR emerged as a REIT. With the strong growth over the last couple of years, gaining more than 150%, this stock is one of the strongest picks.

Back in 2018, with just 9 properties, it started leasing for medical marijuana production.

In two years, the growth in the properties has been 6X, which has grown at an accelerating pace during the first half of FY 20.

The financial health of the stock is highly positive, along with a strong orientation towards future contributions.

With the projected earnings to cross $200 mn by 2023, the stock is still undervalued compared to its industry peers.

The strong earnings in the past backed by the lucrative valuation of the stock make it a must-have in the portfolio for 2021.

Scotts Miracle-Gro

Found Year: 1868
Market Value: $12.66 Bn

With the ecstatic growth in the Hawthrone division, by a huge 72%, SMG has made the best returns from COVID19.

As WFH became the norm, home gardening started to make its way into our lives.

It resulted in the growth of more than 20% in the garden products of SMG, which constitutes close to 70% of their sales.

Hawthorne, with its expertise in hydroponics production distribution, has seen a tremendous demand owing to its property of growing plants without soil.

These products are integral to the growth of cannabis, which makes it a direct beneficiary of the legalization of marijuana.

With the earnings looking brighter, at a rate of more than 10%, SMG stands a very good chance to give you a 15-20% return within a year.

With the PE ratio being equivalent to the PE ratio of the US Chemicals sector, SMG seems to be slightly overvalued.

Yet, with the long term assets of over $2 bn and a very healthy current ratio, SMG seems to be a healthy pick during the booming marijuana market’s growth!

Constellations Brands

Found Year: 1945
Market Value: $41.06 Bn

If any brand got the highest limelight due to COVID19, it has to Constellation Brands, with their product line of Corona Beverages.

Investing in Constellation Brands might be the safest bet if you are a risk-averse investor. With the diversification across 4 different sectors, it has mitigated the risk!

In 2017, it brought close to a 10% stake in CGC. 2018 saw the brand increase its stake by close to 4 times by investing 4 billion into CGC.

Thus, creating the fourth revenue stream!

With exercisable warrants giving the brand close to 55% ownership in CGC, if exercised, Constellation Brands has strategically diversified its business.

The stock price of CGC has been suffering lately, which resulted in moderate numbers for STZ as well.

Yet, there is no less reason to like STZ.

Especially with the expansion into the brandy line of products by acquiring Copper & Kings, the portfolio of STZ has grown even bigger!

Cronos Group

Found Year: 2012
Market Value: $4.69 Bn

Enjoying the deep pockets of Altria, Cronos has started to make global expansion.

With the recent entry into the Israeli medicinal market, Cronos has made its intentions clear; i.e. growth!

And, it is absolutely possible, after it has posted a stupendous revenue growth!

180% Y-o-Y revenue growth, during the pandemic!

The snowflake model shows very positive health for the company, along with the financials forecasting a revenue growth by 5 times in 2025.

The yearly returns from CRONOS close to 40% and the undervaluation of the stock make it a perfect buy!

The PE ratio of CRONOS is close to 36X, which is 10X less when compared with the industry.

Supportive PB ratios, with strong industry growth forecasts, make this a very positive buy in the marijuana sector!

Curaleaf Holdings

Found Year: 2010
Market Value: $10.51 Bn

A firm, which is solely into the cannabis industry, is Curaleaf Holdings. The Massacheutus based firm has one inspirational medical story for every entrepreneur!

Today, with a huge empire across the US, it has kept customer satisfaction as its prime objective.

Its nascent beginnings in medicinal marijuana is slowly taking the recreational direction. With the change in the target consumers to the adults, CURLF is looking to make the best use of its vertical integration!

With marijuana getting legalized across states for recreational purposes, CURLF could just turn out to be the dark horse.

Starting from the strategic positioning to the infrastructural support, everything is in favor of CURLF. With more than 14 acquisitions since the IPO, CURLF is on an expansion spree.

With a swashbuckling result for five straight quarters, scoring straight positive EBIT, it has inched closer to greener figures using the GAAP principles.

Betting against marijuana? Don’t miss CURLF.

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CBD and Yoga: 4 Ways To Improve The Mind-Body Connection

CBD & Meditation: Ways to Enhance Your Mind-Body Connection

In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving world, anxiety and stress are an unavoidable part of a lifestyle. In such a time, spiritual awareness is essential for comprehensive well-being and affluent life. This is achieved by practicing Yoga. Originated in India, Yoga for mind and body has been in practice for hundreds of years for its countless benefits. Such practice includes poses or asanas, which are highly advantageous in enhancing inner awareness and boosting mindfulness.

CBD is a natural product that shares similar benefits to Yoga. People practice Yoga regularly to achieve supreme body awareness, and CBD can help intensify these sessions. For many years, people have been combining CBD Yoga to enhance their mind body connection. These two together provide holistic benefits and are helpful to calm stress, improve mood, induce sleep, and alleviate pain. They can also amplify therapeutic properties and intensify the mind-body connection by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Today we list four ways to strengthen the mind body connection with CBD and Yoga.

One of the main reasons for people practicing Yoga is to achieve mindfulness. Practicing Yoga can help you avoid anxiety and stress. Proper mental health is essential in every phase of life to stay calm, prevent depression, and lead a lifestyle free from tensions. It includes psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Yoga for mind and body provides people the ability to fight panic situations when they can’t breathe. When too much stress affects the body, practicing Yoga and concentrating on breathing can divert the mind from anxiety and provide a sense of relaxation. Yoga asanas such as Sukhasana, Sasangasana, and Uttanasana are effective Yoga poses to alleviate stress.

CBD is a rich source of anti-anxiety beneficial properties. Its holistic nature can reduce stress, enhance the state of mind, prevent depression, and treat anxiety disorders. Moreover, CBD supplements may also improve the circulation of the neurotransmitters all over the body, resulting in euphoria. Consumption of CBD gummies before a yoga session can help acquire these holistic benefits. When incorporated with magic mushrooms, CBD Yoga can give a more relaxed feeling than ever experienced.

How to Balance Chakra Position With CBD?

  • Can Enhance Concentration

In the fast-paced world of today, concentration is a big thing to achieve. People hardly have the patience to pause and enjoy the pleasures of life, let alone concentration. For such a state, Yoga and CBD is an effective solution.

People mostly practice Yoga in the morning to reduce distractions and divert the mind towards the inner self. One can take CBD supplements while practicing Yoga to intensify the levels of concentration. Consumption of cannabidiol enhances the effectiveness of practicing Yoga. Consuming CBD regularly for a few days can help you achieve better engagement and improve focus. The chemical compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system and raises levels of 5HT receptors. As mentioned earlier, it also helps increase neurotransmitters’ levels, which further results in remarkably boosted productivity and better concentration levels.

Boost endocannabinoid system With Yoga For Mind & Body

  • Get Relief From Physical Pain

An injury or illness gives physical pain to the body, and a longer duration of pain can degrade human body functions’ performance. Practicing Yoga for mind and body can reduce pain like arthritis, migraine, joint stiffness, low back pain, neck pain, and chronic pain. A study highlighted that 313 people who suffered from chronic pain earned great relief by practicing yoga regularly. Moreover, the regular practice of Yoga also improves osteoporosis. Yoga strengthens the bone mineral density of the hips and spine, which helps prevent any fractures.

However, the practice of advanced yoga poses may sometimes lead to muscle stiffness. Here, CBD can be an excellent remedy. CBD is highly beneficial in reducing muscle pain and muscle soreness. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain. Using CBD in CBD oils and applying it to the affected areas can release muscle tension. Hence, CBD and meditation together helps reduce pain and muscle stiffness.

  • State of bliss

It is a fact that many people practice Yoga early in the morning to experience a state of bliss. Yoga calms the mind and provides tranquillity. Consumption of CBD and meditation are beneficial in providing a state of prolonged bliss. CBD and Yoga together can break down the Anandamide neurotransmitter responsible for generating bliss. CBD has the potential to delay the enzyme that breaks this neurotransmitter, which results in a more prolonged state of bliss.

Experience a State of Bliss With CBD Yoga


The cannabidiol products are efficiently ingested or applied to the body in the Yoga form. In some cases, the person can use CBD oil under the tongue before the Yoga practice. However, one can also use CBD lotion on the muscles before the Yoga practice. The person needs to wait a few minutes to absorb the oil or lotion applied to the body. This will enhance the Yoga practice and prevent the muscles and joints’ soreness during and after Yoga. CBD and meditation are a fantastic combo to enhance mood, improve concentration, alleviate stress, and reduce pain. Achieving control over the mind and senses becomes more comfortable with this combination.

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Hey! Hold there! The good news awaits…

Announcement of our New Fitness Website

We love talking about marijuana.

That’s what we have done for the past two years.

We eat cannabis.
We sleep cannabis.
And we walk cannabis.
And when we’re left with the final little scope— we talk, write, and share our stoning experiences with you.

You have been a part of our remarkable journey so far,

through tide and waves;
thick and thin;
come heavy water or thunder.

And that’s what makes this place a lot happening.

The idea of having MarijuanaSpan was to introduce the lovely readers such as you, the tidbits of herby-green plants.

Here’s how we have tried to cover your back for these many years:

  • When you wanted to cook some really quick-desserts for the uninvited and annoying guests, our content makers turned into your recipe books. They added some of the most palatable dishes to your cooking arsenal.
  • When you wanted to carry the strain to the mountains… and the beaches… and every land of uncertainty, our content makers became your personalized news sources and made sure you knew the laws of the land.
  • When you couldn’t sleep the other day, rolling on the bed restlessly, our content makers cum wellness experts ensured you had the best of the nights to seal the day off.
  • When you wanted to explore more on cannabis culture, but got tired of irrelevant content on the world wide web, our content makers broke down the culture for you, inch by inch.
  • And when you finally wanted credible information on marijuana products and how they interacted with the world, our content makers looked deeper into every cannabis product with their super-eyes for details, only to break science for you.

Truth be told— it was all for you!

And truth be told again— it will stay for you.

But despite all the efforts, we believe we have a lot more values to add to your life.

Yes, we really do.

We mulled over how we can do this for you.

So our team laid some fantastic ideas in front of us as if we were the Tony Stark of the moment, looking into our virtual screens, filtering the best options for the best readers like you.

*you can have a dry laugh for our poor sense of humour; we won’t feel bad*

Then we looked into niches such as tech, science, marketing, finance, business, etc., to name a few.

But nothing seemed as good as carrying forward the legacy of MarijuanaSpan as a health niche platform, specially built to serve fitness enthusiasts like you.

You know how the world works now.. Don’t you?

The “not-so-noble” CoronaVirus waits to knock on our doors.

The pollution is at an all-time high.

The food we eat in a week has a full plastic credit-card (nano size).

It motivates us to enlighten you through authentic health tips.

Yawnnn!! Yet another health expert?

We get you.

We get your concern entirely.

Why should you trust our health advice? Probably, we would have been stretching our mouths too.

But this is not “just the common-faced girl living next door.”

Mind you! We’re going to cover the Mariana trench of health— as deep and coherent to find you in the best shape.

Ladies and gentlemen… and the non-binary people.

Allow us to introduce our new health portal— TheFitSpan — a one-stop reference for your health and safety.

Wondering how the page benefits you?


  • When you’re down and knocked, the fitness tips will get you fighting hard in the ring of life.
  • When the world bullies you for health, you bully them back by your wellness actions.
  • When your friends turn into stiff-zombies, you show-up as flexible as rubber.
  • When your families and acquaintances suffer health setbacks, you take up the charge, like a real-bold person looking to prove their meat of will and power.
  • And finally, when you think you can’t get any healthier, you push your limits, challenge your arguments, and be the best version of yourself— EVERY DAY.


We’re not doing it only for you, but for us too.

We have a little vested interest in it.

Ask us why?

Because we want to be having readers like you… putting your trust in us, forever.

And it comes with placing your health first…

So we hope to see you in both the world— the world marijuana and the world of fitness.

And on that note, we wish you all the luck reading our blog posts

(no, they’re not going to be that bad. But we will bomb you with real-good information)

Thank you.

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