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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Function

Alkiviades David, the Greek billionaire heir, offers Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a remunerative offer to get into the hemp business. The royal-duo stepped down from the ‘Senior Royals’ seats earlier in the first month of the year.

Since then, the couples have been residing in 5½-acre Santa Barbara estate. The entrepreneur believes that the current home to the royal-pairs is ideally suited for cannabis cultivation.

He says that his offer is “the golden opportunity” for the doublets to try their hands in one of the most lucrative businesses in Santa Barbara. The opportunity could get the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to have their hands on $3.9 million every year.

Soil and weather of Santa Barbara, the city on the central coast of California, have probably made the place a hotspot for crop cultivation.

The pot-growing industry filled the local tax treasuries by $20.94 million last year, a notable rise from 2018. As cannabis-use gets rampant traction in one of the US’s most potent state economies, Alki finds cashing-in openings in the region.

He says that he has customized hemp seeds for the royal family. “I would like to handover these specially-cultivated seeds to Harry and Meghan for free.” Says David. The businessman-cum-television director hopes to buy his custom-made seed once it sprouts into a crop.

“The seed works as a painkiller. We’ve named our custom-tailored seeds the ‘Prince Harry seed,'” added Alki, in the interview.

To emphasize the seriousness of his offer, the cola bottling heir has gone on to invite the royal-duos to his Malibu home the upcoming month. He’s expecting them next month at his mansion, hoping to present the ‘Prince Harry Seed’ wrapped in a golden box. The mastermind of the customized-hemp seeds has signed similar contracts with other renowned growers in the area. Last year his company— SwissX— launched the first Cannabis-tied Cryptocurrency and Global Hemp Exchange.

“The royal deal is individually-tailored for the likes of Prince Harry,” he added.

Built under the special-supervision of a genetic team, Harry Seeds are the product of the brainbox, Dr. Olof Olsson, a Phd biotech researcher from Lund University. The genetic-tailoring has been done to achieve a high amount of Cannabigerol, CBG, the precursor of other essential cannabis elements, including CBD and THC.

He says, “the CBG-ladened seeds are to target the mass who rely on alternate means to subdue their pain.” “It’s a natural analgesic and painkiller part of cannabis,” he added. “To make it readily available and trespass the hard-cannabis law, the psychoactive element of hemp, tetrahydrocannabinol, has been reduced to a ‘non-screenable’ level of 0.001 percent,” Alki further claimed.

To further strengthen his deal-commitment, the founder of SwissX commits to buying back the crops at fair market rates. “The deal-partners will receive free training apart from the seed supplies and pot-growing materials. These cultivating partners will also have a share in the hemp plant,” stated further.

After stepping down as full-time working royals, the son of Prince Charles bought a mansion in Santa Barbara at an estimated price of $14.3 million. Since then, they’ve been eyeing the right set of circumstances to earn a moving income.

David promises to pile-up $3.9 million with three harvests a year for the royal-couples, having annual operating costs lingering around $13,000 per acre.

The rolling hills and near-constant cool-climate weather make Santa Barbara an ideal location for chardonnay and pinot noir wines. But the hemp trend and eco-support have made a large number of vine growers migrate or scale their businesses to medicinal plants too.

Santa Barbara represents a small part of California, barely 1.2 percent of the state. However, the region was given one-third of the state’s hemp cultivation licenses last year. The weather support and traction among the locals have pushed Santa Barbara in the race of the top hemp-growing area.

Alki says, “he wants to harness the ethical potential of the duo.” “Their caring nature aligns well with the therapeutic potential of the plant.” He further assumes that ‘the duo will be interested in exploring the area as they are strong fits in other awareness campaigns like HIV and the natural environment.’

“Harry’s father loves to talk to his plants while he’s on a growing mission,” says David. He’d expect the Duke to follow the similar compassionate approach. The couples are surely mulling over the deal though they haven’t officially announced any acceptance of the invitation.

[Image Credit: https://stylecaster.com/meghan-markle-prince-harry-react-royal-titles-strip-queen/]

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