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Homemade Bongs Hacks

Takeaway: Every Marijuana Specialist understands the value of a quality bong! Bong is indispensable for a regular stoner. Now, bear with me…. imagine if your bong broke or it got misplaced. Doesn’t every stoner shudder at this thought? We don’t mean to just scare you and leave you all helpless and bong-less. This article provides you some of the most creative ideas for an instantaneous and makeshift bong so that your smoking sessions can go on sup-herb-ly!

It happens in every wacky-backy pot party:

*WhatsApp Group*

Chandler: Hi, Guys. I am in. Who’s getting the bong tonight?

Joey: Undoubtedly. Rachel! Let’s inhale some pot from her hotshot bong.

Ross: No way, she’s amnesic. I will be getting them.

Rachel: Yeah, whatever!

*The party has started long back, and Ross doesn’t show up with bongs.*

Rachel: I wish you had some cannabis-infused almond milk Ross. That’d at least keep your brain working and less forgetful.

With Ross too embarrassed to be labeled as a spoiler of the moment, he couldn’t do much other than to let the curse sink in.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all have been at Ross’s place; and turning into Ross could really be heart-breaking— not for the fact that we get to see all eyebrows frowned (we are habituated), but to spend another sesh session without a bong.

But that’s not the end of the world.

Next time when you or your friends forget or break the bong apparatus, you’ll need a few basic home items to make a cannabis pipe and let the party sail on.

Before we hack ourselves into bong-making experts, let’s find out what it takes to build it.

The components of bong


  • It’s the most critical component of a bong, also known as the neck.
  • It stores the water (or liquid) and allows the smoke to pass in.
  • It should be taller than 5 inches to get the milky hit.


  • The stem is a kind of pipe that sprouts out of the chamber.
  • For that, make a hole at least 2 inches from the bottom of the chamber.
  • Insert the stem pipe, let the end float slightly above the bottom, and the free end set at a positive angle.
  • Seal up the hole to prevent smoke from getting out. (Use tape to cover)


  • It’s a component where cannabis is placed.
  • Make it sit on the free/top tip of the stem.
  • Wrap it around foil or rolling paper to avoid toxic fumes to escape into the chamber.
  • 150 to 200 ml of the bowl is sufficient to filter the smoke.


It’s a top portion of the chamber where you want to guzzle up the milky-cannabis hit.

PS: Don’t forget to add carbs slightly above the stem hole. It ensures that you don’t end up smoking too much toxic.

PSS: Take pride in making your own apparatus and muse around toking the pipe.

Now that we can call ourselves “bong manufacturers,” let’s take a look at 20 amazing homemade bong products, which really made Ross cover-up his mistake.

The 20 most creative and instantaneous bongs ever made

creative and instantaneous bongs

The savior bong— piggy bank

It looks like a piggy bank loves being your savior through thick and thin or rain and shine.

Whether you are running out of cash or have got a broken bong— you can use its rotund stomach to prevent embarrassment.

Headbang with a head bong

To all the headbangers, snatch out the head from your sister’s barbie, and toke up till you can take up.

Consume Pink Floyd’s doping number “Have a cigar” with pipe and headbang and bong— together.

Extension cord for extended enlightenment

Double the pleasure as your entire group gets to pull the pipe through multiple mouth holes in the extension cord.

And yes! Don’t forget to cut off the power supply.

The Apple bong

Apple bong

Want to boast expensive bong-session? Siphon cannabis into your system with your latest iPhone box.

Well, sorry! Just hoodwinking you into believing something foolish.

It’s about swilling the cannabis and juice from the apple fruit.

Pardon? Did you already drill your iPhone?

The camouflaged scientist bong

Pretend as a medical scientist while building your bong from a test tube.

Fill the liquid, fix the pipes, and suck up to your heart’s content.

Also, shout ‘eureka’ when someone’s around.

The Lego bong

The Lego bong

Lego claims that you can beat its bricks into any shape.

Then why not begin with shaping pipes?

If we pile up all the legos in the world, it will reach the surface of the moon.

Let’s hit high to the moon in order to respect it.

The suicide bong: don’t control the guns

Tug out the favorite mouser from your child’s vault, enclose the gunpoint within your mouth, displace a massive juice under your tongue, and travel across the universe.

One more thing— please, don’t control guns.

They make nice bongs.

The poke bong: saving the world

poke bong

Pluck out the Pokemon ball from your toy chest, and save the world from— the evil pocket monsters and the unfulfilled desire to drag the bong.

Bore a hole and shout— “let’s go pipe-achu, let’s destroy the hunger.”

If you ask me what’s my favorite Pokemon, I’d easily pin a point at Mariguana Pokemon. [1]

The guitar bong: rock and ROLL

If you can’t think enough for welding a good bong, unchain your guitar bag to rock and ROLL.

Roll a joint, plug it in your guitar, and have a best rolling session.

Make sure that your friends don’t accuse you of being Dave Mustaine. [2]

The banana bong: go banana

banana bong

Turn up into the craziest version of yours with a banana bong and get the perfect combination of zeal and euphoria simultaneously.

Go full bananas with one of the cheapest banana bongs.

The recyclable bong: Make America Greta Again

Want to draw canna-flavor from natural spring water?

Get yourself Evian spring water and bottle.

Mind you, the water will cost you more than marijuana, but Evian bong is one of the healthiest and environmental friendliest bongs— courtesy to its recyclable bottle.

The Fevicol bong: fix the pipe

Did you know that Fevicol, with its body-design, had a hidden agenda of promoting homemade bong?

Well, sorry for the shaggy-dog story— just kidding.

But the bottle has readymade-pipe protruding from the top— as if it’s ideally meant for pulling the cannabis.

See to it that you don’t ram up your mouth on bottle forever— fevicol creates a tight bond.

The tic tac bong: smoke and breath

The tic tac bong

Get your breath minty and head high with tic tac pipe.

The mint in the tic-tac chamber will give you fresh breath, and a wild drag will provide you with a mind-numbing high.

Choose your favorite flavor, gobble up the tablets, and savor every millisecond of your drag.

The cola-bong: a perfect fit


Coca-Cola wanted to associate all the taglines with cannabis even before cola-bong became a fad among homemade weed bong.

Again, that’s hyperbole, but why shouldn’t we do it anyway?

“Taste the Feeling,” “Life tastes good,” “Open happiness,” “America’s real choice,” sit comfortably well with cola and bong.

Nut with coconut bong

coconut bong

Go nuts with coconut bong, and be the desert king of your party.

Use the natural essence and water of the nut to the best of your bong-puffing interest.

Reggae with maggie bong

Let your hidden reggae star sprout out with the Maggi bong, and become a deep-dragging Bob Marley among your company.

The bonus of Maggi bong— makeshift it in less than two minutes (as the Maggi claims).

Health first with a low fat bong

Get out the low-fat milk carton from the refrigerator and spare your kid from its horrible taste at least for a day.

Make a bong with an already made mouthpiece, and experience a low-fat milky tonk hit.

Milk + cannabis may cross every limit of healthiness.

Inhaler bong: oxy-ironic

There’s no bigger irony than creating a bong out of your inhaler.

The great part about inhaler is— it already supports the inhaling mechanism.

All you need to do is to place the cannabis and blaze it up.

But the main question is— WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO IT?

The lighter bong: feel light

Similar to tic-tac bong— heave out your cigar lighter.

Drain out the flammable liquid.

Rinse it properly and light up your party.

Make sure that you don’t light up your lips in the process.

The minion bong: Dopicable me

minion bong

Modify your gibberish speaking minion-toy into a bong chamber, and squeeze your favorite flavor out of it.

Enough bong-bong for this time.

Bong-making is about creativity and presence of mind.

So, what’s going to be your first attempt?

Everything is around you— you just need the vision to get one for yourself.

Let us know about your favorite bong-making trick; we’d surely love to give it a try.


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