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Hemp Hearts Seeds In Heart Shape Plate, Spoon, & Bowl

If you’re like me, lemme guess, you’ve used boatloads of hemp-infused items but never heard of hemp hearts. I mean… I took hemp products for two good years. That’s a long-long period.

I prepared marijuana-based recipes during these years, including mouth-savory steak salads and super-appetitive bruschetta, to name a few. Despite all the honors I had to enjoy hemp, I never heard of its raw shelled interior: hemp hearts.

You need to put two people under tight scrutiny for undermining these cute-little hearties: the marketing industry and, of course, myself. Marketing because I have no clue why they would miss such beneficial raw shelled hemp seed interiors and myself because I have no clue why I would miss such helpful raw shelled hemp seed interiors!

Want to laugh at me? Well, you have every right to do so. I’ve kept away an instrumental soft inner part of hemp seeds from you. But these days, raw-inners are a pantry staple for my family and me. Not to miss the twisted quote I follow… A hand full-of hemp-hearts a day keep the stress away.

Finally, after a month’s research on hemp hearts, I’m confident that I can add some clarity to it and justify the super-sacred element in the hemp seed. So are you ready for weed-fun?

What are hemp hearts

You and I are so accustomed to hemp strains; I wonder if we’ve ever gone through hemp seeds with a scrutinizing look. If you watch them closely, they’re not the tiniest-self of hemp. You can break them down into soft inner-selves. So when you remove the outer shell, what you’ve inside is the hemp heart.

Think of hemp as molecules. Can you break them down? Absolutely yes. What do you get once you cut-throat it? Atoms! Hemp hearts are like atoms. They’re rich in nutrients, and organic stuff, like atoms, have electrons and neutrinos within them. Yeah, yeah! Boring physics. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! You need not scrap your hair off the head; we’re not getting into the quantum. Where was I? Yes! Hemp hearts!!

Not all generous hearts are red. Some are green and cream.

You might be wondering if these hemp hearts are like those typically red-hearts portrayed in movies and books. No! No! They don’t have that shape; they don’t have that color either.

They are very soft in texture. The feel, the appearance, the aesthetics are quite relaxing. Not to forget their taste. They’re nutty-gritty! These seeds dress in green and cream cloth, I mean… the colors.

But these hearts are the original heart-hackers, much more authentic than those imposter heads who call themselves the “real heart-hackers” on social media. 😛 Why do I say this? Because once you add these inner-seeds in your daily supplements, you’ll give away your heart immediately. Got it?

Now here’s the real deal. This is why you’ll love them.

There’s no defined science for having hemp hearts. Even sugar and salt have certain limitations. But hemp hearts? You can have them raw or cooked. Sprinkle them on cereal and smoothies, or slather them on salads and oatmeal. Put them on granola or a big barbecued burger.

Different Types Of Hemp Hearts SeedsSo with versatility comes the responsibility of creativity! I mean… a product can maximum be versatile. But what makes it truly remarkable is your creativity to infuse it in as many recipes. Hemp hearts clearly scream to be used in different recipes; it’s only a matter of your creativity. Considering you’re high on creativity, I’m sure you’ll crack wonderful hemp heart recipes.

But is it the hemp I’m thinking? The marijuana guy?

Noooooo!! I know where you’re going. Hemp hearts are not equal to marijuana hearts. They might belong to the same family but are quite different from each other. Think of them as brothers who picked different paths: one took the therapeutic approach, and the other took the recreational.

I’ve seen people differentiating between them through good and evil paths, but I’d leave it to you to decide because my personal judgment is quite unnecessary and mindless. So hemp and cannabis belong to the same marijuana family. While cannabis has thc, the psychoactive stalk responsible for giving you the euphoric highs; hemp has cbd or other non-psychoactive components, the medicinally potent part of the plant.

So no!! Hemp heart is not a marijuana guy. It’s a non-psychoactive substance. You must know the United States allows hemp with thc under 0.3%. Had you been making friends with thc-laden marijuana guy, you’d most probably end up staring at the cell walls. Such are the laws! You can’t help.

Hemp heart benefits: all the right reasons why you need these edible granules

I’m not trying to sell you hemp hearts. My boss doesn’t pay me enough to endorse these products. Just kidding! I don’t need to approve it. Hemp heart benefits are enough to get you off the seat and book your share.

But you have a legit thought. Why should you incorporate it into your life when there are worldly-alternatives in the world? Well, if only I could explain to you in a one-powerful-liner. But I’m a writer, and I gotta stretch it. :p

So my friend. Hemp hearts are an absolute treat to your body. If you ever wanted to treat yourself, get these hearts for you. To treat your muscles soreness and inflammation.

Gymming or running, tennis, or swimming, many aspirants and professionals often seem to miss the necessary proteins needed for the body. As a result, their body withers, and they feel tired.

Fortunately, hemp hearts have protein. Not just protein but twice the amount of protein you get from flax and chia seeds. And it’s low in carbs. Having them could mellow down body inflammation so that your muscle recovers, and you’re right on the running track firmly.

If only hemp heart would stop at this. But they’re the hearts of hemp; you see… the heart from which hemp strains come out. So they’ve to be right on the money. They offer the bang of every buck with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. If I had to pick a second name for hemp hearts, I would name it the fundamental island of amino acids… because they’ve all the nine essential amino acids that we need to make a complete protein source.

Hemp hearts nutrition: breaking it down

I think before you add hemp hearts to your daily diet, it would be wise if you know everything about its nutritional values. Scroll down! I am breaking down the list of hemp hearts nutrition. The list covers the nutrition for 100 g (10 tablespoons) as approved by USDA:

  • Calories: 552.78
  • Fat: 48.1g
  • Sodium: 4.9mg
  • Carbohydrates: 8.65g
  • Fiber: 3.9g
  • Sugars: 1.66g
  • Protein: 31.63g

Hemp heart has a very healthy impact on your health, god promise.

Hemp heart nutrients are enough to justify how good they’re. But their health impact, oh my freaking god! I don’t want to throw hyperboles, but they’re amazing. Research on animals shows how good these hearts can be.

Though we don’t have precise data on human trials and there’s a lack of controlled study, I guess we have valuable details to push them as therapeutic prospects. Afterall, it’s not that we don’t have any data on it. So here’s how hemp heart can affect your life.

#1 Hemp hearts for your heart

It would be ‘stoobid’ if hemp hearts didn’t please your heart. But fortunately, it does for everyone. Like any chia and flax, hemp hearts are heart-healthy. It means… a healthy body needs healthy cardiovascular proceedings.

If you’re wondering what these proceedings are, well, everything that’s associated with the heart. Inflow and outflow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients flow in the blood, the health of veins and arteries, heart rate, etc. everything needs to be appropriately functional, so you live a good life.

But I know keeping them in check is not easy. If you don’t believe it, just roll-back to your lifestyle, mental condition, and diet habits, and you’ll be surprised how you’re adding junk to your body. Anyway, my point is simple: hemp hearts have omega-3 and omega-6. Studies have indicated that these fatty acids are necessary to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

#2 Hemp hearts for diabetes control

If you ask me about a disease I’ve always been around, it’s diabetes. My parents have it; my grandparents had it. The entire lineage seems defective. Chances are high I’ll develop it in some period. Sad! Isn’t it?

Hell no. In hemp hearts, we trust! These seeds-inside-seeds are rich in magnesium. Did you know your body needs magnesium to control blood sugar levels? Diabetes is hell-of-a-problem. People with type-2 diabetes have shown low magnesium content, including my parents. :/

That said, I’ve armed myself with hemp hearts to fight this low-scum disease that’s sickening earth’s half the population. So here’s my game plan if my body has to fight varying blood sugar levels.

Firstly, I take a daily dose of hemp hearts. Second, the magnesium in the hemp heart dissolves in my bloodstream and breaks down the sugars. And thirdly, it shall reduce the risk of insulin resistance to prevent the risk of diabetes. Easy plan? Yeaaah! So I’m sure you’d want to have the same plan if you don’t want to be forcibly-abstained for sweets and confectionaries.

#3 Hemp hearts for bones

I’m surprised how magnesium is multi-tasking. It’s any day better than the lowly-cognitive idiot like me. When you hit your 40s, and your bones start trembling as if they would crumble in the first spurt, you need something to avoid this scary thought. And magnesium helps you get past this terrible idea.

Hemp Hearts Seeds in White BowlsNot just your sugar level, but it also leads to stronger bones. Studies indicate there’s a direct correlation between magnesium and bone mineral density. If you ask me in simpler terms, if this density is high, you’ll have lesser bone fracture risk and osteoporosis.

So if you want to be jumping off 6 feet walls, or catching a local train in your 40s, or elope with your date and run away like Usain Bolt, start having hemp hearts, right from the moment now!

#4 Hemp hearts for cognitive functions

How can we not talk of the brain when we’ve talked so much about the heart? Usually, people call each other the opposite extremities: the heartful person can’t be cognitive, and a cognitive person can’t be heartful. I say we need a balance between emotions and rationality.

Hemp hearts do that to your heart and cognitive health, unbiasedly. This is why I’m in love with these seeds. Elementary studies have shown the hemp heart prevents memory damage from inflammation.

Let’s say you’re suffering from a traumatic head injury. There’s a small region in your right-head area, the hippocampus. If you’ve hurt or injured it, there can be cognitive issues, which include Alzheimer’s. And I think you know what the disease is. I’m glad hemp hearts have shown promising results so far though we need far more solid substance in it. But there’s no harm in trying this organic tiny-seed.

How to use hemp hearts

I did mention it… the versatility hemp hearts present is mind-blowing. You have to wake-up and shake-up yourself holding your own collars to test creativity on it. Still… I’d give you a few hemp hearts recipes to use.

  • Do you like avocado toast? Put it on its top.
  • On toast with any butter and jam.
  • Sandwiched between the burger or stuffed in patties.
  • In a salad (you’d like to toast it for better flavor)
  • Steak salads
  • Sprinkled in puffs and sandwiches
  • Toss some in smoothies
  • Baked items such as pizzas, muffins, breads, cookies
  • Chocolate or ice-cream recipes
  • In energy bars and balls
  • Cakes, waffles, and pancakes
  • Worked in hummus

I thought of these in 5 minutes. The list is endless! You can think of any recipe and try to incorporate these hemp babies in them.

How do you store hemp hearts

Not all good things last. By that sense, I’m immortal! Haha! Okay, so hemp hearts are good things that stale quite quickly. Provided, you’ve orphaned them in the open. But if you give them an excellent place to live, like a tightly packed mason jar or box, they’ll live long to see you grow a year older.

Hemp hearts are like polar vampires. They like dark areas in cool places. And they hate moisture. A dry place is the best way to prevent them from spoiling. Did I mention it’ll last for a year only when you’ve sealed and stored it in the refrigerator. Keeping in a pantry might not do the same trick. Well, 3 or 4 months, and you might have to deal with nose-hair burning rancid smell.

When it’s best to have hemp hearts

Can you have it now? Have it! Hemp hearts are best to have annually. There’s no seasonal-tag attached to it. Though it’s harvested in the fall, you can buy packed hemp hearts from reputed brands.

Getting rid of thc entirely from it may not be possible. So get one that’s readily sold in the market and are legally accepted by the government and organically accepted by people.

Key takeaways— healthy hemp heart
Hemp Hearts Seeds

  • A healthy hemp heart is not hemp seed. It’s the part you get after you’ve removed the outer shell of the seed.
  • Its versatility is incredible! You can use it in A to Z of the recipes.
  • It’s potentially a medicinal crutch.
  • Hemp heart nutrition is good for the heart and bones.
  • Diabetes patients may have relief from ever-fluctuating sugar levels.
  • Careful storing is necessary.

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