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the inside operation of marijuana in our body

Takeaway: To truly understand something, always look at the inside working of that particular thing. We all know the fun effects of smoking, vaping or consuming (there are so many ways) marijuana, but do we know how marijuana gets you high? Or how does marijuana work in a way that you are anxiety-free? Probably not… So, to get a better understanding of marijuana it is equally important to know the inner functioning of marijuana in our body!

Okay, you take pleasure in snorting marijuana, but does the science buff in you ever question how it works?

Does your brain get bombarded with questions like— why pot-high, and why not rice-high or water-high?

Well, all the answers lie in the way marijuana interacts with our bodies.

The fact that these chemicals interact in the body the way we interact with other humans on our cellular devices makes our bodies the most valuable specimen of science.

All the human-made devices have transmitters and receivers.

Precisely because we have borrowed the idea of communication from our bodies, and applied it to the devices.

As the operation of the body has answers to innumerable questions in the real world, analyzing every bit of it can help men reinforce better ideas into execution.

Getting back to marijuana – a whole lot of conversation takes place within the body when the main marijuana chemical – THC –Tetrahydrocannabinol enters into the bloodstream.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the inside job to find how does marijuana works and how marijuana affects the body.

*The communication between all the elements*

Pre-THC administration

Anandamide (Endogenous cannabinoids): Gosh! I am tired of my postman job. Had a room-full of messages to exchange between you lousy-couch potatoes nerve cells (neuron cells).

Neuron Cells: Dude! Relax! Stop cribbing. We all are on a payroll.

Anandamide: My work is really monotonous and hectic. Why can’t you go to each other, talk, and settle things once and for all!!

Neuron cells: We ought to work for our designations.

Anandamide: Stop that nonsense. A person wants pleasure; you want me to pick the pleasure card from the brain and distribute it to the body. He wants to move; you again call me to deliver your information to his limbs from the brain. He intends to perceive time; you expect me to pass on the cognitive messages to the other cells.

Neuron Cells: Even we decode, process, and pack the final information for you. And we do it every second. The only thing is— we are not crybabies.

Anandamide: That’s easier said than done. You don’t rush around like me. Don’t exploit me just because I happen to be a neurotransmitter.

Neuron cells: Take a look at our tenant molecules— cannabinoid receptors— they live with us— in our cellular boundaries. They are quiet most of the time. They have no complaints from life. If discretion is a part of your dictionary— learn something from them.

Cannabinoid receptors (CR): Yeah! *Yawns* *Chest thumping* Cells are right.

ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS): Cut that drama Ananda. You are working in my neural network. I need you to work as per the contract instead of poking your colleagues all the time. It’s not just you who’s responsible for movement, cognition, sensory perception, memory, pleasure, etc. It’s our collective effort. The entire process would go down if one of us goes down— so stop overestimating yourself.

Anandamide: You guys always collaborate only to dare your voices against me. I am leaving— I got to deliver pending messages among your self-eccentric group.

*Sobs while carrying the repetitive duty*

Post-THC administration

THC: Hey! THC here. You seem to be sad, Anandamide.

Anandamide: Yes. I am. But who are you to ask? Wait a second! Why are you wearing my mask?

THC: No, I have my structure, which coincidentally mimics your structure. In a nutshell, we are almost twins.

*Let’s shout hashtag twinning*

Anandamide: This blows my mind. Are you saying that in the other universe, we would have been brothers?

THC: No, I didn’t say that. But we can be brothers here. Now say, why do you look sad?

Anandamide: I have been overworking every day without rewards. Instead, they accuse me of motor and sensory problems when I get tired or leave the job. The water is already getting over my head.

THC: Look, I can ease your work until you take rest. I will deliver your messages to the neuron cells.

Anandamide: What? Are you stupid? Wouldn’t they recognize that it’s not me, but you?

THC: No, remember we resemble? Don’t forget to consider that.

Anandamide: But wouldn’t it be risky? Will things go as per the plan?

THC: *Hold my beer*

THC interaction with Neurons in the brain

Interaction of THC with brain

THC: Knock! Knock! Got a message to the parcel?

Neuron cells: Yes. Let me get it for you.

THC: *With stunned eyes* What? You guys stay here?

CR: Yes, we do.

THC: I have been searching for you for a very long time.

CR: Yes, but why are you asking this anandamide? (confusing THC as anandamide) It seems like you have another prank to play to get free of your job.

THC: Oh, I was just purposefully being stupid— don’t try to overanalyze things. *exhaling heavy breath with fear of getting caught.*

CR: Okay, then. Get back to your business. *Turns*

THC: Alright. *Moves a step forward and attaches itself with CR*

Neuron cells: What the hell did just happen CR? You would never get attached to anandamide. You guys never get along together. Why would you do it?

CR: I don’t know. This guy barged and attached himself with me. I thought it’s that fusspot Ananda, but this guy seems to be someone else. He is too powerful; I can’t disassociate myself.

ECS: WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE SYSTEM. *Houston, we have a problem* We are losing control over our network. We are unable to transmit and receive information to and fro from the brain. This is disrupting mental and physical functions. Who’s playing with the system. WHERE’S ANANDAMIDE— WHY AREN’T THE MESSAGES REACHING TO THE OTHER NEURON CELLS OF THE BODY? SOMEBODY CALL THAT LETHARGIC GAUCHE.

NEURON CELLS: What do we do now?

ECS: Let me have words with anandamide’s doppelganger. Explore what it wants. *Clears throat* Who are you?

THC: I am a powerful neurotransmitter who looks like anandamide— the only difference is— I behave opposite.

ECS: What does that mean?

THC: I can impair brain function by snatching the person’s ability to form new memories (hippocampus) in it, or by fouling up its cognitive, reasoning, and learning capabilities.

ECS: Why would you do that?

THC: Hold on! I am not done. I also disrupt cerebrum from working towards body balance, coordination, posture, and reaction time. And that’s why people may find motor-difficulty when they trust me too much (overdose).

ECS: I don’t understand people. Why on earth would they trust you when all you could do is damage to their senses?

THC: Hold up your lies. Yes, I have hijacked your system, but that rewards your system with plenty of dopamine, which, otherwise, humans find it hard to get these days.

ECS: So, you mean to say that you are balancing your wrong with a little good?

THC: *Long monologue uploads* Little good? Humans are running short of healthy pleasurable behaviors. They are running short of triggers that help them “fly without actually flying.” I order your neurons to release these little happy hormones called dopamines, which makes them travel the entire universe on their couches. I double dare you— you can’t make them feel what I do. I give them a reason to sit and relax, I cancel out the excessive cortisol level which causes stress, I make them crave for food and sex, and that’s what a normal body asks— to live in peace.

Anandamide: *Sneaks in with soft footsteps* YOU SCOUNDREL! You cheated on me — you impersonating-fraud. You will get caught in a marijuana drug test, and you’ll be flushed out of the system forever. Good riddance! Read more about How To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test

THC: *dissolves into laughter* What is marijuana? Sorry to burst your bubble. I have a new name— the recreational and medical alternative. I am legal in this state. People have started to acknowledge that they have the right to relax. And if I am the one who’s handing them the happiness and psychological treatments, no brute force can hold me to the chain for long.


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