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Army Men on Marijuana Farm

Takeaway: Cody Lindsay or better known as The Wellness Soldier has made a name for himself in the cannabis world. A former military man who was released for marijuana possession turned his failure into a success by following his dream of cooking and his liking for cannabis. He has dedicated his life to helping war veterans and soldiers by launching special programmes that focus on medical marijuana for veterans.

The cannabis industry is at its best, especially after Canada cannabis legalization no longer remained speculation. The enthusiasts have always promoted cannabis as a substance that is much more than the infamous “high” it gives. And the hero of our article, Cody Lindsay, said the same thing to the CTV news, Ottawa:

“People want to learn how they can use cannabis in different ways and not just to get high!”

Cody Lindsay, a former military man, was released from his duty in armed forces after he was caught using cannabis. But instead of making a fuss about it, Cody decided to prove his team, that humiliated him, wrong and created a business of his own, The Wellness Soldier.

Cody Lindsay took his business to the recently held Cannabis and Hemp Expo in Ottawa to showcase the endless possibilities that cannabis has to offer.

He is a cannabis culinary expert, and in the expo, he showcased his talent of amalgamating cannabis with exquisite food dishes like chimichurri and horseradish cream sauce.

In spite of having a bitter farewell with his troupe, Cody remains a veteran at heart and launches special programs that focus on medical marijuana for veterans.

His website is proof of how life could shift your focus in the most surprising way. From using cannabis for his medical reasons and getting fired to help others using marijuana creatively and making money, this soldier has surely created a world out of his failure.

This may have been his fate which the future soldiers might not share with him. After Canada cannabis legalization, the Canadian Armed Forces allow the officers to use medical marijuana, of course, with limitations.

Be it with limitations, Canada has taken a step forward in fighting the bigger battle, i.e., opioid addiction. The state of the US veterans is devastating because of their dependence on opioids, and the illegal status of the most promising natural alternative- medical marijuana is only adding fuel to the wildfire!

The availability of CBD-infused products, the non-psychotic products made from hemp extracts, is really helping the veterans and athletes of the US but a bigger change could be exercised by taking a leap that Canada was brave enough to take.


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