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Hemp paper vs Tree Paper— Comparing The Two Most Widely-Accepted Paper-Types

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The history of word documents is three decades old. But the history of paper is three millennia old. Three millennia = three thousand years. That’s a considerable period.

We won’t be surprised if it makes another millennia or two— provided we survive to see them.

That said, one thing which has changed throughout civilization is the way we manufacture these papers. The first paper was partly made from hemp— and we called it hemp paper. Currently, our primary paper produce comes from wood pulp.

If hemp paper is sustainable, woody pulp papers are reliable. We’re naturalists, and we believe in the organic processes.

We don’t like to part our opinions when both the industries are doing commendable jobs. While hemp papers are eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable, recyclable; woody pulp papers are reliable.

Replacing our massive demand for paper with hemp paper in a snap of a finger is unrealistic. We rather like to keep realistic goals. Every industry has a phase. As of now, the woody pulp papers have captured the market efficiently. The mass production accomplishes the needs on time and at a budget-friendly cost.

It’s unrealistic to think that hemp papers will capture the market like a wildfire as soon as it’s made mandatory or compelled in the industry. No! The industry doesn’t work with non-naturalist forces.

Hemp papers will best enjoy the sustainability status when people accept it organically and denounce the use of woody pulp at will. Mandatory laws, in the name of climate change, may backfire and cripple the economy.

We still haven’t perfected the hemp paper technology for mass-producing the kind of papers we buy.

Furthermore, we haven’t perfected the technology for mass-producing hemp papers. We’re used to buying bulk-produced papers like printer papers, toilet rolls, newspapers, etc.

Hemp Leaves On Hemp PaperBut what we don’t have perfect doesn’t stop us from refining them. Many companies have set examples. They are steadily switching from woody pulp paper-production to hemp paper production, trying to set industrial norms that could fit well with resolving the climate change.

But the quality of hemp paper is better than woody pulp. Perplexed why we don’t know it?

Hemp paper is made from the fiber of hemp plants. Bast fiber grows outside the stalk of the plant and gives the strength it needs. It can either be long or short. Papers made up of bast fiber are thin, brittle, and sturdy.

On the other hand, pulp papers are not tough and durable like bast papers. But they have their advantages. They are beaten easily into softer papers that we prefer in our everyday use.

That said, the quality of hemp paper is better than woody pulp papers. Moreover, their compositions are quite similar. Despite having the better quality in line with almost identical composition, why don’t we see hemp papers more often? To understand that, we’ll have to time-travel to history.

Hemp papers are the future. Sure! Were Hemp papers the past? Definitely!

While you may think hemp papers have suddenly emerged out of thin air to improve our present and future, let us remind: Hemp papers were the woody pulp papers of the 18 and mid-1900s. They have always existed lest the authorities never wanted us to acknowledge it.

Here’s a brief hemp paper history that you need to know.

  • The world’s first paper was partly based on hemp. China is the oldest civilization of having it used. The Han dynasty made hemp papers in 150 to 200 BC, replacing the stone and clay carving for sending and receiving messages.
  • The popularity of hemp paper spreads to Europe, then the middle east, to the rest of the world. Hemp papers were shipped, covering delicate items to the other parts of the world. The world borrowed the technique and implemented it for the coming 1500 years on cigarette papers, novels, filter papers, and banknotes. The bible, the books of Agatha Christie and Mark Twain, were printed on hemp papers. The Russian paper mill printed their notes on Hemp papers.
  • America had its share of hemp use. North America saw the upsurge of hemp papers in the 1600s. The farmers were legally allowed to grow hemp plants. The declaration of American independence was written on the hemp papers. The words of the revolution were spread through hemp pamphlets in war-time.
  • Hemp started losing its glory in the 1900s. Synthetic textiles and newspaper lobbies created monopolies with the authorities to suppress the production of hemp papers. By the mid-1930s, laws were brought upon to criminalize hemp cultivation and use. It’s quite ironic once the pulp-paper industry forced-shut hemp papers. Now, close to hundred years moving ahead, climate-change lobbyists are trying their best to rule out pulp-papers, thereby completing the circle.

You can’t ignore the benefits of hemp papers. You can only wait for it to get into the system effectively!

Fortunately, the U.S. Farm Bill 2018 legalizes hemp production. But we don’t have enough raw hemp support to meet the demand of the market. That said, we can only wait for it to get into the system effectively.

Hemp leaf in Hemp Paper Post CardHemp papers have multitudinous benefits in comparison to the pulp papers. Still, so far now— the cost and the inadequate supplies have stopped it from going berserk on all the top-shelves of the dispensaries. Hemp vs trees. Here’s why you should adopt hemp:

  • We need 4 acres of trees to produce the same amount of papers that 1 acre of hemp yields.
  • America cuts about a billion trees every year. If hemp takes over, we can get the job done in less than 25% of the total trees.
  • Hemp grows in 4 months. Cultivating it thrice a year on the same plank of land will eradicate the need of having wood pulps. By the way, trees take 20 to 80 years to grow. Good luck waiting an entire life, if you’ve cut it in your backyard.
  • The tree contains relatively low cellulose levels whereas hemp has higher cellulose concentration. Why is it important? Well, it’s the chief component of paper, cotton, rayon, ropes, etc.
  • Cellulose molecules are chained in sequence to give papers and ropes. Since trees have 30% cellulose, we need to cut more of them to meet our cellulose level. Hemp can have as much as 85% of cellulose, thereby preventing reckless deforestation.
  • Industries use toxic chemicals to separate 30% cellulose from the other 70% components: less cellulose, more chemicals, higher environmental degradation. Hemp consumes less toxic chemicals, making itself a brilliant fit for an environmentally-friendly alternative.
  • Tree pulp has 20 to 40% lignin. Lignin is removed from the pulp to proceed with the paper processing further. Tree bark uses toxic ingredients and anti-environmental methods to get rid-off lignin. On the other hand, hemp fiber has only 4-7% lignin, and hemp shives contain 17-19% lignin. The low-lignin level quickens paper production and protects environmental degradation.
  • Hemp paper is any day more strong, durable, and sturdier than pulp paper. They don’t crack or pale down like tree papers.
  • Last but not the least— 1 acre of hemp is known to produce as good an oxygen content as 25 acres of trees. When did we last time have something that gave us the product we wanted without affecting the environment?

Making hemp papers is not rocket science. It’s quite the same as traditional paper-making. The only difference is— hemp paper cuts above as an eco-friendly product.

You’d be surprised to know that hemp gets us the paper what traditional tree pulps give— without really having us to have a radical change in our manufacturing processes. Check it out how we make hemp papers.

Step #1: We begin with harvesting high cellulose hemp plants. Prefer hemp fibers over hemp shives. Hemp fibers have cellulose levels close to 70-80%, hemicellulose upto 15-20%, and lignin upto 4-7%. Hemp shives contain cellulose just above 45%, hemicellulose close to 15-20%, and lignin upto 19-21%

Step #2: Debark hemp fibers. Cut them into small hemp chunks.

Step #3: Mix the hemp chunks in water. Add the chemicals that help break down the hemp pieces. The process will give a slurry mixture.

Step #4: Apply a little chemical processing for softness. Generally, we send tree slurry in pressurizing digesters to have virgin pulps. But we don’t need such a set-up for hemp because it’s not a hardwood and requires very little chemical processing for attaining softness.

Step #5: Rot the cellular tissue with retting. Keep doing it until you have hemp pulp in the container.

Step #6: Hemp pulp is not the purest form of pulp we want. It has unwanted adhesive lignin. Rinse it with water and get it removed from the pulp. Since hemp doesn’t have high lignin content— we don’t need anti-environmental chemical processes to have pure hemp pulp. Methods like oxygen delignification and autohydrolysis are way more pro-environment moves.

Step #7: Once we have lignin out from the pulp, we heat the residue. The residue is then flattened and beaten into thin hemp papers. Depending on your use— you can have them moulded into hemp paper or hemp toilet rolls.

What if we replaced pulp papers with hemp papers overnight? Let’s see its implications.

  • Hemp papers will not be restricted to printing papers. They will swipe the most crucial paper markets such as rolling papers, art papers, banknotes, stationary, archive papers, beverages bags, religious books, packaging, novels, paper blends, filter paper, hygiene products, and many more.
  • The US will become the largest consumer of hemp paper. Currently, the states consume 33% of the worlds’ paper. Replacing it with hemp papers will make America the largest consuming market.Man Have Hemp paper Bag
  • The United States will consume 60% of the worlds’ paper by 2050. Switching it with hemp papers overnight will have America reach the target much quicker.
  • We will have hemp reused seven times in comparison to the wood pulp that’s recyclable only thrice.
  • If all the variables of one acre of hemp and trees are kept the same, hemp will produce more oxygen than trees.
  • The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper that need half the tree cut. By his lifetime, he will have used over 50-70 trees only for toilet rolls. With the higher cellulose content of hemp, we’ll have enough toilet paper rolls to reach the moon.

The key takeaways of hemp paper

  • Don’t be astonished. Hemp paper is not something unique. It has always existed— hidden under the official propaganda.
  • Hemp paper industry needs a minor retooling in the existing wood pulp companies. Maybe 40% of changes, and you’re good to go.
  • Hemp papers are unlikely to happen soon. The decades of prohibition demands hemp to have a margin of decades to get back on track.
  • Hemp papers are more natural to make. We’ll also cover DIY hemp papers in the future.
  • If hemp paper is sustainable, wood pulp paper is reliable. We need to master mass-production to have hemp replace the existence of traditional papers.
  • Hemp papers don’t have THC— the psychoactive element. While you may feel tempted to roll these papers to have euphoric sessions, these papers are devoid of the recreational component.
  • Be a naturalist. Support the natural, organic introduction of hemp in the market rather than forcing out woody papers with the brute. Yes, pulp papers degrade the environment, but you have an entrepreneurial opportunity to beat the traditional market by establishing a hemp set-up.
  • The recyclability and reusability of hemp papers bestow chances to have a waste-processing plant.

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8 Best CBD Chocolates To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in 2021

Best CBD Chocolates To Buy Online In 2021

Well, I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of CBD.

I have checked plenty of articles on CBD, and no one comes straight to the point.

You ask recipes; they tell the history of CBD.

You ask for the best valentine CBD gifts; they tell how THC and CBD are different. You ask for the best CBD chocolates; they tell you everything other than the chocolate.

Are they serious? Don’t tell me! I’m coming right on the money today, so you don’t have to cram your head with valueless data on CBD.

So, what is CBD chocolate?

CBD is like a magical hat that keeps popping-out the rabbit. When you think you can’t have anything else with it, CBD comes up with a new product! Bam!

Now we are talking about CBD chocolate.

Not that they’re new in the market, but they’ve recently taken a more serious role of therapeutic CBD chocolate among patients suffering from inflammation, epilepsy, and cancer.

And what do we say about chocolates? They have a sense of superiority as they can work along with almost anything in this world. Funny, isn’t it?

So you’re having two best things that can make you feel better: CBD + chocolate = CBD chocolate.

Imagine everything doubling… the intensity, the special feeling, the cheerful mood. What else do you expect from the best CBD chocolates in the market?

We gotcha! Drooling already?

Sure, now you want to buy them. Don’t worry!

We’re answering your drooling-calls right away. Look nowhere but these eight CBD best chocolates online.

Eight brands to choose for best CBD chocolates:

Call it CBD chocolate bars or marijuana chocolate bars, Green Roads nail their online store with the fresh addition. It’s a CBD dark chocolate bar with 180mgs of CBD to alter your mood in no time.
CBD Dark Chocolate By Green RoadsWhether you’re a day person or a night person— CBD chocolate from Green Roads is one of my favorite picks. The CBD for chocolate is extracted from legal American-grown hemp.

Key points:

  • 62% of cacao gourmet
  • Best for vegans
  • 15 mg per chocolate cube
  • Extract type is isolate
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Tastes good & relaxes the mood
  • Aids quick night sleeps


  • $24.99

So wanting a relaxing day after stressful work or needing more focus to carry on the day’s chores, CBD chocolate bar by Greenroads

  • CBD Chocolate cookies by CBD AmericanShaman

I don’t rate chocolate cookies any less than chocolates. Ask me why? Probably because cookies and chocolates blend so well. Many plain CBD chocolates may feel overwhelming to your taste buds, but CBD chocolate chips sprinkled over the cookies feel well balanced and superb.
American shaman hermit cookiesYou never really feel you’re going off-board with chocolate. Plus, the sugar rush is not bothering you with the neatly-balanced texture of the cookies. Should you look to satisfy your sweet tooth, these baked chocolate cookies are the best fits. They’re baked with love, with ten mg of CBD per cookie.

Key points:

  • Six pieces/pack
  • The mixture of chocolate chips, pecan, and oatmeals
  • Ten mg per cookie
  • Total consumption size: 224 grams


  • $15.00


  • Great for mental well-ness
  • Mouth savory combination of oatmeal and chocolate
  • Relieves mood instantly

Your evening munching can end up very unhealthy. What would you have? Boatloads of unhealthy cookies or therapeutic CBD chocolate cookies?

  • Chocolate bars by Kiva

Don’t tell me packaging doesn’t matter because when I looked at Kiva’s chocolate bar, I could help but order varieties of dark chocolate flavors. I can attest to the fact; Kiva nails in branding their CBD chocolates.

First, they have stunning, pleasing eye packaging. Second, their chocolate bars have cannabis embossed on them. Wow! You can’t take your eyeballs from it. And third, dark chocolates have plenty of sub-categories. Now, I don’t know many CBD online stores that do it.Kiva chocolate bar Here’s the flavor to watch out for: Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Blackberry dark chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolate, Espresso Dark Chocolate CBD, Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate, Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate, Churro Milk Chocolate, and many more. Woof!

Key points:

  • All the flavors have customized ingredients
  • Has both CBD and THC serving in the bar
  • Powerpack mixture of the recreational and medical effect
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Relaxing and restoring your energy
  • 5:1 CBD: THC ratio manages your well-being and takes account of recreational enjoyment too
  • Fanciful flavors 


  • $20 to 35$

Don’t know your limits with Kiva’s CBD chocolate bars.

  • Hemp-derived CBD dark chocolate espresso chews by LordJones

There are chocolate bars, and then there are chocolate chews. Small as they may look, these CBD chocolate chews are the finest qualities of espresso packed in tiny balls.

Lord Jones CBD dark chocolate chew makes the list of best CBD chocolates because of its broad-spectrum quality. It means they’re free of THC. So all you have are different cannabinoids working in synergy to give you a sense of wellness. Why do I like them? Well, they are delicious to eat.
Hemp-derived CBD dark chocolate espresso chews by LordJones
You simply tear off the packet and toss it up in your mouth. There goes 20 mg of CBD in your mouth. You can trust this broad spectrum of hemp extract doing magic to your mood.

Key points:

  • 20mg CBD per individual chew, five-count per box, 100mg total
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Relaxes you and induces mental well-being
  • Helps your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle


  • 30$

Now get out of your comfort zone and toss CBD espresso chews for a change. Gift the entire box to your friends, families, and relatives.

  • CBD chocolates by CBD oils and edibles

Allow me to introduce one of the cheapest but finest CBD chocolates from CBD oils and edibles. Its price is the USP; however, its terpene profile adds more versatility to its taste and texture. If you’re up for satisfying your sweet tooth without burning a hole in your pocket, this has to be the best CBD chocolate in my eyes.

There have been many CBD chocolate reviews, but most of its social media reviews are organic and optimistic. Definitely a thing to consider while you think of buying CBD chocolates for your taste buds.
CBD oils and edibles chocolatesThe hemp-extracted CBD oil is mixed with chocolate dutch liquor infusion. Now that’s a bomb of a combination for your senses.

Key points:

  • 100% all-natural
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher ingredients
  • 25 mg of CBD per piece


  • Tasty treats with reduced stress, 
  • enhanced mood, 
  • and improved feelings of relaxation.


  • $9.99

If you want, you can grab an extreme relief toolkit from the same website.

CBD chocolate bar by CBD living

What’s better than delicious, creamy chocolate bars? CBD chocolate bars! Well, that’s not what I, but CBD living claims. Now, if you ask me to rate this chocolate, I’d say 4 out of 5 of which three is for its non-hempy aftertaste.
I have tasted many CBD chocolate bars, but they have a sense of hempy aftertaste, which amputees the chocolate’s natural texture. Not with CBD living’s chocolate bars These broad-spectrum bars have nano CBD that leaves you with a chocolate taste at the end rather than a hempy taste. Does that sell? Hell yes!
CBD living chocolate barThere are eight segments in the bar, of which each segment has 25 milligrams of CBD. Fascinating, isn’t it? The nano CBD droplets are sent to your bloodstream through the lymphatic system and give you an immediately relieving effect.

Key points:

  • 100% all-natural
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO
  • 25 mg of CBD per segment
  • Two variants: Milk and dark chocolates


  • Healthy for your sleep cycle
  • Works on impaired mood
  • Satisfying on taste buds


  • $15

I am not going to tell anyone. Whether you want to eat a segment or complete pie— have it as you wish.

  • Rosebud x Calivolve CBD Dark Chocolate Bar by Rosebud

If you thought CBD and chocolate are the best collabs, wait for Rosebud and Calivolve to have an epic partnership in crafting a decadent vegan dark chocolate bar.

What I love the most about it is the aesthetic. The rose sign embossed on each bar piece gives dark CBD chocolate a must-have craving in your chocolate box. Made with love, you can melt, break, and share with anyone you want.
Rosebud CBD chocolate
Now, wait for a second! Here’s the ultimate catch! Unlike other CBD chocolates, this one is a full-spectrum CBD oil, which means you’re enjoying all the essential cannabinoids, including THC, for mild-altering and medicinal effects.

My endocannabinoid system stepped up, interacting with this rich-in cannabinoid dark chocolate.

Key points:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • 25mg full spectrum CBD each square / 100mg full spectrum CBD total
  • Rigorous third-party, randomized lab testing


  • Good for relaxing
  • Mindfulness
  • 60% richer Cacao


  • $22

Just a piece of advice. If you’re going to get it, get it soon! They have limited editions for the Rosebud CBD chocolates that are in high demand.

CBD Chocolate bar by Vital Leaf

Three words that best describe Vital Leaf’s CBD chocolate bar: Smooth. Rich. Relaxing. These CBD bars boast 73% of Cacao, something other brands haven’t been able to replicate. It certainly means you’re not left with earthy, hempy taste in the last. Your taste bud has something to cheer about for long!

Vital Leaf CBD chocolate barAgain, as with the last chocolate bars, it’s a full spectrum CBD chocolate product. So you’re having all the cannabinoids in the plant playfully in your mouth without really having to worry about how to compile them in one food source.
Last but not least, each bar has ten mg of CBD. So you know how much to intake for revving up your energy.

Key points:

  • 1.7 Oz bar
  • 100 mg CBD/bar
  • Four favorite flavors: classic dark, hazelnut and sea salt, Quinoa Crunch, CBD Chocolate bar minis (a mixture of three flavors).


  • Goes soft on your mind for the calming effect
  • Manages your sleep rhythm and REM
  • Helps you focus while attention is luxury


  • $15

If you want to taste all the three-bar flavors in one, you can go for the variety pack.

The final call

So, what suits you the most? Full or broad-spectrum CBD chocolates? Also, I forgot to answer “does chocolate contain THC” earlier in the section. Yes, they do! That’s what we call them full-spectrum CBD chocolate bars.

There are also isolated THC chocolate bars with less or no CBD content. Let’s know what you’re looking to buy!

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Best Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Ideas For Your Stoner Girlfriend 2021

5 Best CBD Gifts For Stoner Girlfriend

It is often challenging to plan the perfect gift for V-Day. You have to know your stoner soulmate’s likes and dislikes well before you order the Valentine gift. However, a gift that gives good vibes and good health is always a good idea.

Maybe you can gift your stoner girlfriend some CBD infused goodies for a chill night or any other unique gift that makes her go on her knees! Well, look no further because we’ve made the ultimate Valentine’s day weed gift list, especially for weed lovers like you.

If you want your Valentine’s gift to be unique and special, we have some best options for you. You can either gift her CBD products such as CBD chocolates or CBD flowers, give her a memorable experience like CBD oil massage, or make something special like a delicious CBD meal!

We are confident that these Valentine’s gifts will add an extra dose of magic, happiness, and good health to your partner’s life. Furthermore, even if you’re single, we have Valentine’s day gift ideas for you as well. After all, it’s a great day to enhance your own me-time or chill with your stoner friends. Here are some creative CBD products and gift ideas for that special someone running on your mind.

Stoner Valentine’s Gift Ideas #1: CBD Chocolates

CBD Infused ChocolatesChocolate is always a great option for Valentine’s Day. But you can make it better by adding a slight touch of CBD. This V-day makes CBD infused chocolate. It is a well-known fact that Cocoa itself is a natural aphrodisiac and has several benefits for the brain and mood because of its large percentage of antioxidant molecules. 

This Valentine’s day, put a spin on that traditional romantic box of chocolates and gift your sweetheart CBD infused chocolates instead. They’re easily available these days and can be found on websites as well as at local CBD stores. 

If you’re a good cook or want to give a more personalized touch to Valentine’s gift for your stoner partner, you could even make your own CBD chocolates or CBD edibles. There are hundreds of CBD recipes online to help you. Along with a box of CBD chocolates, you can add other hemp and CBD products, CBD buds, jewelry, or scented candles for extra (pot) brownie points!

Where to Buy CBD Chocolates For Valentine’s Gift?

We have a few websites or online CBD store recommendation for CBD chocolates as follows:

  1. Lulu’s CBD Truffle

This CBD truffle contains 60 mg of CBD equally divided into three pieces and 3 mg of CBG. Along with CBD & CBG, it also contains 78% of Cocoa.

  1. Green Roads CBD Chocolate Bar

This dark chocolate bar is infused with 180 mg of CBD. The product is vegan and also contains 62% of Cocoa.

  1. Bhang CBD Dark Chocolate

This CBD dark chocolate by Bhang is made of high-quality full-spectrum CBD and is 100% vegan. If stored as per direction, this dark chocolate can have a lifespan of one year.

So these are our top recommendations for CBD infused chocolates.

Now let’s move to the next Valentine’s day gift idea for stoners.

Stoner Valentine’s Gift Ideas #2: The CBD Edibles

CBD EdiblesAnother valentine’s day gift idea is to gift your stoner girlfriend a hamper of CBD edibles. CBD edibles are always a preferred option for CBD enthusiasts, and there are high chances that your girlfriend likes them too.

CBD gummies, CBD honey, CBD dry fruits, and CBD sauce are known examples of CBD edibles. You can buy 2-3 products of each variety and make a beautiful hamper of it. Edibles do not only taste good but will also enhance the well being of your stoner girlfriend.

However, it is advised that before you buy CBD edibles, you confirm your partner’s choice and likes about CBD products. Otherwise, you may not lose the chance to make your partner happy but will lose your money too. If this sounds like a cool way to celebrate the day with your lover, then maybe this is the weed gift idea you’re looking for.

Where to Buy CBD Edibles For Valentine’s Gift?

Below are some of our recommendations for CBD edibles.

  1. CBD Edibles by CBD Store

This CBD website offers a range of quality CBD edibles, including CBD gummies, CBD honey, CBD coffee, and CBD peanut butter, among other products.

  1. CBD Edibles by Green Roads

In addition to quality CBD chocolates, Green Roads also offers a vast range of CBD edibles, including gummies, CBD cookies, CBD relax bars, etc.

  1. CBD Edibles by John’s CBD

John’s CBD is one of the leading CBD websites that offer some of the best CBD edibles that may help fight various diseases. CBD gummies and vegan CBD gummies are two of its major CBD products.

Instead, if you want to gift something unique to your sweetheart that can sustain for a long time, try CBD merchandise.

Stoner Valentine’s Gift Ideas #3: The CBD Merchandise

CBD Merchandise

The third Valentine’s day weed gift idea is– CBD merchandise. Yes, you can even buy CBD merchandise to make your lover pleased! There are companies everywhere selling CBD clothing and other merchandise. Besides, you can even design your own CBD outfits if you are good at it or want to give it a try.

CBD T-shirt, CBD Mask, CBD Shirt, CBD Bandana, CBD Stickers, CBD Jewellery, and CBD mobile case covers are some of the known CBD merchandise. You can either make a set of all these items or gift them their favorite ones. 

If you choose to DIY CBD merchandise at your home, just choose a favorite CBD quote or CBD design that you want to print or engrave on the merchandise. We are sure that there are some stores in your vicinity that are doing this customization.

Where to Buy CBD Merchandise For Valentine’s Gift?

Below is the list of websites that offer CBD merchandise.

  1. CBD Merchandise by TeePublic

If you are looking for something other than CBD clothing, Tee public is a perfect place to visit. Along with T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and other outfits, they offer CBD merchandise such as Mugs, Pillows, Phone cases, laptop cases, Totes, and Tapestries, among others.

  1. CBD Merchandise by Redbubble

Red Rubble is an excellent place to find CBD merchandise. They offer quite an extensive range of cool CBD stuff including masks, Tshirts, Stickers etc. Moreover, prices are also pretty much affordable. Go and check out their full collection.

  1. CBD Merchandise by Sunny Skies CBD

Sunny Skies CBD is another popular CBD merchandise website that sells good kinds of stuff. Tshirts and Hoodies are some of their well-known products. Besides, the prices are quite competitive, and products are of good quality too. Visit the site to find the full product line.

If you think that gifting CBD chocolates, CBD edibles, or CBD merchandise is not sufficient and rather wants to add a personal touch to your Valentine’s day gift, make a delicious CBD meal!

Stoner Valentine’s Gift Ideas #4: Cook a Delicious CBD Meal

Cook a CBD MealA great Valentine’s Day gift is an experience, like a good meal. There are so many CBD recipes available online. Plan a romantic night out with your sweetheart. You could impress your soulmate with your incredible weed cooking skills or can spend a great time by cooking some delicious CBD dishes together. 

CBD cake, CBD beverages, CBD lollipops, CBD cheeseburger, CBD peanut, CBD pizza, CBD Ice cream, and CBD infused waffles are some of the popular CBD recipes. We suggest you enhance the vibes with some great music, low lighting, and hemp candles.

Top 3 CBD Recipes

  1. CBD infused Cannabutter

If you love butter and want to experiment with CBD, CBD cannabutter is a perfect recipe. CBD cannabutter is a rage among CBD enthusiasts. The recipe is relatively easy and will not take more than 2 hours. We are sure that your girlfriend will like it too!

  1. CBD Pizza

Ahhh! CBD Pizza! Who can say no to this delicious CBD meal? If your girl is a foodie like you, this CBD recipe would be a perfect option to try this Valentine’s day 2021. We are very much assured that if you propose to her after having CBD pizza, she will definitely say YES!

  1. CBD Infused Ice Cream

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Ice Cream? We don’t think so! CBD infused Ice cream as a dessert would be an ideal way to end your Valentine’s day meal. However, it is recommended that if you are making it for the first time, make sure you add a very small amount of CBD to avoid any high or dizziness!

If you have already tried these recipes and want to learn new CBD recipes, check out the CBD Recipe section on our website to find some more delicious CBD recipes.

Stoner Valentine’s Gift Ideas #5: Give Your Dream Girl a Soothing CBD Massage

CBD Massage OilCBD massage oil has revolutionized relaxing romantic evenings. Massage is an excellent way to get close to each other and set a romantic mood before bed together.

Make a super intimate evening with hemp candles and take away the negative tension and stress from the day. Be the masseuse for Valentine’s day and give your partner a nice, erotic massage with CBD oil. We are certain that this exercise will help you create the sexy intimate vibes you want on Valentine’s day. 

If everything goes as planned, feel free to take this situation further with cannabis-infused lubricants!

Where to Buy CBD Massage Oil For Valentine’s Gift?

Below are some recommendations for CBD infused massage oil.

  1. Pure CBD Massage Oil by John’s CBD

Pure CBD Massage Oil by John’s CBD would be an excellent choice for body massage. Start with the forehead and slowly move towards the legs while applying the CBD massage oil all over your girlfriend’s body. This will reduce the muscle tension and make her feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Puravida Organic Calming & Relaxing CBD massage Oil by CBD Store

This CBD massage oil by CBD Store is quite an impressive product. If you and your girlfriend had a rough week or a day and want to ease that tension, this CBD massage oil would be a good option. The gentle massage all over the body– from head to toe, would be a calming, relaxing, and memorable experience for both of you and, ofcourse, a perfect CBD gift for Valentine’s day 2021.

  1. Drift & Dreamy Body Oil By Sagely

Want to spend some alone time with your sweetheart? Why not try Drift & Dream Body Oil by Sagely? Give a gentle massage to each other from head to toe with this CBD massage oil. Make sure you cover each of the parts, including head, chest, hands, thighs, and legs, for optimum effects. This will ease your tension and boost your mood.

The following section covers CBD gift accessories that you can gift to your sweetheart on Valentine’s day.

Stoner Valentine’s Gift Ideas #6: Weed Gift Accessories

Weed Gift AccessoriesYou can buy necklaces with the typical hemp leaf or cute molecule necklaces of CBD. It’s a fun and classy way to give jewelry on Valentine’s day.

You can find all the weed accessories online that you have dreamt of for your stoner dream girl. If you know their taste, you have the chance to choose something really unique. There are varieties of products related to CBD, including stash jars, cushions, hemp bracelets, herb grinders, bongs, and rolling trays, to name a few.

These accessories come in all sorts of styles and shapes. Such small details about his/her choices will manifest that you really love your Valentine and very well know about her likes and dislikes. There are even many CBD websites that offer personalized CBD lighters, stash tins, and bongs to have your special stoner’s name engraved on them.

Where to Buy CBD Gift Accessories For Valentine’s Gift?

Following are some of the CBD online stores where you can buy CBD Accessories.

  1. CBD accessories by Good CBD

You can gift some useful CBD accessories to your sweetheart this Valentine’s day. Check out the GoodCBD website to find some quality CBD accessories, including vape battery, oil cartridge vaporizer, sharp stone grinder, and others. Your girlfriend will surely remember you every time she uses these CBD accessories! Good idea! Isn’t it?

  1. Weed gift accessories by Herb Med

HerbMed is also a good CBD online store to visit. The website offers quite a good range of CBD accessories such as cigarette cone holders, vape chargers, and CBD lighter, among other accessories. The prices are quite reasonable. We are very much sure that your stoner girlfriend would definitely love these accessories.

  1. CBD accessories by CBD FX

What could be the better valentine’s gift for your stoner girlfriend other than a vape cartridge?! CBD FX is a leading CBD accessories seller that offers a range of accessories and stuff, including vape cartridges, sweatshirts, hats, & caps, to name a few. All these products are of good quality and have a reasonable price tag. Want your girlfriend to be happy and go down on you, buy these CBD accessories asap!

If you are not satisfied with the above Valentine’s day gift ideas for stoners, you can always choose ready-made weed gifts.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine's Ultimate GiftIf you’re a busy person and don’t have that much time to arrange them, you can always choose ready-made weed gift boxes. However, we recommended that you walk the extra mile and create the perfect stoner gift box for your Valentine. 

If you’re creative, put together edibles, CBD oil, munchies, jewelry, hemp bouquets, rolling paper, bongs to create the perfect Valentine’s day hamper gift box because no-one knows your Valentine’s favorite CBD products better than you!

Not Feeling Romantic?

If you’re single, why not buy yourself the weed gift you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself because you deserve it. It is not necessary that you spend Valentine’s day with your partner only, it is a great day to spend with your friends too. 

There are CBD products that could make fun wellness and pampering at night with the girls, or treat yourself to a sesh with your best buddies. If you like cooking, try out some CBD infused recipes with friends and have some tasty treats for a movie night. Or why not try out the Valentine x strain for an extra atmosphere?

There’s a gift for every weed lover out there. Have a great time with your special someone or treat yourself to a great night with friends. Whatever you do, there are so many ways to enhance your romantic day with CBD and hemp products. Get unique or get creative, and have a romantic, chill valentine’s day!

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7 Potential Benefits of Buying Your Smoking Supplies Through an Online Headshop

Benefits of an Online Headshop

Online shopping is one of the greatest conveniences this generation has seen. It allows you to order almost anything—from groceries, take away food, clothes, pet supplies, and a lot more. You just make a few taps on your smartphone. Your order can arrive in a matter of minutes or land on your door in just a few days.

Cannabis products and accessories—pipes, vaporizers, bongs, dab rigs, rolling papers—are also found on the web through retail shops and suppliers known as online head shops. They offer so many advantages as compared to your traditional brick-and-mortar store that, by the end of the article, you’ll surely want to grab your smartphone and click ‘Add to your cart’ for that smoking device you’ve wanted for so long.

Potential Benefits of an Online Headshop

#1. Convenience

Convenience is on top of our (and everyone’s) list. There’s no contest to being able to shop for your daily needs and smoking cannabis essentials from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to bother with store hours since online shops are accessible 24/7. It’s downright easy to browse and you can do it anytime or anywhere with an internet connection and a smartphone.

No need for pesky sales reps that insist on old stocks or force you into rip-off deals—you have control over the products you search and purchase. Besides, you don’t need to worry about who you might bump into a physical retail shop or what to say in awkward meetings since you can make transactions as discreetly as possible. You can keep your searches and your cannabis consumption as private as you want.

#2. Safety

The ongoing pandemic has led to community lockdowns in varying degrees. Local stores may be closed and suppliers may not have as much stock due to restricted mobility. But this doesn’t have to stop you from getting your supplies. There’s minimal human contact to online transactions or even none at all. Purchases and payments are automatically processed and the only human interaction you’ll have outside your home is to sign and claim your package. This ensures your health and safety while also getting you the supplies you want and need.

#3. Price

Online headshops offer more affordable prices than physical retail stores since they have fewer overhead costs. They don’t pay rent or pay sales staff. This enables online head shops to provide better alternatives that work well with your budget.

You can even compare prices from multiple sites and make informed choices for your purchase. Plus, customer reviews and user ratings can also give you an idea if the smoking accessory you’re eyeing is worth the buck.

Shopping online also gives you ample time to contemplate your items and assess which ones you want now and delay buying those that you don’t. You can modify purchases before check out or decide on a different item altogether for price deals. There’s no need to return items on the shelf as you can always check out whatever’s in your cart at your convenience.

#4. Selection

Benefits of online headshop

The best online headshop features a vast collection of smoking supplies and accessories. Products are sourced from commendable suppliers. Glass and wood products are made by skilled artisans and passed stringent quality control to ensure buyer satisfaction. Products are also aptly described and depicted from all angles to showcase the product. Descriptions regarding the size, color, and dimensions are likewise included in each picture.

You can search for items and generate a list that matches your search. Or you can find suggested products you can try instead. Online head shops also have featured items that can enhance your cannabis experience.

Aside from numerous choices for CBD vapes, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, and other accessories, online head shops can also offer monthly subscription boxes you can take advantage of. These subscription boxes give you a constant supply to sustain your cannabis needs. What’s more, you can opt for notifications from online head shops so you’ll be updated for new stocks or upcoming sales.

#5. Shipping

What could be sweeter than the best deals? Free shipping. Most online head shops offer free shipping for orders anywhere in the US. Online headshops partner with trusted carriers to deliver your items in discreet boxes. You just need to be patient though, as most deliveries arrive within 3–4 days after placement. Some shops may require IDs or signatures as proofs of delivery to ensure only adults receive the parcels.

#6. Customizability

Another feature of online shopping is customizability. If you can’t put a finger on what you want for a dab rig or a glass pipe, you can opt for a customized version instead. Online head shops can connect you to reputable glass blowers so you can get your desired design. Or, you can contact a wood artisan to craft your own pipe. Custom accessories may cost more, but if that’s required for an ultimate cannabis experience and for art’s sake, then, heck, why not?

#7. Product Support

Online stores also provide exceptional customer service. They have staff on standby to answer your inquiries about various smoking accessories and other cannabis-related products. Returns for broken items are acknowledged and replacements are promptly shipped. You can access online head shops through their website, or you can shoot them an email and you’re sure to expect a favorable response.

Order Away

Marijuana has once again made waves, and this time the online market is riding it by providing consumers with the option to order products and accessories through online head shops. With a wide array to choose from, free shipping, and best value deals, online head shops make cannabis shopping convenient and practical. It allows consumers to make informed choices about their purchases and gives them the option to modify orders to ensure they’re within reasonable means. Consumers not only get quality products for their money, as can also expect customer support for their inquiries and claims. What’s more, it allows cannabis users to remain safe while getting high right in the comfort of their own homes.

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Your fashion idea had gone warped… until hemp bracelet happened: hemp bracelet diy

Hemp Bracelet

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. Well, not entirely true! I guess Benjamin Franklin never had the pleasure to try those ornamental bands on his wrist. I’d add home-made bracelets to his legendary quote!

I mean… civilizations after civilizations, for 7,000 years, humans have been making bracelets and wearing them at least once in their lifetimes. So I’m not sure why someone as informed as him, would miss this.

You won’t believe it, but there’s certainly a divine power in our genes that push every one of us to make these hoops and flaunt them within our groups. I knew you wouldn’t believe it. Glad you didn’t! Please don’t take me too seriously with that statement… I talk stupid when I’m not done with enough sleep!

But I’m sure you must have tried making one for you and your childhood crush if not for those boring-rituals. Bracelets have been symbolic icons for love and kindness until adulthood hits you. Later in years, we wear them either for fashion or pleasing the sky-daddies.

Anyway, whatever be the reason, what’s sexier than a filled wrist? Especially when men play around these hoops with their fingers and women carry them gracefully with a smiling face. If you miss your childhood and haven’t had the luxury to make these bracelets in a long time, I’d say just get on it. Nothing is more convincing than the priceless happiness your family and kids will have with it.

For your information, you can make it right now!

The DIY bracelet is so easy you can make it right now. But it’s also quick as you only need one material from your kitchen: hemp ropes. So here will be the algorithm. You’ll go into the kitchen, follow my instruction, and voila! Your hemp bracelets are ready! Sounds quick & easy? Great!

So lemme guess. You have three reasons to make it.

  • Since you’re on this page, reading this blog post, I assume you’re already a hemp lover. So why not try it?
  • If you’re a hemp lover, chances are high you’ll have hemp ropes. So you need not go to the market to get these ropes. You can start it right away.
  • It’s your love for organic that you’ll want to make it today.

But before I get you into making these hoops for yourself, friends, and families, I’ll take a few minutes explaining hemp bracelets. I won’t take much time as I do in recipes. Brevity is the new king. God promise!

What are hemp bracelets

Hemp + bracelets = low-cost jewelry that’s made of love and compassion. Done! See. I said I wouldn’t take much of your time.

How to make hemp bracelets— hemp bracelets DIY

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have learned three ways to make hemp bracelets. Macramé, spiral, and beaded hemp bracelets.

1. Macrame hemp bracelets

Materials you need for making macrame hemp bracelets

  • Hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface
  • Tape

Step #1: Cut hemp twine into two equal lengths and make a knot.

Did you take your hemp twine? Cut it into two equal long pieces. I’d say keep it about 1.5 meters (just for the safety you don’t run short). Done? Great! Coincide the ends. Remember your maths classes? Follow the same idea of congruent objects. Fold both pieces in half and tie a knot at the fold.

We’ll be making an overhand knot for this bracelet. Well, it’s the most common knot that we make every day. Yeah, look down at your shoe; it’s the same basic knot we make while starting to tie shoes.

Hold those folded ends, yeah like you’d hold the hands of your partner, super tight! Make a loop by crossing it over the loose strand. Then repeat the cross, but this time under-side and pull the twine tight.

Please note: There’s no rocket-science and rabid-calculation for picking the size of hemp. Though applying them won’t harm you. My point is… the size of your wrist and the number of knots will decide the length of twine. If you’re an adult making solidly-knotted hemp bracelets for your wrists, twine of about 1.8m should do the trick. For kids and fewer knots, a shorter one would do.

Step #2: Fix one end on the flat surface with tape.

The idea of fixing it to one end will let you make further knots in the bracelet quite easily. You don’t want to be working on unstable hemp twine. So anchoring it will help you create hassle-free knots and patterns in the bracelet. Make sure you stick it tightly, so it doesn’t move and takes a firm hold. It’s an excellent way to pull the knots firmly and evenly. You’ll be able to keep it firm for a long time.

Step #3: Once you’ve fixed the knot, separate the strands.

Well, we have used an overhand knot on two ropes. Rights? So once you’ve separated them, you’ll find four strands of hemp. We’ll keep the two center strands together. And the remaining one strand each on both sides will be free.

Step #4: Make a loop with middle strands and left-strand.

I have mentioned this in the 4th step because it has significance. We’ll make a “4” shape from our strands. The left strand that you held, please cross it across our middle strands. Cross it in a way that it forms a ‘4’ shape.

Different Color Hemp BraceletStep #5: Tie the first knot

Uhh! Begin with tying the first knot. I know it’s a bit confusing, but please bear with this. We’ll be taking the strand on the right side. And then cross it over the tail end of the first strand (from the left side). Here’s the tricky part: remember the 4 we made in the last step? We’ll pull the strand over and under and put it inside the 4 loops that we just made. The knot will form a square-shaped hole. We call it a square knot. Some call it a half knot.

Step #6: Tighten the knot

Well, this step is essential. Tighten the knot. We’d be pulling the last strands of the knot on both sides. That will tighten the knot. Please ensure that you’re creating a leveled-pattern by even tightness.

Step #7: Tie a knot on the other side

Well, well! We’ll repeat the process, but this time around, it’ll be on the other side. So tie a knot on the right side the same as we did above on the left side. The knots should be shifting from leftmost to the rightmost strand to have a flat hemp bracelet, and not spiral.

Step #8: Keep repeating the pattern.

You’ll want to continue the pattern. Keep tying knots— back and forth. Do it as long as it reaches a point where it’s as big to wrap around your wrist. Check if it fits on your wrist. Once there, stop!

Step #9: Tie off the ends and flaunt your hard work.

We’re almost there. Fret not! It’s the last step for macrame. Tie off the ends. Once you reach the stopping point, go ahead with the basic knot that we discussed initially. You’d want to truncate off the extra hemp twine with the scissor. Please put it on your wrist and flaunt your genius.

2. Beaded hemp bracelets

Materials you need for making beaded hemp bracelets

  • Dyed hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface
  • Tape
  • Seed beads

Step #1: Cut hemp twine into three equal lengths.

Deja vu? Well, this time around, we’ll be cutting out hemp twine in 3 equal strands and not 2. Unlike the last one, we’ll be keeping it 16 inches long. Both of them. It’s barely 0.4 m. Since we are braiding the strands, the length of the finished bracelet will be much smaller.

Step #2: Tie off one end.

Begin with tying off one end. Hold all the three strands, so their ends coincide. Tie each one of them at one end about 2 inches from one end of the twine. We’ll be using it to attach the bracelet once we’re done with our hemp hoop project.

Note that you’ll be sticking the rope to the table as we did earlier.

Step #3: Start braiding.

I hope you know the braiding technique because we’ll be braiding our hemp rope now. Go for the classical braid at the knot. It’s like spreading all the strands and holding the center one. Then cross the left strand over the center and then repeat it on the right strand over the same center strand. Do it continuously!

Step #4: Carry on with braiding.

We’d be continuing the braiding process. Hold the center, add left over right, and then right over left. Or you can do it vice-versa. Continue the process until it seems ⅓ of the bracelet size you need.

Step #5: Add the beads

Now we’ll beautify our hemp beaded bracelet with the much-awaited beads. Put the beads. Once you cross center with the left strand, chip-in the bead and then cross the right strand over it. Keep repeating the process. Cross the left stand, put in the bead, cross the right strand over it. Keep doing it until you’ve covered the next ⅓ portion of the bracelet.

Step #6: Complete your braiding
After you’ve beads till ⅓ of the needed hemp bracelet, continue regular braiding again. Keep doing it to cover the final ⅓ of the bracelet. Tie the final knot and use your scissor to truncate the remaining extra hemp twine. Maybe 5-6 cms from the knot.

Girl Wearing Hemp Bracelet on WristStep #7: Enjoy your finished bracelet.

To add some spice into it, you can make several more bracelets and stack them to give stuffy looks to your arm. The best part is: you can use it as an anklet too!

3. Spiral hemp bracelets

Materials you need for making spiral hemp bracelets

  • Hemp twine
  • Scissors
  • Flat surface
  • Tape

Step #1: Cut hemp twine into 4 strands.

Darn! We’ll cut hemp twines into 4 strands. That’s what spiral bracelets need—four pieces of hemp to manufacture the attractive home-based bracelets. So raise your wrist. Now! Did you do it? Great. Now roll the twine thrice on your wrist. That’s 3x the length of your wrist. We’ll make two cuts of 3x length. Similarly, please do it for 5x too! Again, we need two hemp ropes 5-times the size of our wrists.

Step #2: Tie the strands together.

Place all the 4 pieces of hemp strand on the table so that two-shorter pieces remain in the middle part while the two-longer pieces are living on the outside. Then tie a knot on one side. Of course, where they all meet. Keep it that way! You’d want to leave some space on the knot side so that you get to tie the bracelet to your wrist when you’re done.

Step #3: Create a loop with the right and middle strands.

Hold the longer strand on the right. Yes, you can hold left if you hate right. Hold the right strand and fold it over the center strands so that it makes a “D” shape.

Step #4: Tie the first knot

So we’ll again tie the first knot. Hold the left strand now, the longer one. Cross it over the end-tail of the right. Push this strand through the D loop that we previously formed. Doing this will ensure you have a knot around the central strings. Please note that you’ll only use two hemp pieces, i.e., the outer and longer ones for tying the knot.

Step #5: Keep going with the pattern.

You’d want to continue the pattern. Make a loop using the right side strand only. Cross it over and under the left string through the loop. Once you’ve had a few knots, the spiral will spring out of the twine. You’ll be noticing it in your hemp bracelet. Hold and twist it back. This shall maintain it in the line as you proceed.

Step #6: Nail the final bracelet

So we’ll be finishing the bracelet in this step. You’d like to know when to stop. So when you see you’ve made enough spiral knots that wrap around your wrist, it’s time that you stop making it more. Tie the knot at that moment, pick up the scissor, and cut the unwanted and extra pieces out.

To further secure your hemp bracelet, you can use a variety of techniques like attaching clasps. If you don’t want to take all these complexities, you can tie the loose strands as a knot. Apple glue is another right way to avoid fraying bracelets and holding them together.

Step #7: Become a show-off

Usually, I don’t like to show off and have strong contempt towards show-offs, but I wouldn’t mind flaunting this bracelet. So go ahead if you also want to market your talent.

These hemp bracelets are unisex hoops.

Hemp hoops don’t discriminate. These are the coolest unisex bracelets you’ll ever have. No gender-stereotyping! Where women’s hemp bracelets = men’s hemp bracelets. I’m sure you’d love to own them.

The key takeaways— hemp bracelets

  • When you think hemp is not functional in the fashion industry, it comes up with boom boom bracelets.
  • There are endless possibilities with hemp bracelets. Things rest on how creative you’re.
  • Loop loop for hoop! They’re easy and quick to make.
  • You’re in love with it already!

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