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former hockey champion darren mccarty launched recreational weed sale

Historic day unfolds at An Arbor as Darren McCarty celebrates recreational weed sales launch

It was a gleamy pothead get together on Monday when one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan took the baton for selling recreational weed in their store.

Om of Medicine, Ann Arbor, which happens to be a state-licensed medical cannabis provisioning centre for almost a decade now has got a selling permit for recreational weed, which furthers their case for marijuana war they have been battling for years.

The dispensary got up and running in the area in June 2010, exactly after 18 months of medical marijuana legalization in November 2008. 

But this time around, they have come up with even stronger weed products in less than a year of recreational weed legalization which came into effect in December 2018.

Mark Passerini and Keith Lambert, the founders of OOM, were happy to see customers stretching long lines to get their share of unprescribed cannabis.

Passerini was very vocal about his happiness; however, he still feels that the war is a long way from getting over.

“From this point on— in the state of Michigan— nobody goes to jail for consuming a plant. I am very thankful that the An Arbor community has embraced us, and I can promise the community that we will always focus on them as we have done for the past ten years. We have also focused on the science of this plant,” Passerini said.

The state of Michigan doesn’t permit recreational Marijuana for citizens below 21, and the permitted ones aren’t allowed to carry more than 2.5 ounces of Marijuana in public spheres.

Adhering by the law of the land, the landing page of Om of medicine clearly cites that they are ready for adult use. 

darren mccarty launch recreational weed sale

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“We will be able to sell to everyone 21+. We are excited to move into this next stage of providing safe access to cannabis to our guests. We will have a separate, expedited line for our medical patients.” 

The launch was star-studded with the likes of Detroit Red Wings ice hockey legend Darren McCarty, veteran pot activist Chuck Ream, the democratic floor leader and state representative Yousef Rabhi, and Robin Schneider— the director of Michigan Cannabis Industry Association.

Chuck Ream became the official first customer of the recreational sales launch— the move adopted by OOM to pay respect to the seventy-three-year-old long-serving pro-weed activist.

Ream has been using Marijuana for over 50 years, and he finds it really fascinating because it somehow behaves as a stress buster for his health and supposedly for people who have used it.

The event unfolded with the ribbon-cutting ceremony where Robin Schneider paid tribute to the social justice movement.

“You can’t enter this industry without paying homage to the social justice movement and the patients who brought us where we are today.”

Yousef Rabhi was all praises for the dispensary for bringing the much-needed product in An Arbor.

“From the business perspective and from what you add to the community, Om of medicine has always been a part of An Arbor, and you guys have actually put your roots and invested in this community.” 

Om of medicine is the 5th dispensary in town to go full-fledged with medical and recreational weed services.

Into the third week of legal cannabis sales, and the area is already short of Marijuana produce.

The overall sales account for more than 3 million dollars in merely 15 days, and it will be interesting to learn how the local dispensaries meet the needs of over-enthusiastic weedsters.

[Fetured Image Credit: freep.com]

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