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Takeaway: If you are working in an office or if you are an athlete, enjoying a pot session after work can sometimes be anxiety inducing because of drug tests. Doesn’t that negate the whole point of a pot smoking session? The thought of the dreaded drug test is always ever present in your subconscious. But what if I tell you that you can learn how and when Marijuana leaves your system! Learning about it can help you time your pot sessions in a way that you can have fun and you don’t lose your job.

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If you work in the field of medical, sports or law and enjoy pot sessions after work, and your workplace has announced random drug testing out of the blue. You probably have a very good reason to be anxious, and know how long it takes for marijuana to get out of your system?

As you may probably already know how does marijuana produce its effects, which is in brief THC( the main compound behind producing the high effect), it fades away within a few hours, but its traces ramble around in your body. It could take weeks and even longer flush off fully from your system.

Drug testing can detect even smaller levels of THC and bring your job at danger!

In this post, we’ll look at how long does a joint stays in your system. The figures represented are roughly estimated as many factors play various roles in flushing all the THC out of your body.


Smoking marijuana for the first time would take 3 days to completely get rid of your system. Frequent smokers can expect a 5–7days detection window. And potheads, who smoke one or more than one joint in a day will show positive drug testing results for more than 30 days.

In general, the weed detection time may vary with higher consumption and frequent use.

What is being tested?

Weed detection windows check for the mind-altering compound which is THC(delta-9-THC).

When you consume marijuana, the non-THC components will not remain in your body for a longer period of time. But THC breaks down into several inactive metabolites without giving the experience of high. Weed test windows tend to check for these inactive THC metabolites.

These THC breakdowns can occur in at least 80 different metabolites. These metabolites are stored in body fats and are eliminated through feces and urine. Thus, urine testing also works as an ideal drug test component.

If the concentration is equal to or above the cut-off, the test will be resulted as “detected,” “present,” “presumed positive” or “positive.” If the drug is not present or the concentration is below the test cut-off, the test will be resulted as “undetected,” “absent” or “negative.”

How Long Marijuana Stays In Your System?

Some THC metabolites get eliminated within a  half-life of 20 hours. Whereas, some tend to gets eliminated within 10 to 13 days.

If you are an irregular weed user, you can expect a weed detection window of 10 days (depending on the level of usage). Regular smokers can expect the detection to be positive for 45 days after last use. Last but not least, a heavy smoker can expect a time span of 90 days.

In addition, a specific drug test may even detect the presence of a drug even if you haven’t been using it for several months. However, it is evident that the detection time may vary with the amount of consumption and time period of smoking.

Types Of Testing:

As we discussed the testing methods, which look for by-products, or THC metabolites. It is discovered using several testing methods, which include; Blood, Urine, Hair, and Saliva.

Urine Testing: How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Urine?

It’s the most common and precise form of testing weed. The results can be proved positive for approximately 3-45 days. It’s also called urinalysis or urine drug screen(UDS) and piss test.

According to Mayo Clinic reports,

  •         Occasional users can have a weed detection window of 3 days.
  •         Moderate users will hold positive weed results until 5 days.
  •         Regular Smoker for 10 to 15 days.
  •         Heavy User(more than once a day) can expect a time limit of more than 30 days.

The urinalysis or simply calling it the urine test detects THC-COOH. It’s a by-product of weed. Urine testing is the most popular way to use marijuana because it’s cheaper and decent for absorbing precise results. 

Blood Testing: How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Blood?

Usually, after the consumption of marijuana, your body filters it out of your blood faster than your urine. This is why weed detection time in the blood is 1 to 2 days. Parameters get changed for a heavy user as the amount of inhaling increases.

The moment you smoke weed it enters your bloodstream, which makes blood testing effective for 24 to 72 hours. This is also the reason why it is commonly used in accidents, injuries and DUI investigations.

In contrast to finding any by-product of marijuana, the blood test looks for THC itself.

Hair Follicle Testing: How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Hair?

The hair follicle is also an asset that can detect weed. But while it’s looking for an occasional smoker, it’s not as helpful as it is for heavy smokers. With a 90-day detection window, it enters the hair follicles through tiny blood vessels.

Hair testing also known as Hair Analysis needs state-of-the-art testing equipment which makes urine testing or blood testing more preferable.

Saliva Testing: How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Saliva?

The marijuana detection window in human fluids or saliva is very brief. For occasional users, the detection time maybe 24 hours, while for heavy users it may also be up to 72 hours or more.

Drug Test Calculator

You can use the drug test calculator given below to check the probabilities of passing or failing the weed detection.


Factors That Affect How Long Marijuana Stays in the System

A number of factors play a part in extending(or even cleaning) weed detection in the human body. Factors such as age, gender, consumption rate, THC dosage and body mass index (BMI) may influence outcomes. Let’s look at some of the factors that affect marijuana window detection.

THC dose:

The amount of THC consumed can significantly affect weed detection time. Which means, frequent use of marijuana is likely to take a longer time to leave the body. Each marijuana doesn’t hold the same amount of THC, leading to the second point that higher THC potency can even play an important role in showcasing the THC level in our system.

Body fat:

  • The body breaks down THC into several inactive metabolites that get stored in fat cells.
  • More body fat or BMI(Body Mass Index) means a longer period of detection.
  • Leaner body fat means less period of detection


  • Dehydration leads to an increment in THC concentrations in the body.
  • Whereas, being hydrated also results in the same drug test result.


Exercise would increase the chances of positive outcomes. Because THC is stored in fat cells gets released when burned, which leads to more THC exposure in the bloodstream.


Unlike alcohol tests that can be measured on the roadside with a breathalyzer, reliable detection for marijuana are still in development to determine precise consumption of weed. These also have led to many marijuana-related issues in states all over the US.  

There are many THC test kit or rapid drug test kit to facilitate with detection of weed in the body. Finally, you can aspect THC to stay in your system for 10-30 days.


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