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As the cannabis industry expands, it becomes less about growing and more about the several technological advances which are leading the cannabis revolution. As the ambiguity in the perception of the cannabis industry improves, the technological development has helped it flourish.

In this article, we discuss how modern technology has helped the cannabis industry.

  • Apps

One of the biggest benefits to modern technology has been the development of the internet. There are tons of websites today based around the medical cannabis industry. Due to the development of the internet, it has become easier than ever to find legitimate and reliable online companies that deal with the sale of marijuana. With products like the Seed to sale software in Oklahoma, doing business in the cannabis industry has become more normal and easy.

Since apps make it simple to buy cannabis products online, the industry has grown considerably during the pandemic. Cannabis dispensaries have utilized specific apps to deliver cannabis following the social distancing norms. They also offer you the chance to get information about any cannabis dispensaries near you.

Modern technology has also made the availability of information easy. Now more than ever, there are tons of online articles about cannabis, written by experts who have already been through the trial and error of creating successful marijuana businesses.

  • Cannabis Extraction Technology

When it comes to ways of consuming cannabis, there are several options available on the market. Along with dabbing or vaping, there are several ways you can consume cannabis, such as in beverages or tinctures.

Due to cannabis extraction technology, it’s possible to extract medicinal compounds from the marijuana plant. It also makes it possible to obtain cannabis in different forms like oils, tinctures, and more.

The extraction technology allows the extraction of active ingredients from cannabis in a manner that is highly effective. This means that they’re being extracted in a way which increases the effectiveness of the product. In essence, it allows for the conversion of the plant material into what is called trim. This conversion is necessary in order for it to retain the health benefits of the marijuana from which it comes.

The use of extraction is very helpful for the consumer. With a high-quality cannabis extract, the company has extracted all of the necessary plant material into a condensed, single product. As a result, the potency and quality of the product are much higher.

Therefore, a high-quality cannabis extract system can save money in a number of different ways, as it makes the overall product much more potent. It allows you to achieve a higher potency than the flower, without having to spend lots of money.

  • LED Lights

Cannabis grow lights have revolutionized the industry; before them, cannabis cultivation was subject to the unpredictability of the weather. This meant that there was little that a cultivator could do in case of a sudden dip in temperature. LED lights have greatly altered the process of cultivation.

In a controlled environment, cultivators can dictate the spectrum of light they wish to use, how much heat the plant will get and – to an extent – how long will the plant stay in a vegetative state.

LED lights for cannabis growth are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way to provide something more similar to natural lighting for your plants, without subjecting them to outdoor weather; they also allow for a better quality of light for your plants than you would get with a fluorescent light bulb. But you should know that LEDs use two types of bulbs in order to produce full-spectrum light.

There are two types of LEDs available; these are PPLs and Y6, and these are the two major groups of LED lights used for cannabis growing. PPL stands for Photoluminescent Polyester. This is a sort of halogen lamp, where a phosphor, called PPL, is fused between two metals like silver, tin, or gold. The phosphor is what gives this type of lamp its brilliant green light. It works best when you are growing plants in an area with relatively low levels of light. The phosphor used in this type of light is also able to emit infrared rays, which can be very effective in providing heat to the soil; this is an absolute necessity if you’re looking to produce a higher yield.

The second type of LED, which is a little bit different than the PPL, is called Y6. This type of LED is used to light the roots of the plants. So, when these two types of light are used together, they create one that is much stronger and covers all bases; it also inspires much better sunlight absorption in the plants, making for a much healthier light-cycle overall.

  • Customer Care

With the help of technology, it has become easy for the cannabis industry to manage the expectations of their customers. This is especially true because the industry is growing rapidly, and since there is currently a boom in ambiguity surrounding cannabis, technology helps customers and companies worldwide to communicate transparently.

With the help of CRM – customer relationship management, clients’ preferences and details can be stored more easily. This allows businesses to manage their customers efficiently, providing them with a greater customer experience. With the help of data analysis, businesses can learn more about customer behavior and be better-equipped to handle any potential problems.


With modern technology revolutionizing the cannabis industry, there have been several benefits. While technology has helped companies reach their customers through apps and communicate with them transparently, the CRM system has helped companies understand their customers’ needs and upgrade their products accordingly.

Not only has technology helped with the marketing and sale of cannabis products, but it’s also played an important role in improving the cultivation process by introducing LED lights. The cannabis extraction technology has enabled the industry to provide several new modes of ingestion, ranging from those used in vaping to THC- and CBD-infused beverages. Thus, it is now easier for customers to avail of the several health benefits of CBD.

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