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Weed Accessories and Things to Carry

Takeaway: Identifying which strains suit you is another thing but knowing which weed accessories to use will help. Easy to carry, easy to use and efficient in time saving. These are your companion for wherever you go. Make your own smoking kit or gift it to a friend. Weed enthusiasts will love using these things that facilitate happy trips and time saving. Try these weed accessories to make the most of your smoking sesh.

Marijuana has become a part of our daily lives. Just like any other organic product, the cannabis population carries their products with them. You can’t trust anybody except your own usual budtender. Travelling with flowers is actually very tricky if you look at it. We want it to be subtle, discreet and smell proof. Books should smell like books and laptops shouldn’t smell at all. Keeping your stash is an everyday concern that troubles a lot of us.

An ideal solution is to invest in smart weed accessories. With the legalisation of weed there has been an immense boom. New ways of storing, preserving, smoking, inhaling, rolling, vaping everything. There is a new accessory invented everyday. We have gathered our list of top 5 that could be your dream smoking kit. If you have a loved one who is a weed enthusiast then you must gift them these essential add ons for a good trip.

In our daily lives we are so busy maintaining our lifestyles that we don’t have time to enjoy a good old session of flowers and god vibes. For such busy bees there is no time to waste. Hence there are accessories that make this easy and quick. Whether you’re travelling for business or just came back from a tiring day, you don’t want to wait. These weed accessories are just the thing, time saving, easy to use and smell proof.

Accessories also add to your weed etiquettes. They give you better ways to do the same old things like crushing, straining, storing and using. Many weed accessories are modern versions of the same old thing but more sophisticated. As is with anything that’s a trend, there are always sophisticated trending ways.

  • Grinder Card

Crushing could not be more sophisticated. This stainless steel card is a perfect match to our daily crushing activity. Curved edges and a shiny finish give this piece of metal an attractive look. Apart from looks there is a lot of utility to this too. Keep it in your wallet with the cards, take it out whenever you want and crush your flowers into fine grind pieces within a few. The arrow shaped net crushed your bud into little pieces.

  • Grasshopper Vape Pen

A literal pen shaped vaping device. Elegant in looks and efficient in design this vaping pen looks exactly like a pen. Except it does not write, it might help content writers write though. Discreetly designed this weed accessory is ideal for people who wish to keep their smoking habits private. The device comes with a lifetime warranty with options of Stainless Steel and Titanium builds.

Rice Rolling Papers

Rice Rolling PaperRolling a joint, blunt or spliff has become an art almost. Everybody knows the difference between a good paper and a wood paper. Rice papers are thin rolling essentials that make your joints taste exactly like the flower and nothing else. These burn slow and are trickier to roll. But if you really want to enjoy your flower and get it’s real taste then rice rolling papers it is.

  • Moroccan Ashtray

There are many kinds of ashtrays, but all of them fill quickly or show week old roaches in the deep end. Moroccan ashtrays are designed to hide the deep end and cure inwards. Designed with ethinic moroccan prints these add to the good vibe of your place.

  • One hitters

Ever want to take one single hit and get back to work? Those days when nothing at work seems to go for you and you need mood upliftment to get things back on track. One hitters are purpose built for these days. Fast to use and clean. Just fill it up and take a hit. There are various designs that one hitters come with. Based on your chosen cleaning method choose a one hitter that fits budget.

  • Hemper Keeper 3-in-1 storage

A crusher and a storage unit are two different things. You use one to crush your flower and the other to keep it safe. But what if a two in one existed? Yes it does. Heemper Keeper 3-in-1 storage is a multi-utility weed accessory that helps your crush your flowers in two compartments. Keeping the ground material and crushed herb separate.


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